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HiChew Furano Melon

It’s gotten to a point where I am not sure how to write the set-up for HiChew anymore. I have reviewed them so frequently on the site here that I feel that you, my readers, are quite familiar with them now. So I am hesitant to go ahead and write essentially what I feel to be re hash. The HiChew today is a limited edition flavor called “Furano Melon”.

The first question that ran though my mind was “what exactly is a furano melon”? A little Google searching answered my question quite nicely. Furano is a place in Hokkaido, and it’s famous for its variety of what we know as cantaloupe. Regional fruit and vegetables are a very popular affair in Japan, so showcasing specific regional varieties in candies is a popular thing to do. HiChew is showering Hokkaido with some candy love by making a Furano Melon flavor.

The chew is a pretty light orange and smells sweet and juicy. The flavor is extremely fruity and floral at first, with nice rounded notes of cantaloupe. I’m reminded of the cantaloupe jelly belly bean. Then the flavor becomes more solid and intense, with notes of apple, peach and lychee. It’s very juicy and really flavorful, and it’s very authentic to what a real cantaloupe takes like. So yummy!

Like all the other HiChew flavors, this one is stellar and really is tasty. It doesn’t disappoint! I highly recommend this flavor if you’re into melons, especially cantaloupe!

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links HiChew Website (English)



Kanro Pure Guava Gummi

I was visiting the Mitsuwa market in Culver City the other week, which is where I bought these fun Japanese gummis. The colorful package immediately called out to me on the shelf, but then once I saw what the flavor was, I was completely sold. Guava? Yes please! This is a fruit I fell in love with a long time ago on a family trip to Maui back when I was a wee little kid. Since then I’ve always been on the lookout for guava flavored…well, anything really. So you can imagine my happiness when guava and candy were married into this adorable little package.

They look similar to the Haribo grapefruit gummies. They’re irregular flat discs with a solid coating of sanding sugar on them. They smell extremely sweet and juicy, with notes of pineapple and passion fruit. It’s a very authentic guava aroma.

The candy is immediately fresh and juicy as soon as you pop it into your mouth. The flavor is authentic guava; juicy, sweet, tropical, with notes of peach, passion fruit and pineapple. They’re incredibly good. They have a bit of tartness to them towards the end, but the “first” part of the flavor is so good I don’t mind it at all. So yummy! The texture is nice as it’s just the right amount of chewy for a gummi, it’s neither to hard nor too soft. The texture suggests that these are relatively fresh (which sometimes with imported candy, they aren’t) so it was such a treat to find these to be supple still.

I really appreciated the novelty of this candy, since guava is such a rare flavor to find in the USA. I think it really works well in candy format, so I hope to find it around again sometime soon. I also think that this is a good way to enjoy guava if you’ve never had it before, since in many places you cannot find the fruit to try. Point being: guava is yummy, so are these gummis; so try it sometime.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again


Chirani Lemon Chewing Candy

This pretty looking package is another fun find from a Mitsuwa market visit. It was one of the few candies that actually described the candy in the name: “Lemon Chewing Candy”. Pretty straight forward, don’t you think? Especially since a lot of Japanese candy seem to name themselves after some obscure English word. Immediately this candy appealed to me for many reasons; the top two are that I love chewy things and I love lemon.

Opening the cute petite package up, the candies look like squished sugar cookies. They’re flat-ish discs that have a nice yellow color and a sanding sugar coating on them. They have cracks on the sides from pressure. My guess is some of this happened with how these candies were shipped: squished or packed too tightly.

The texture is grainy from the sugar at first, then thick and chewy. The candy gradually dissolves as you chew it, like a Skittle or Starburst. The flavor reminds me of powdered lemonade mix at first. It’s bright, tangy and tart. It has nice strong lemon flavors and a excellent sourness to it. It’s very tasty and leaves a good “tart” burn in your mouth. My only complaint is these dissolve a little too quickly for my tastes.

These are great candies for someone like me who loves the lemon yellow Starburst and could eat them all day. You have to really love lemon to enjoy these. If you are, hey, if you happen to be in an Asian mart, see if they’re in stock. You’re in for a zesty treat.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again


KitKat Cheese

The last of my recent Kit Kat finds is this Parmesan Cheese Kit Kat. Yeah, you heard me, Parmesan cheese. Why they decided this was a flavor to incorporate into a Kit Kat, I’m not sure. But, it’s new, it’s interesting, and it’s unique. So of course I’m going to try it. Otherwise my taste buds are going to forever regret not ever giving it a shot, no matter how bad it potentially may be.

These, unlike the other Kit Kats, came is a box with individual Kit Kat “fingers’ as opposed to the big “grab bag” the other were. They each come individually wrapped and have a pretty orange and yellow color scheme on the little wrappers. I get the feeling even the makers of this flavor realize it’s more unique, and packaged it to reflect that. Are they suggesting you’d only want to each one finger of these as opposed to the normal two? I think I am thinking too hard about this…

The naked Kit Kat is pristine white in color. It smells exactly like Parmesan cheese actually. It’s cheesy, tart and slightly odious with a sharp note to it. I was surprised by this, cause I was secretly hoping that this would be more like cheesecake. I guess I am mistaken.

The flavor is sweet and first. It’s creamy with a hint of coconut. The the flavor grows and you get those sharp cheesy notes that say “Parmesan cheese” to me. Think of it as Parmesan mixed with Ricotta cheese; creamy and cheesy. You just have to add the sugar in to complete the flavor. I take a few more bites and the flavor kinda grows on me, once you know what to expect. The tart/sweet works surprisingly well and makes for a very tasty Kit Kat.

Sometimes strange can also be tasty. This is a good example of such. If you’re a fan of Parmesan cheese, this is worth a try. It’s a fun curiosity to indulge in.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

Links Japanese Kit Kat Website



KitKat Strawberry Cake

I found this Strawberry Cake Kit Kat along with the Sweet Potato Kit Kat I reviewed earlier this week. I was surprised to find a strawberry Kit Kat flavor so late in the season (usually it’s January) but I realize things have to be imported and stocked so I guess it’s really not that unreasonable of a time frame. An exciting find for me since I am a big fan of all the strawberry Kit Kats I’ve had to date.

The main package is very pink with red accents. There’s an image of a small strawberry cake in the corner decorated with vast amounts of swirly whipped cream. It’s very pretty and inviting. Almost so much that I want the cake and not the Kit Kat! The wrapped bars inside the big package carry the same colors and tempting illustration.

Tearing open one of the bars, the Kit Kats are a pale pink color with a very inviting aroma. It smells of that “Japanese Strawberry” flavor that is part floral and part fruity. It’s an iconic smell to me, and even thought it doesn’t smell like real strawberries, it’s the aroma of what the super strawberry would taste, or smell like. It’s very hard to put my finger on, especially for a flavor that stands out so much to me.

The flavor is very fruity immediately, and the flavor grows more powerful and fruity as you chew. It starts off mildly like strawberry and grows fruitier with a tart edge to it. Then it the flavor backs off and has a perfumey taste to it, like flowers. It’s interesting. The strawberry flavor is a little more muted to those I’ve had in the past, which I suspect is due to them trying to get the cake and whipped cream flavors in there.

This is a yummy Kit Kat, just it’s somewhat less intense flavor makes me prefer the other strawberry Kit Kat flavors I’ve had in the past. I’m really splitting hairs here though. I appreciate how the Japanese find way to keep putting a twist on the traditional strawberry Kit Kat, while keeping the flavor familiar.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Japanese Kit Kat Website


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