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Sweet Event


Happy Fourth of July 2011 everyone! Here’s some candy “red, white and blue”!

Mike and Ike REDS


Switzers Chewy Cherry Twists


Tubi Tire Tread Red


Hershey's Kisses: Vanilla Yogurt I


Hershey's Kisses Lemon White Chocolate I


M&Ms Premiums: Chocolate Almond


Good Night I


Coconut Kisses II



GooGoo Clusters

I decided this morsel of candy news was more sweet than a picture today. The GooGoo Cluster, the famed first combination candy bar in the US, is going through a re-formulation and update. You can read the full article here! It’s interesting to me how a “classic” candy like this is getting an update. Many people seek it out for the nostalgia factor, which I think some fear will disappear with the changes. Other classic candies, like Snickers, has gone through changes over the year is still a beloved favorite. I am familiar with the “old” formula (which is pictured above) and I hope to find some of these new GooGoo clusters and give them a try.


On the Floor II

Every year the National Confectioners Association (NCA) holds a massive convention that shows what’s the latest and greatest in candy and snack food trends called the Sweet & Snacks Expo. The 2010 convention was held this past weekend in Chicago and was full to the brim of all that is sweet and tasty. I attended the show back in 2007 when it was still called the “All Candy Expo”, and sadly haven’t been able to make it back since.

Since I couldn’t go this year (Memorial Day weekend is a bad travel time for me) I am living through others experiences though photos and blog posts. Here’s a round up of what I’ve found so far:

The NCA’s official blog Candy Dish has a Day 1 Recap.

Cybele from has a sneak peek of some of the new candies coming soon.

NBC Chicago has a gorgeous”> photo gallery of all the sweet new treats!

Motivation and Chocolate has great coverage on what we can expect to see in stores with great packaging photos.



Times are tough and Mars wants to help. They’ve started the “Real Chocolate Relief Act” in hopes of making Americans smile more with gifts of free chocolate. Every Friday Mars will be giving away 500,000 pieces of chocolate at 9am at the website for the act,, from now until September. Be sure to visit and enter your email to get some freebies!

I find this campaign very compelling since it’s a known fact that candy sales increase during a recession. I also like how it also is informing the public on how Mars isn’t making it’s chocolate into mockolate, like many companies are doing to cut manufacturing costs.

They also have this sweet video of Neil Patrick Harris supporting the Chocolate Relief Act:

He’s right, chocolate freebies are pretty awesome.

Links: Mars Real Chocolate Relief Website


Emo Peep

Happy Belated Easter to all you candy lovers!

I hope you had something sweet and delicious in your Easter basket. Or at the very least, ate some candy. Here’s a treat from me here at The Candy Enthusiast: some LOLz Peeps from…strange Peeps I found in the packages I bought this year. I hope they give you a chuckle.


Perfect Peep


Awkward Peep


Creepy Peep

Yes, I realize I am quite silly.

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