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Gummi Candy


Caffrel Caffarel Ghiacciolini di Morbida Gelatina

These are interesting little candies, aren’t they? I found these along side the Caffarel Gianduja bar I reviewed earlier. They were displayed in a playful stand with more colors that I took home here. Since they’re all in Italian, I could only guess some of the flavors right away. There were five available total, and I took home the three you see here and left a Banana and Cola flavor back on the shelves.

One thing I love about Caffarel, aside from the great flavors, is they have a very whimsical tone to their confections. These are no exception. they look like little popsicles made of gum drops. So the candy is really natural (from the look of the coloring) gummi with a granulated sugar coating. The colors aren’t particular vibrant, as I suspect it’s from fruit juices than artificial colors.

The first one is Fragola, which I think is strawberry. It’s a nice rose color and the aroma is very fruity and sweet, like jam. the texture is extremely smooth and soft, and the granulated sugar gives a crunch to it. it’s a nice texture contrast. the flavor is fruity and a more delicate taste. it starts out very sweet and floral with strong strawberry jam undertones. its ends fruity and clean and it’s really tasty. I’m impressed.

The next flavor is Arancia, which I believe it orange. This is a light orange/cream color and is the same makeup as the first. It doesn’t have an aroma just a lightly sweet smell. The flavor is unmistakably orange. It has a nice sour/sweet flavor with a great juiciness to it. Very lovely.

Last but not least is Limone, which is lemon. The color is a extremely pale yellow. The gummi’s texture is much softer than the other two. The flavor is lovey and tart of a fresh squeezed lemon. I simply love this, it’s so fresh and delicious.

These are a cute sweet treat. Since they’re not really big, about 2-3 bites each, I was able to try finish all three without any problem. The portion size is good for kids, but the flavors and texture are great for anyone. A nice treat if you ever find them.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Caffarel Website


Wonka Double Yummy Gummies Package

I received these as free samples from Wonka as a tasting of what fun things they’re offering for the Easter season. Out of the items they sent me, these stood out to me most right away. A long elongated package held these pretty gummies that sit in a protective tray and are individually wrapped. The package is brightly colored with giant lettering and a description at the bottom that reads: “From Wonka’s Edible garden”. I have to say these look really fun!

The Double Yummy Gummies come in three characters/flavors: a strawberry bunny, an orange duck, and a lemon lamb. I finally understand the “Double” part in the name, because I now see these are the kind of gummies that are dual layered. They have a squishy foam on the bottom and a colored gummi layer on top. Much like the “Wingers” gummies that Wonka has out right now as a year round item.


Wonka Double Yummy Gummies

Lemon Lamb:
tried this first cause I get really excited about lemon flavors, Smells like chemically lemon frosting, fresh and sweet with some strange artificial notes to it. The gummi is very thick, sticky and chewy, a nice chewing texture. The flavor starts off very tartly of lemon with those odd artificial notes to it. Then the second layer adds this creamy sweetness to it that mellow out the lemon flavor nicely. It leaves a funny aftertaste in my mouth. This reminds me of how those fake lemon hand pies taste.

Orange Ducks: Smells like a creamsicle. The flavor has a wonderful orange flavor to it that’s both sweet and tart with nice juicy flavors to it. the extra layer adds a creamy not to it, and adds some extra sweetness to it. It’s very reminiscent of the original orange gummi bears.

Strawberry Bunny:
This one smells very familiar, and it took me a few minutes to figure it out. the aroma is exactly like a berry flavored fragrant red licorice. The flavor of this one my favorite of the three. It’s very “red” tasting, with the flavor of strawberries and raspberries, with a sour edge to it. Odd, but tasty.

These were really cute and original for a new Easter candy. I’m a big fan of the size and character shapes, and even tho the flavors were a little odd, I still enjoyed them. I plan on picking up more when I see them in stores.

Rating: Will Eat Again

Will Eat Again

Links Wonka’s Website


Sour DOTS box

“The Dot that bites back!” says this package of Sour DOTS. Seems like they decided to have an addition to the DOTS family. I was excited to try these once I found them, as most of the variations on the traditional DOTS I’ve had I’ve liked a lot. Even though I am not crazy on sour candy, maybe a sour variation on a candy I already liked would be the trick.

First of all, I love the package for these. The DOTS that are making sour, puckering faces are just too cute! I’m always a sucker when you add faces to candy. These colors are also fun and inviting and do send off that “sour” vibe.

Opening the box, I find that a coating of citric acid and sugar are what makes these DOTS sour. The coating doesn’t rub off in my hands in a pile of powder, so it sticks well to the traditional DOTS gumdrop. It like it when candy isn’t messy to eat.



Grape: These start off sour then build into a very juicy, standard grape flavor. Know what else tastes exactly like this? Grape tootsie pops. Not a surprise since they come from the same company!

Lemon: This one is amazing. Bright and zesty from the start. Has that beautiful, straight, authentic flavor of a real lemon. Like real sour lemons drops. So awesome!

Orange: Very smooth and plain. Has an base orange flavor, but with no tartness or zest to it.

Green Apple: Has that very acute, fruity, fake sour apple taste. It’s very floral and smooth, but has that funny accent to it that’s hard to lay one’s finger on.

Cherry: Sour at first from the dusting on the top, then the very bright, woodsy cherry flavors come through. They have a very acute berry edge to them which makes them floral and sweet. It
not too metallic at all surprisingly.

I was really impressed with these! I enjoyed them a lot, especially since the sour parts didn’t last very long. Sour or DOTS lovers alike, I really recommend these!

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links DOTS Web page


Warheads Sour Chewy Cubes Box

It’s been ages since I’ve had any sort of Warheads candy. Now, I realize that I’m not a big fan of sour stuff now, but back in middle school I was crazy for the sour Warheads that you could give for a few cents at a candy store. I never got the really sour, sour stuff, but flavors like the Watermelon, Blue Raspberry I could handle and enjoy. I saw this box of Warheads Sour Chewy Cubes and wanted to give them a try, for old times sake. I didn’t expect them to be very sour, so I figured it’d be something I’d still enjoy.

I love the packaging on this, with the puckering dude on the front with the great rainbow color scheme. It really caught my eye on the shelf, which makes it very successful in terms of sales and design. It just reeks “fun” and I bet kids have a hard time resisting this one.


Warheads Sour Chewy Cubes

The sour cubes are about the size of dice. They’ve soft and squishy, and are very colorful with a granulated sugar coating on them.

Green Apple: Immediately tart, floral and fruity. It comes across as a more sweet version of the apple Jolly Rancher.

Blue Raspberry: Extremely berry like with a twinge of bubblegum and cotton candy. The sourness adds a touch of tart, but doesn’t dominate the flavor.

Strawberry: Sour at first, then turns jammy with rich, deep sweet strawberry flavors. It’s odd in combination with the sweet strawberry taste.

Watermelon: Immediately tart and extremely fake tasting with horrid perfumey flavor to it. Your standard fake watermelon.

Black Cherry (purple): This one tastes like bubblegum at first, them turns into Dr Pepper. It has strong floral and cherry notes, and the sour makes it seem fizzy.

Orange: Has a very sweet orangey flavor. the sourness is mild, and comes across as a sour zest. it’s quite nice.

I was surprised by how much I liked these. I even offered them to my boyfriend, who first refused and then after my encouragement tried them to find he really liked them as well. They’re milder than the sour balls they make as I anticipated. The gummi cubed form is really fun and playful, and it really brings me back when I eat them. Such fun!

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Warheads Website


Haribo Raspberries Bag

I’ve always eyed these Haribo Raspberries in stores ever since I was a little kid. These was something so pleasing, so attractive, so beautiful about these little candies. It wasn’t until recently that I got to try them, so they always have this mysterious lure to them. Which is funny, since they’re not anything more than non pariel covered gumdrops. Still, visual appeal holds a lot of clout in confectionery, and these are really stunning.

As soon as I was home I opened the bag to see what these looked like up close. Each raspberry is about a size of a gumdrop, with the base around the size of a penny. They feel light in your hand, with a cool feeling from the bumpy outsides. They are so cute! I can totally see these growing off of a candy bush in Willy Wonka’s garden.


Haribo Raspberries

The red one are the red raspberry flavor, more floral and juicy and like a real raspberry with notes of strawberries and floral accents with a twinge of sour. The non pariel outsides are sweet, but flavorless. The texture of the non pariels are starchy, and the gummi is nicely firm, but not too hard or rubbery.

The black raspberries, or blackberries, taste more deep and sweet. There’s no light sour note here, and they’re more juicy and blueberry/black berry flavor with more ripe accents to them.

Both are very yummy and the flavor texture is really neat and different, not to mention they look so cool.

Aside from how fun and tasty these are, I can see lots of fun applications for these. I want to use them as cupcake/cake decorations, but sadly I don’t bake such items too often. Regardless, they’re worth a try!

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Haribo Website

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