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Golden Bonbon Green Tea Nougat

This find was a surprise to be sure. It’s been ages since I’ve seen, much less had any Golden Bonbon torrone/nougat. Yet, there is was just sitting on the shelf of my local Asian Market, just waiting for me to find it. I was delighted to see this East/West fusion of such a classic candy; the greet tea (matcha) flavor blended into Italian torrone. Not to mention I’ve had Golden Bonbon’s nougat in the past and I’ve greatly enjoyed it.

The package is a wonderful grassy green color that catches your eye right away. I love the little window on the front that lets you see each individually wrapped piece. It leaves nothing to the imagination and shows that this candy has nothing to hide.

The nougat comes in nice, bite sized pieces. The color is slightly greenish, from the matcha powder I’m sure. Each peace is amply studded with almonds, which have a wonderful fresh crunch when you bite into them. The nougat texture is soft and chewy, and the almonds and fresh and crunchy. A wonderful texture contrast.

The flavor is sweet at the start, then the grassy flavors of the green tea come forward. They mingle with the nutty notes of the almonds, and I gotta say, it’s really excellent. I haven’t tried anything like it before, and it works really, really well. I love it.

If you’re a fan of matcha, I’d certainly give this a try. It might be a bit adventurous for many traditional nougat lovers, but I can see many would find a new favorite with these.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Golden Bonbon Website


Eat More Package

This candy bar is one that always made me chuckle when I heard of it. Really, does one need the suggestion to eat more? Pul-eeze. I am already plenty talented in that department. A sweet friend of mine sent one to me from Canada, since that’s Eat-More’s preferred habitat.

There is little known about Eat-More’s origins. Only a little blurb on the website tells us that it’s now owned by Hershey, and that they acquired it from Nestle who bought it from Lowney. This candy bar has certainly been around the block.

The Eat-More is described as “Dark Toffee Peanut Chew”, which depending on where you are in the world can mean different things. I decided to not speculate too much ad just open the wrapper and find out for myself right away.

Firstly, Eat-More is a big, long bar. You smells the sweetness and the peanuts right away. It’s slightly sticky to handle, but it’s looks like a giant slab of darkened caramel generously studded with peanuts. I had expected it to be enrobed in chocolate from the description, but that’s not the case. The chocolate must be mixed into the toffee base, which would explain its dark color.

The flavor is pleasing. It’s main flavor is the roasted peanuts, complimented by the toffee which is sweet with subtle notes of cream and burnt sugar. The chew is soft and a tad crumbly, which I was surprised by. Thankfully though it’s not so thick that I feel my molars are in danger.

Halfway though the bar I felt quite full. I guess this is where the “Eat-More” part comes in. Do I admit defeat or continue to finish? I opted for the former, and I couldn’t help but wonder how the other half will do waiting to be eaten. It’s pretty study, so I’m sure it’ll be ok.

I still can’t help but hear in my head: “Eat more? Well, don’t mind if I do….”

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Eat More Webpage


Zero Bars All Three

I’ve wanted to get my hand on these ever since I caught wind of their existence. If you’ve been a reader from the beginning, you’d know that my favorite candy bar is Hershey’s Zero Bar, that rare bar that’s basically a white chocolate Snickers. I couldn’t help but wonder if the Canadian Zero’s were going to be anything like that. I could find little information about them on the internet, so I was beside myself with joy when a friend of mine offered to send me some.

Once in hand, I was dazzled by the glitzy packaging. They definitely give off that “cool” vibe with their metallic wrappers.

Zero Dark: Looking at the ingredients list, I’m disappointed. Essentially, this bar is a block of mockolate. Oh joy.

It’s terribly messy to eat. It doesn’t hold it’s shape so it’s melty and therefore gets everywhere. The mockolate is cool on the tongue and it’s very, very sweet. The flavor is lightly of cocoa and hints of nuts and vanilla.

On the whole though, it’s unexciting and just lacking any satisfaction.

Zero Milk: Same off, greasy, cool feeling to it. The flavor is sweeter than the dark, with more milky notes, but no complexity. This fake milk chocolate is better than the dark one.

Zero White: Interesting. This bar actually has as a little cocoa butter in the ingredients listed after coconut and palm kernel oil. Yay? Well, at least it’s not hydrogenated…

I’m immediately surprised when I unwrapped this, since there’s milk and white “mockolate” in here. Huh, what? The bottom is milk and the top is white. I was expecting a full white bar.

Like the others, it’s greasy and cool to the touch. Surprisingly it tastes the most authentic of the three. It’s very creamy and slippery in the mouth, there’s lots of milky and tangy yogurt flavors in there. True to the white chocolate fashion, there’s also a strong sweetness to it too. It’s a very convincing mockery of the real thing.

Id’ (sadly) eat these again if there’s nothing else available. And I mean nothing.

Rating:Not Worth It


Not Worth It


Golden Bonbon Nougat Package

I’ve seen these nougats around and was finally able to try them at the Fancy Food Show this past June. Since then I’ve been on the hunt to track down a pack for an official review, and now my hard work has finally paid off. Some candy with worth the work, and these Golden Bonbon Nougats are just that in my book.

These nougats hail from Canada where they’re made from an original Italian recipe. You can tell the company takes pride in their work, and once you taste them, you’re easily sold.

The nougats come in a pouch of assorted flavors and textures, so there’s a little bit of something for everyone. Each nougat is individually wrapped, labeled and cut into cute little mini fingers. It’s really a great in terms of packaging, as you can easily root through the bag and pick out your favorites and give the others to friends. I did just that and my roommate happily shared these with me.


Golden Bonbon Nougat Flavors

Crunchy Almond: Crunchy indeed! It’s hard, but not too bad. It took some working with the back teeth to get it to break, and then it softened up nicely. It has fresh nutty flavors of the almond and strong notes of honey and a little hint of maple flavor to it.

Crunchy Maple: This one is also really hard on the teeth. The flavor is much sweeter than the almond and the maple notes are powerful. Fake maple breakfast cereal comes to mind.

Soft Almond: The texture in this is much nicer. It’s soft, pillowy, has a good chew and the crunchy texture of the almonds compliment it nicely. The flavor in this is much more of an amaretto flavor than just almond with honey accents.

Soft Maple: Again, great with the texture. The maple flavor here is very prominent, and like the crunchy one, the slightly artificiality of the flavor reminds me of breakfast cereal.

Soft Orange: Strong bitter notes of orange as if the rind was used to make it. The honey in the nougat rounds out the sweetness and it’s a nice balance.

Soft Blueberry: The blueberry comes form dried blueberries in that’s mixed into the nougat along with the almonds. You don’t get the fresh, fruity flavor until you hit one and then there’s a great mix of blueberry and honey flavors.

Soft Cranberry: Wow, this is awesome! It tastes really like the whole thing was soaked in cranberry juice. Sweet, with a good sharp cranberry flavor and a tart edge.

Soft Cafe: The texture of this is a little firmer than the other soft ones I’ve had, much more thick and chewy. The coffee flavor is present, not too strong or too light. The coffee flavor itself is bitter and acidic. I’m not sure if I like the actual flavor of the coffee, but it does pair nicely with the nougat.

These disappeared pretty quickly and my roommate, who has such a small sweet tooth, kept asking if I had more of these long after I told her we’d finished them.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Golden Bonbon Website


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