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Chelsea Milk Peach '10

Another Chelsea flavor to review today! Compared to last week’s this one is very colorful and very pink! It’s a flavor from over the summer, Peach Milk! I’ve been seeing this one show up for a few years, so I believe this one is a real favorite over in Japan.

As always the package has a gorgeous pink design, complete with retro flowers. I know I always say it, but, I love it.

The candies once unwrapped are a light beige/pink color. The klink together like dominoes.

The flavor is very creamy, sweet, and with a nice floral peach flavor. The taste of peach is lightly floral, and very juicy with notes of berries, apple and passion fruit. Overall it’s a nice well rounded flavor, not too strong, not too mild, not too sweet. It’s really nice.

Rating:  Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Chelsea Website (Japanese)


Chelsea Praline Scotch

Like most Japanese candies, Chelsea comes out with season flavors and varieties. I found this box of Praline Scotch at an Asian Market in New York City. I am unsure if this was a winter or spring limited edition, but regardless it seems to be no longer listed on the website. No matter, seasonal candy, unlike fruit, is quite good still as time goes on.

The color scheme and design, like all Chelsea, is gorgeous. Full of color and retro flowers, it has to be one of my favorite candy packages ever. Praline Scotch follow a golden theme, with hints of orange and purple.

The candy itself is a rich dark brown color and smells like coffee. I can’t bring myself to throw away the wrappers as they’re so pretty. If only I knew how to make origami cranes out of them.

The flavor is very nutty right away. It really captures that buttery nuttiness of pralines. To compliment it, there’s a wonderfully creamy smoothness of the “scotch”, which I believe to be is caramel. Together it’s quite sweet, and it reminds me of Nutella in a way. It’s really excellent.

As always, I am impressed with this flavor from Chelsea. Never have they made something that tasted just “ok”. If you’re never had them before, do seek them out. They’re really a shining star in the candy world.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Chelsea Website


Orange and Pear Gummi

Along with the Chelsea Praline Scotch from last week, these two Kajuy Gummies were bought at that Asian Market in New York City. I am a sucker for Japanese gummies, as I’ve never tasted more flavorful and wonderfully chewy gummies in all my life. I saw these and decided to try the new flavors. The decisions to buy them was an easy one!

Gummies in Japan in the past few years have sort of experienced a popularity explosion. Collagen, that grouping of proteins, has been touted as a “health item” that gives you better skin. And candy companies have been putting this stuff in gummies which has led to better sales (which is just my guess as I’m seeing more and more gummies all the time, so I figure they’re trying to keep up with the demand). These gummies here boast a whole 2700mg of collagen in each package. Impressive!

Pear: The pieces are pear shaped and have a nice golden yellow color to them. they smell strongly of apples and that floral note of pear. the flavor strongly mimics the aroma, and tastes beautifully of a juicy pear, with flavors of apples, grapes and that nice floral taste. It’s lovely and very authentic.

Orange: Has a nice rich color and a shape like little orange segments, and they even have some texture to show the pulp ripples. The flavor is extremely juicy, with nice sweet/sour notes of the orange. It’s extremely delicious. Yum.

Once again I am pleased with how extremely tasty Japanese gummies are. These were wonderful and authentic, and it makes me wish I had these as a child instead of gummi bears. I probably would have liked gummies if that was the case, but, better late than never, right?

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Meiji Website


Coffeebeat Package

I’m always impressed by the candy that I find from Meiji, and Coffeebeat is one that I always see at my local Asian market without fail. The fact that I see it all the time has made me continually hold off on buying it, until recently when I finally told myself: “Just try it already! Sheesh!”. I didn’t really know what it was exactly, other than chocolate and coffee were involved, so I was interested to see what I’d gotten myself into.

These look familiar, like M&Ms to be exact. They are all a rich brown color and have a wonderful roasted, coffee aroma. They’re immediately enticing.

Biting into one, yes, they really are like M&Ms. The candy shell is thin and has a good crunch to it. Inside is the chocolate center, and it carries not only the flavor of coffee, but it has notes of cream and chocolate as well. It’s more of a mocha than a true black cup of coffee. I think the flavor carries well here, the sweetness doesn’t overpower the coffee and vise versa. I also like the form of the candy too, I have always been a fan of the little lentil shapes for chocolate.

The packaging is really a nice design too. The tube allows you to take as little or much as you want at one time, and whatever you don’t eat is easily saved for later or shared with friends.

A nice treat if you’re into coffee and chocolate. I’ll have these on hand when for when my next craving strikes.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

Meiji Coffeebeat Webpage

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