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United Kingdom


Bassetts Allsorts: Fabulously Fruity: Package

Bassetts Allsorts are an iconic candy in my life. They’re the one consistent sweet I’d see my Mom buy for my Dad, as he’s just crazy for them. He learned to enjoy them from his dad, so I guess it’s fitting for tradition that I learned to love them too. I’d always seen and enjoyed the black licorice variety, so when I saw these red licorice ones in an Irish market in Queens I could resist them. I never knew such a thing existed, and since I am a fan of red licorice too, I was eager to see how it compared to the traditional black kind.

Out of the box these are just stunning to look at. They’re so beautiful. For some reason, the red adds just that extra spark of color to them, so instead of feeling old fashioned and classic like the black licorice Allsorts, these has this funky, psychedelic vibe to them. It was such a pleasure to photograph them. 


Bassetts Allsorts: Fabulously Fruity III

As far as flavor goes, they’re pretty similar to regular Allsorts. The sweet coating on the bits of licorice are lightly flavored of fruits: orange (orange), lemon (yellow), strawberry (red), blueberry (white) and currant (purple). The original Allsorts has coconut too, but alas that is omitted here. The texture of the coating is grainy, a little crumbly and greasy. It’s similar to shredded hard-packed coconut.  The flavors were all pleasant and juicy and were very satisfying. But combined with the red licorice, they just stood out on their own. Or should I say, they were so flavorful that the red licorice, which tends to be mind in flavor to begin with, was just lost in the fray. I did take a piece apart to eat some of the red licorice on it’s own, and it’s very nice. Fragrant, bright, and juicy of berries and “red” flavor.

I prefer the black licorice Allsorts of these. The black licorice is strong enough to compete and balance out the flavors of the sweet coating, whereas with the red, it’s just lost. Then again, I eat Allsorts for the licorice, so if you eat them because you enjoy the coating, or aren’t a fan of black licorice, these are worth checking out.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

Links Bassetts Webpage on Cadbury’s Website



Cadbury Twirl Wrapper

When I saw this bar, I immediately assumed it was the UK version of the Twix. It comes in a package with two fingers, starts with the letter “T” see where I’m headed, right? Having made such quick assumptions about the bar led to much surprise once I opened the Twirl bar to finally taste it. I was totally unfounded with my guess, as Twirl is a totally different kind of bar.

What I did surmise correctly was the style of the Twirl, as it is like a Twix: two separate slender “fingers” make up this bar. The only description on the wrapper reads: “the Intense chocolate hit”.

I picked up a finger to smell it, and I couldn’t help but feel like I was sniffing a cigar. It smells very milky and tangy and it reminds me of cheese. The tops of the fingers have texture on them that’s bumpy and uneven. I can’t help but wonder: “What’s under there”? There’s no cookie in the ingredients list…..

I eagerly took my first bite and I almost immediately had to stop. The texture is very light and crumbly and crumbs fell all over into my lap. I used more delicate force the second try so I didn’t make a mess.

The inside is just like a Flake bar: little ribbons of chocolate packed together in a tube. The difference is that the Twirl takes things a step further and enrobes the bar in chocolate so you get double the amount of chocolate. The flavor is so intensely of the dry milk powder. It’s really creamy, tangy and has an almost “stinky” taste to it, again, like a blue cheese. Then there a sweetness that envelopes the flavors and washes it all away. I don’t really taste “chocolate” at all, just sugar and cream.

Interesting, but not chocolatey enough for me.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

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Cadbury Wispa Wrapper

Wispa is one of those candy bars that have a huge following. Part of the reason (aside from it being tasty, of course) is that they’ve been discontinued by Cadbury back in the 1990s, depriving fans of the bar who’ve eaten it since it’s introduction in 1983. This obviously causes lots of pining from fans. We all want what we can’t have. Since 2003 Cadbury has done many limited releases to bring back Wispa, but it wasn’t until 2007-2008 where Wispa has made a full comeback in the United Kingdom.

So what exactly is Wispa, especially to make such a fuss? Simply put, it’s an aerated milk chocolate bar.

I was expecting this to be like an Nestle Aero bar, but it’s not at all. Which is a good thing, since I’ve never really enjoyed Aero bars at all. SOmetime about the bubble and the format of that bar just robs it of flavor for me. I don’t like eating a chocolate bar and not taste much. It defeats the purpose.

Wisp is different. The shape is differentt, as it’s a thick rectangular block, like a candy bar, instead of a chocolate bar shape that an Aero is. When bitten into, Aero’s are light, crispy and messy. Wispa isn’t. The air bubbles are much smaller, so there’s none of that awkward crumbling. Instead the chocolate feels lighter, creamier, thicker… I understand what bubbles in chocolate should taste like. It’s really smooth and fudgy on the tongue. As for the flavor, it’s standard Cadbury diary milk. sweet, chocolatey, with that dry milk tang.

I like it a lot, and I can see why so many lamented it’s disappearance on candy shelves. Heck, I’m sad I can’t find it relatively easily in the US!

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Wispa Website


Munchies Package

Who has the Munchies? I certainly do, well, did, before I wrote this review. Aside from the common snack attack, Munchies are a candy available in the United Kingdom and made by Nestle. I didn’t know quite what they were at first when I spied them in an import store. I was certainly perplexed by the long square-shaped roll. What could possible be inside? Plus, the name is so cute!

I admit I find the packaging very fetching, and I like the fact they display the nutritional facts very prominently on the front. I’m downing 273 calories by eating these, yay!

So what exactly are Munchies? My prompt tearing into the package to find out quickly answered my question. They’re caramel filled chocolates with a small crunchy bit of shortbread biscuit on the bottom. The size and proportions are similar to Rolos, but these are square with line designs on top. Dare to be square!


Munchies Bitten

The chocolate is sweet and slightly malty tasting. The caramel is flowing and sticky and delivers a good burst of extra sweetness with some milky notes. The shortbread center is crunchy and very buttery and blends beautifully with the caramel and chocolate. It’s a great texture contrast: smooth chocolate, chewy, thick caramel and crunchy biscuit.

I was impressed with sturdy these are, as they survived a trip from the UK to Los Angeles where I bought them. Then back in my suitcase to New Jersey, all the time remaining intact.

The flavors aren’t anything especially more special than anything I can find on candy shelves here in the States. But the addition of the biscuit base does make them unique enough for me to pick up more next time I see them.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again



Cadbury Fudge Packet

Cadbury Fudge was a completely new discovery for me. I’d never heard of it before and I couldn’t help but wonder why, as all of Cadbury’s offerings are pretty widely known. Is it just a bar that is rare? Something unworthy of mention? Or is it the other way around and it’s so good no one wants to share it outside the UK? These and a dozen other questions whizzed through my head as I looked at their cute, bright orange and purple wrappers. 

The Fudge is really pretty self explanatory, described as “fudge covered in milk chocolate”. They’re small in size, only about four to five inches long and are round and tubular in shape.

It only smells sweet, and I dove right in as I knew this one would all be about the taste. The bite is soft, a little crumbly and a little grainy. The texture is just like fudge but a little dried. It softens up and it gets soft, chewy and sticky in the mouth. It’s very thick and satisfying.

The flavor is very, very, sweet and I get more flavors of caramel and cream and burnt sugar than actual chocolate. I’m not surprised, since the basis of fudge is cream and sugar, so it’s a accurate representation in that regard. I was particularly impressed by the caramel notes it had.

Still, Fudge is not for the faint of heart and it’s just really, really sweet. I liked it, just be forewarned.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Cadbury Website


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