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Vere Dark 75

Vere Chocolate (pronounced “very”) is a chocolate company with a conscience. They strive to produce chocolate that’s good for the body and the earth by using the best ingredients by using sustainably grown, pesticide-free cocoa beans with minimal sugar and no preservatives. The pride themselves in making the best possible tasting product while making ecological choices.
I found these two mini bars on a recent trip to Chelsea Market in New York City. They’re very cute, coming in colorful little boxes. Each bar is a 75% dark chocolate base and weighs in at 10g. Obviously meant to be a small indulgence.

The bar come nicely protected with board covering and sealed heavily plastic foil wrapped inside. The bar is a single long piece that is reminiscent of Legos.

Ultimo Dark: Smells very floral, fruity and of course chocolatey. Notes of red berries, raisins, cream, cinnamon.

The flavor is very musky and bitter at first. I taste notes of mushrooms and green coffee. The middle flavor gets more fruity and acidic, with red berries, citrus and cocoa. The finish is a little sweeter, with cream appearing and mingling with the dry, tart fruity notes. The aftertaste is dry and lingers a little while with flavors of cocoa.

The mouth feel is not as smooth as I’d like. It’s a little grainy and doesn’t melt very easily on the tongue.

Raspberry + Lemon Organic Dark: It smells odd and I can’t really distinguish a chocolate, raspberry or lemon aroma. It’s a strange, muddled sour like smell.

Immediately tastes of lemon right away and it’s beautiful. The middle flavor is where the raspberry finally kicks in and it’s very fresh and authentic. So much so I felt like I needed to reach in and pick out seeds from my teeth. I almost thought too soon, because there are bits of raspberry seed in there, providing an slightly crunchy texture and much teeth picking.

I do like the idea of these bars: getting organic chocolate with interesting flavors in a small, portion controlled size. I can’t help but feel I can get this elsewhere where it tastes better and possibly costs less (even though I can’t recall how much I paid for them).

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

Vere Chocolate Website

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