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Terry's Chocolate Orange Milk Eggs

Looks like Terry’s Chocolate Orange is no longer a Christmas season item! I’ve seen them in regular packaging for the rest of the year, but this is the first time I’ve seen them in packaging decorated for another holiday. Which, they did a really good job on, it captures the feel of Easter nicely with its colorful package and design to make the chocolate orange look like a decorated Easter egg.

The orange once out of the package is a regular chocolate orange though. No oblong egg shape for this one! I was a little perplexed by this at first, but then I realized it was just a candy re-packaged to look festive, like the Easter Reese’s and Kitkats.

If you ever had a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, you’ll know what to expect. First comes the pleasure of whacking the orange so the pieces separate. The the fun of eating it! It tastes the same to all the milk chocolate oranges I’ve had. The chocolate has that nice dairy twinge to it and is very sweet. The melt on the chocolate is extremely rich and smooth. The orange notes compliment the chocolate beautifully, which is what make Terry Oranges so addicting.

A nice addition to any chocolate lover’s Easter basket.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again



Peeps Peepsters Bag

These are a candy entirely new to the market this year: Peeps Peepsters. I first say this bag and was confused at first. I had no idea what these things were. So I ended up buying a bag and taking them home to start a tasting session. I do have to commend the designers of the packaging for this candy. They did a marvelous job of keeping the look of the Marshmallow Peeps packaging and style into a bag candy. It feels Eastery and fun. 

So, these Peepsters are individually wrapped in colorful foil wrappers in the bag. They’re a little larger than a Rolo. The base is about the size of a quarter and there chocolate has a peep stamped on the top. Again, the candy is very eye-catching.

They smell very sweet and marshmallowy for a lack of a better word. It’s a sweet smell with hints of vanilla and cotton candy.


Peeps Peepsters

So as you can see in the photo, these Peepsters have a interior of marshmallow. The chocolate walls are thick, and the marshmallow interior is rather small. The flavor of it, however, permeates throughout the candy. It has this wonderful, creamy vanilla flavor that blends beautifully with the smooth and sweet chocolate. So this candy has a very sweet flavor, so it’s not for everyone. But it does do a great job of blending chocolate, marshmallow together. It’s funny because you don’t really get marshmallow texture at all, just flavor. And it’s wonderful mix of chocolate/vanilla for the taste.

I’m a fan of these, and when I shared them with my boyfriend, so was he. So much so in fact that he’s finished off the first bag pictured here, and went out and bought another bag of the milk and one of the dark (yes, these come in dark chocolate too, and they’re also really good). I liked to have a few of these with a cup of coffee since they’re so sweet. So in short, big fan of these. Bravo Just Born.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Peep’s Website


Starburst Jellybeans Tropical

I saw these new Starburst Tropical Jelly Beans along side the “Crazy Beans” I reviewed earlier this week. I hadn’t seen these before, so I’m assuming they’re new. Another possibility is I just haven’t been visiting the right stores in order to see them in previous years. Either way, I was excited to give them a try since unlike the “Crazy Beans”, these jelly beans have flavors based on the Starbust Chew candies, which I am a big fan of.

The bag smells fruity and exotic, as I get lots of notes of mango, pineapple and punch. This package also gives a list of flavors, but they’re not as detailed as the “Crazy Beans” as those had illustrations to go with the descriptions. Here you just gotta do your best to guess. The mix I got in this bag was very heavy on the pinks, reds and oranges. I didn’t get a lot of green or yellow beans, which, it probably a kid’s best candy dream since not many prefer the green or yellow flavors anyways. 


Starburst Jellybeans Tropical

Mango Melon (orange):
starts off mild with light notes of mango. it’s juicy and sweet. the orange adds an evenness to the flavor which makes it not too sweet, but the flavor is more juicy.

Pineapple Orange: (yellow):
Flavor is sweet orange at first, then blossoms with the juicy flavors of pineapple. the flavor comes across as a little off since there’s not tartness to the pineapple, it’s really, really sweet. Tasty, but not everything I hoped for.

Tropical Punch (red): Immediately tastes of citrus and passion fruit with a hint of pineapple. has nice sweet notes that really taste of punch.

Kiwi Strawberry (green): Starts off sweet and doesn’t really develop any other flavors. it’s off, but just sweet.

Watermelon (pink): taste like that funny fake melon flavor with odd perfumey notes twinged with sweetness.

Strawberry Banana (light pink):
Immediately notes of banana twinged with berry notes. It’s a little sour, which confuses me, as neither strawberries nor bananas are sour. Strange.

I liked these a lot more than I did the “Crazy Beans” from earlier this week. The flavors were a lot more recognizable and authentic. These colors appeal to me more as well and feel more “Eastery” to me, which is silly since anything bright and colorful can be considered as such. As a “new” addition to Starburst’s Jelly Bean line, I think these are a tasty addition.

Rating: Will Eat Again

Will Eat Again

Links Starburst Website


Starburst Crazy Beans Bag

These Starburst “Crazy Beans” are a new jelly bean I spotted this year on the Easter candy shelves. The purple edges on the bag are really eye catching (especially paired with the yellow background, opposites on the color wheel and all that). The premise behind these new Crazy Beans is that each bean has two flavors in one. As if the shell is one flavor and the interior jelly is another. That’s a pretty fun premise.

Firstly, I have to thank Starburst for putting a flavor guide on the back of the bag. That way I can at least get an idea of what I am tasting, especially when they decide to give the flavors crazy names (which they did). When opening the bag it smells extremely fruity and a little sour, so I expect to taste some tartness in these beans.

The beans are colorful and very opaque. The shells have a sheen to them but no luminosity at all. You can see the dark flecks of air bubbles in the candy shell exterior, which give the beans a mottled look to them.


Starburst Crazy Beans

Grape-aid (purple):
Is tart like a lemon, has a nice juicy flavor with an authentic tartness. I don’t taste anything grape about this one.

Peach-A-Palooza (orange):  A nice peach/orange mix that compliments each flavor beautifully. it’s nicely sweet with no tartness. a tasty bean.

Tropical Cherry Splash (blue):
Immediately it tastes…peachy. I get a sense of “tropical” in here because it tastes of punch. but nothing tastes like cherry here.

Razzin Watermelon (Pink): Starts of tasting like lemon. I don’t taste any notes of watermelon, it’s more like lemonade.

Banana Berry Blast (yellow): This one just tastes…sweet, like cotton candy.

Strappleberry (green):
  Tart and tastes like melon and raspberries.

So overall, none of the flavor really spoke to me. I can see how these could appeal to kids who’d enjoy the neon-like colors and crazy flavor combinations. But for me, these didn’t wow me enough with the flavors, they came across more strange than the did “cool” or remarkably tasty.

Rating: Will Eat Again

Will Eat Again

Links Starburst Website


Peeps Milk Chocolate Dips

Easter is coming and there’s some new Peeps to celebrate! Thankfully this year Easter has been more exciting than Valentine’s Day in regard to the candy scene. There’s a lot more “new” candy for Easter that wasn’t around last year. These Peeps are an excellent example of such.

For years Peeps have been an interactive candy during Easter time. You can decorate with them, microwave them, make dioramas with them, freeze them, etc, etc. Local candy shops always wen the extra step and sold chocolate dipped ones, which always seemed to sell well. It wasn’t until last year that Just Born decided to jump on that bandwagon, but the product just wasn’t the same. It was more akin to the marshmallow eggs you find by Russell Stover and Hershey’s.

Now, finally this year, Just Born came out with the perfect chocolate peep. They come in a tray of three, each peep sitting in a protective well and a sturdy p lactic wrapper to keep them from shifting around too much.


Chocolate Dipped Peep

They taste exactly as they should. The peeps have a white inside, and that crunchy, grainy exterior that everyone knows and loves. The chocolate is smooth and sweet with a good chocolate flavor. The two go excellently together, and this simplicity makes for an excellent combination.

A Chocolate Peep that’s made to be! If you’ve ever been one to by those candy shop Peeps, or want to give Peeps a second try, these are great to start with!

Before these, neither regular Peeps nor the new chocolate covered Peeps really sold me 100%. These however, are the perfect mix for me, so I’m excited to finally have a Peep I can fall in love with as an Easter treat.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Peeps Website

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