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Gummi Candy


Goody Good Stuff Sour Fruit Salad Bag

I have a bunch of friends who are vegetarians, and usually this isn’t a problem when we all get together to share meals. The only time I can’t share some of my candy bounty with them is when I have gummis with gelatin on the ingredients list. Which, I have to say, is always sad for me since I know how some of them really miss eating gummi candies. This is why I was super excited about Goody Good Stuff contacting me about trying some samples of their vegetarian/vegan gummi candies. Finally an alternative for people who don’t want to eat gelatin. I mean, yes, there are gummis out there that are vegetarian free, but they often don’t advertize the lack of gelatin and therefore are time consuming to identify.

This first sample of the Goody Good Stuff gummis is their Sour Fruit Salad. This is a nice play on fruit pate, with a sour sanding sugar coating the candies. The packaging is attractive and eye-catching. The bright green, the sharp logo design, and the koala mascot make a well put together candy package. I especially love the koala and the window to see in and actually catch a glimpse of what the actual candy looks like.

As you can see they’re quite pretty:


Goody Good Stuff Sour Fruit Salad

Pear: The flavor is immediately fruity with strong flowery notes. It’s very juicy and has a delicate sweetness that tastes like pear. It’s not very sour, as the citric acid sanding sugar isn’t very strong. It’s still really tasty and I enjoyed it.

Strawberry: Much more sour than the pear. This almost tastes like citrus to start, very tart with bitter notes to it. Not real strawberry flavor, but it’s still tasty.

Pink Grapefruit: Tart and fruity. This has sweet notes to it and a nice citrus flavor that slowly joins in toward the end of the taste. The strawberry tasted more like grapefruit to me, but this is also in the same flavor family, just milder.

Orange: Sour and juicy to start. It does have some orange notes, but they’re very mild. There’s some bitterness to it, but overall the flavor isn’t as juicy and orange as I’d like.

Lemon: Immediately tastes zesty and full of lemon tang. This one is awesome. It’s exactly a I was hoping it to be. Yum!

I shared these with my boyfriend and friends and they all really liked them. My vegetarian friends were especially excited with trying gummis they could actually eat! I honestly couldn’t taste any different between these and gelatin gummies, so if you’re a vegetarian, I’d highly recommend them.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Goody Good Stuff Website


Trolli Soda Poppers Bag

These “Soda Poppers” are the last of the samples that were sent to me from Trolli. Sad! I had so much fun with these reviews. These Soda Poppers are also a new candy for Trolli, much like the Big Bold Bears. These are gummi candies based on sodt drink flavors. Alreay they’re unique, cause the only other candy of this type I can think of is those Super Cola Bottles by Haribo.

I want to take a moment and give kudos to Trolli for successfully pulling off a candy packaging while using black as the wrapper background color. Candy usually appeals with bright and colorful colors, yet Trolli uses black as a backdrop to enhance the colors they do decide to use. It’s adventurous and it works for me. The only other time I see it is with more “classic” candies, like Big Hunk and types of licorice. Still, well done. Ok, back to candy….

The premise behind these candies is they’re gummis flavored after popular soft drinks. The gummis are shaped like little barrels and are both color coded and labeled with the flavors. Pretty nice that they had a mold for each kind. The gummis have that sweet, generic “cola” flavor wafting up from the bag once I opened it. Each piece is nicely squishy and are brightly colored, so it’s easy to tell them apart, even the cola and root beer flavors.


Trolli Soda Poppers

Cola (light brown): Starts off tasting like a good cola should,. Sweet with spicy notes to it. This one particularly reminded me of Pepsi, but take that with a grain of salt since it’s really been years since I drank soda of any type. Still, this remained flavors and accurate to my memory, and I found it to be very tasty.

Cherry Cola (red): The flavor starts off mild and sweet of a diet coke, then it explodes into a flavor similar to Dr Pepper, it has a distinct cherry note to it. I think the cola flavor here is a little more mild, but it works here.

Root Beer (dark brown):
The flavor starts off woodsy and sweet, like a good root beer. Then the more spicy wintergreen note arrives and really smooths out the whole flavor. Lovely.

Orange Soda (orange):
This one is fun. They captured the flavor straight on. The flavor of the very sweet, yet orangey with no hints of bitterness or authenticity. Amazing.

Lemon Lime (lime yellow):  The flavor is very mild in this one. It reminds me of the lime jelly bean, but way weaker in flavor . It does taste of soda…but it’s more like mountain dew than sprite or 7up. 

There are wonderful. It’s really refreshing to get gummis in new flavors like these. They’re tasty and unique. I’m not sure where they’re going to be sold in stores, but if you see them, they’re totally worth a try!

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Trolli Website


Trolli Big Bold Bears Bag

The other sampled that I received from Trolli included two new candies of theirs. This is always exciting, as it’s fun to think you’re getting a taste of them before they head into stores to sell. I was aware that Trolli made gummi products, but I don’t see their gummi bears around very often. Usually it’s Haribo, Black Forest, or a store brand I see. So Trolli has released these Big Bold Bears, which is a re-vamp of their classic gummi bears. Pretty neat!

These bears are, the package describes them, “4x larger than their classic bears” and “Loaded with Flavor”. This interests me because the major problem I have with gummi bears is that they were never flavorful enough for me. Sadly, I didn’t have any of the regular Trolli gummi bears on me so I couldn’t make a direct comparison of the size. I didn’t feel like going out hunting for them.

These bears come in all colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. The back of the package lists the flavors: blue raspberry, wild cherry, grape, green apple, lemon-lime and orange.


Trolli Big Bold Bears

Let’s work our way down the colors:

Wild Cherry: Smells faintly of red. The gummi has a horribly medicinal taste to it, just like cough medicine. It’s very bitter and metallic, even though it finished with a juicy flavor.

Orange: Immediately tart and zesty. This is more like it. The orange flavor is bright and juicy and reminds me of tangerine flavors.

Lemon-Lime: This one is just lightly sweet. No real sourness or tartness. This is good for people who usually hate lemon flavors.

Green Apple
: The flavor is mild at first, then gradually grows into an apple flavor that reminds me of store bought apple pie mix. It’s sweet but has these strange “green” notes to it.

Blue Raspberry: Surprisingly tasty for a blue raspberry. Its taste like good blackberry jam. Color me surprised, I really liked this one.

Grape: This one is mild and flavorful. It taste more of muscat grapes with a juicy base with floral notes to it. Very taste, my second favorite after the blue raspberry.

I was pleased with these. The few I thought I’d like where actually the ones I liked least, and the ones I wasn’t looking forward to at all ended being extremely yummy. Just goes to show you need to try things in order to see if you like them.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

Links Trolli Website


Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers Bag

Along with the free samples of Brach’s products, Farley and Sathers Candy Company sent me some new and classic Trolli candies. I remember loving these Sour Brite Crawlers as a kid. They are chewy, colorful, sweet, slightly sour and were fun to tie in knots. Most everything a kid looks for in a candy. These also have a fun decorative application too, I’ve seen many a birthday cake decorated with these tasty Crawlers. That being said, it’s been years since I’ve had them. So this is an excellent opportunity to revisit a childhood favorite.

The succinct way to describe these Sour Bite Crawlers is that they’re sour gummi worms, plain and simple. They have the form of a worm, or more accurately night crawlers, and each one has two flavors, one for each half. They’re coated with a sour sanded sugar, which gives them that sharp initial bite.


Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers

As you can see they’re very attractive to look at.

Blue/Pink: Blue is blue raspberry. The flavor starts off sweet and fruity, then grows into an intensely tart sour berry flavor where you taste more sour than berry flavor. Its strikes me a the very standard “blue raspberry” taste from what I gather. Pink is strawberry, and it has more sweet notes that are reminiscent of bubble gum and jam. It has sourness to it, but thankfully nothing like the blue raspberry side.

Yellow/Red: Yellow is lemon, and right away has nice sour and zesty flavors. It has a tart edge, but the flavor still stands in the forefront. Red is very….red tasting. I’m trying to decide if it’s supposed to be cherry or fruit punch. I think it’s cherry, and thankfully it’s got a lot of fruity notes to it as opposed to being bitter and medicinal.

Orange/Green: Orange is orange, and it’s very lovely. It has rich, juicy flavors which remind me or orange juice with just the right touch of sourness to it. Green is lime, which surprises me since I thought it was watermelon when I had it last. No matter. This lime is zesty and tart, and has that funny “bathroom floor cleaner” flavor to it.

These were tasty, yet I can’t say if they’re what I reember exactly from childhood. My memory on these is far too fuzzy for that. They are enjoyable and I have many friends who buy these as regular favorites. I still like them, but not as much as I did when I was a kid. That’s probably because I can buy my own chocolate now, which is my favorite.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

Links Trolli Website


Brach's Mandarin Orange Slices Bag

When I was a kid growing up in northern California, I recall going grocery shopping with my Mom at a specific, locally-owned store in town. This place stood out in my mind because the lady who owned it loved children, and she always allowed me to take one Orange Slice candy from her candy bins. This makes a huge impression on children, of course, which is why I remember it to this day. I have a fondness for this candy, which made me very excited when Farley and Sathers Candy Company asked to send me some free samples in the mail. One of the samples was a collection of some new or revamped candy by Brach’s. I’ll be reviewing the others after today, but for now, we’re going to start with my new, re-vamped favorite: Mandarin Orange Slices.

The slices are large, about an 1 inch and 1/2 long and about 1/2 tall. The “sections” are rounded and use high relief style, they protrude pretty stylistically from the center of the candy, unlike most candy molds. It has an dusting of granulated sugar on top, which seems to be more finely ground then the earlier versions of these. It smells slightly of orange.


Brach's Mandarin Orange Slices

The flavor is immediately fruity and flavorful. You get a mild taste at first of sweetness and oranges, then it grows as it sits in your mouth. The orange flavor grows more juicy and tangy, giving it a more tangerine taste to me. It’s ends with with a very zesty note, which I like a lot. The gummi has a thick and sticky shew which really makes the candy feel substantial. Thankfully it isn’t sticky enough to for it to adhere to my molars. The flavor does come across as different compared to my memory of this candy. Sure I’ve had it in recent years, but not having one for a side by side comparison I have to go by memory. The older ones I recall being more sweet, whereas the new ones incorporated some of the tartness you get with citrus fruit. A tasty decision.

It feels like they made this candy more “natural” and “grown up”, but it’s still something I would have begged for as a kid. I wasn’t a sour fan as a kid, but the tartness really appeals to me. These are lovely and something I plan on buying once I see them in stores.

Rating: Hoard



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