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Valentine's Day


Wonka SweetTarts Hearts Box

Onto the last pocket-sized box Valentine’s Day candy! After the last two boxes of the Sweethearts, I was a little apprehensive to give another “message” candy a try. I then say these Wonka SweetTarts hearts and figured what the heck. The package is still very much Wonka styled but has a hint of Valentine’s Day on it. It has a nice spot to write your “To” and “From” on the box. I wonder if anyone uses it?

The candies inside are about the diameter of a penny and made of that same compressed dextrose as normal SweetTarts. they come in five colors: red, purple, orange, green and blue.

First off, these candies are such an improvement over the Necco Sweethearts. None were broken, the candy has a nice sheen to them, and the part that’s most striking to me is that the messages are imprinted into the candy as opposed to printed on like the Sweethearts. They say the typical cute things like “XOXO”, “Cutie”, “Kiss Me”, “Love U” and “Maybe”.

Wonka SweetTarts

Red is sour and fruity like cherry. It’s extremely tart and bitter.

Orange is bright and zesty with a wonderful juicy orange flavor.

Blue is very sour with a strong floral flavor that kinda tastes like berries.

Green is tart with a strange apple/melon taste to it.

Purple is a medicinal sour grape.

These are just like normal SweetTarts, so this is a cute candy alternative to the Sweethearts if you’re a big fan of SweetTarts and the style of flirty Valentine’s Day candy.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Wonka Website


Dazzled Tarts Sweethearts Box

Here comes Necco Sweetheart’s newest member of the family: Dazzled Tarts. These Sweethearts are trying, they’re are trying so, so hard to be cool. The original Sweethearts come across as a more “classic” candy to me, like their sister candy Necco Wafers. It feels like an older candy, so I can see how Necco wanted to make a version of their classic Valentine’s Day candy for the younger crowd.

Now, I’m not saying that you have to make everything pink and glitzy to make them more popular. But, apparently that’s what Necco seems to think. These are more glitzy looking and portrayed on the box as sparkling and shiny. It really makes me wonder what the actual candy looks like.

Terrible, that’s what they look like. The quality control on these must have been non existent. Most were broken, others the words were not printed correctly so they were either cut off or illegible on the candy. They didn’t sparkly or shine at all, but looks mottles and blotchy.


Dazzled Tarts Sweethearts

The candies have sayings on them like “Drama Queen”, “Just Dance”, “Hehe”, “Holla”, “Rock out”. I can’t help but look at these and have a Valley/Jersey girl voice run through my head. The colors are red, purple, orange, green and blue. Let’s see how they taste…

Red is watermelon with with that fake Jolly Rancher flavor. It had an extremely bitter end to it, gross.

Green is a fruity, bright apple flavor.

Blue was this funny perfumy color that I couldn’t identify

Grape tastes like this strange cotton candy flavor.

Blech. Really, what were they thinking? The original Sweethearts look and taste better than these, and that’s saying something. If you’re going to try and make an improvement, please make it more than just the design on the box. Do yourself a favor and go for the originals.

Rating: Not Worth It


Not Worth It

Links Necco Website


Sweethearts Box

Sweethearts are the Valentine’s Day candy that everyone seems to know, but not many actually care to eat it. They’re a candy that’s strikes me as having more of a decorative purpose, which I know sounds silly cause part of candy’s job is to look pretty and enticing. But, candy should also be delicious, and for me personally, these Sweetheats never fell into that category.

I remember Sweethearts from my earliest years back in preschool. Back then, they were called “Conversation Hearts” and they were a popular candy to be passed around by my classmates, along with an array of paper valentines that we’d make for everyone in the class. Back then I couldn’t really tell you why I didn’t like them. I just…didn’t. I think it was mainly because it wasn’t chocolate as that was my favorite childhood sweet (it still is).

Swetthearts are little chalky heart shaped candy tablets.They’re about the size of a penny and have a matte color to them. The come in rainbow of colors which are purple, green, pink, yellow, orange and blue. These used to also have a white color but it seems like they were omitted this year.

On each candy tablet, there’s sweet and flirty messages printed on them. I only took a sampling of some of the messages, but I recorded were things like “Kiss Me”, “Shake It”, Tweet Me”, “For Ever:, “Race Me”, “Sweet Love” and “Soul Mate”. You get the idea.



The candy itself is extremely hard so it’s difficult to chew. Yes, they’re chalky like I always remembered them, but they’re also extremely hard. It takes a few moments of working in your mouth to even break the thing. 

So how do they taste? Purple is a very medicinal grape. Green is a very standard sour apple. Blue is this non descript flavor, kinda like cotton candy. Pink also starts like cotton candy or strawberry. Yellow is lemon, but very perfumey and fake tasting like floor cleaner. Orange is a mild citrus orange flavor. The ones ones I liked were orange and pink.

These flavors surprised me since I recall them being spice flavored as a kid. Turns out they were recently changed. I recommend checking out Cybele of’s original review of the Sweethearts and the new updated version I’m reviewing here.

So in conclusion, these were never a favorite of mine, but I’m sure they must have a fan base out there. They’re a great candy to have on hand for Valentines’s Day, even if you don’t plan on eating them. They’re still festive and fun to have around.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

Links Necco Website


See's Strawberry Truffle

I know this is going to sound crazy, but Valentine’s Day Candy is getting harder and harder for me to find. I realize the stores have aisles overflowing with red and pink packages filled with sweet treats, but, to me a Reese’s in a red package is still a Reese’s to me. So it’s hard for me to find something that only appears for Valentine’s Day that I haven’t covered or tasted already. Things are becoming less unique for this holiday I feel. So imagine my delight when See’s contacted me about trying heir new Strawberry Truffles for Valentine’s Day. Finally, something new and appropriate!

The Strawberry Truffles come in a set of five in a long rectangular top. It’s covered with a clear plastic top which showcases the white, heart shaped truffles beautifully.

These truffles aren’t small, they feel heavy in my hand and they stand a little over a 1/2 inch tall. They smell sweet and buttery of the real white chocolate that enrobes the strawberry truffle interior.

My first bite is lovely. The truffle is dense, so you get an extremely decadent mouth feel from it right away. The truffle feels sturdy and rich. The flavor starts out with the extremely sweet and buttery flavor of real white chocolate, and I mean the really good quality stuff too. Then the sweetness blends into a fresh, fruity, very authentic sweet strawberry flavor. it reminds me a really fresh strawberry ice cream minus the cold temperature. Together the flavors match beautifully and like all the other See’s products, they make my taste buds go “wow”.

So if your sweetheart is a strawberry white chocolate fan, I highly recommend these. They’re thoughtfully and tastefully packaged, along with just the right portion of truffles since these buggers are rich.

Rating: Hoard



Links See’s Candies Website



Kitkat Lemon Box

This Japanese Kit Kat is special, as it’s not only a new flavor (lemon) but also a novelty because the packaging is different. It’s a “Share with a Friend” box, that opens like a love letter, and it’s decorated with hears just in time for Valentines Day (yes, I know, way late on the pickup). It’s pretty to look at and I appreciate how unique it looks. It’s certainly catch my eye at the convenience store, that’s for sure.

The box opens so it’s like a letter and the two packets of the Kit Kat pop out perfectly inviting to give to a friend or lover. I can’t read the text, as my Japanese isn’t fluent enough, but I’m sure it’s something sappy. The color of the fingers is a nice creamy pastel yellow. It’s very spring-like aura to it. The bar smells less like lemon but more strong and sweet like a pudding or custard. Now that I think about it, it’s exactly like lemon pudding pie. It’s just a heavenly smell. 

The flavor is out of this world! It tastes just like lemon curd. It’s tart, so terribly authentically tart. There’s a little hint of something in there that tastes of creamy cheesecake, and overall it’s terribly creamy, smooth and a little sweet. So awesome. Yum.

What could I say? After my first bite or two to taste I couldn’t gobble this Kit Kat down fast enough. I don’t understand why I’d want to share this one. It’s too good I need to keep it for myself. (I’m guess I’m bad to think like that, but in all honesty, I did share this with the boy.)

Rating: Hoard



Links Kit Kat Japan (Breaktown) Website

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