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SweetTarts Holiday Gummies Bag

SweetTarts is keeping up with their holiday offerings with these adorable Holiday Gummies. I saw these in Target in their holiday section, among dozen of other seasonal candies. I gravitate toward candies like these since as far as I know, SweetTarts doesn’t usually release gummies for the “normal” months. Therefore, these feel more unique to me than the Snickers, Kitkats, Kisses etc that come in just holiday theme packaging. It’s what’s inside that counts, guys.

The package does a wonderful job of matching the coloring scheme of SqeetTarts with the colors of the season. It’s a very attractive package to look at. The gummies come in the holiday shapes of bells, stockings, Christmas trees and stars. So very cute! I realize that Wonka is trying to be politically correct in calling these “Holiday” gummis, but it seems odd when the gummis have such blatantly Christmas iconography. Just saying.


SweetTarts Holiday Gummies

The red gummis is bright and zesty at first, like sour cherry. It has bright “red” notes of strawberry and cherry. It’s tangy and sweet, and the flavor isn’t too metallic, although since it’s so tart it’s very “Jolly Rancher”. It’s a nice red flavor though, I could eat this one all day as opposed to others I’ve had.

The green ones start of sweet and mellow with nice juicy notes of melon. Only as you chew it does the more zesty tones and flavors of sour apple burst trhough. It’s a very juicy flavor and because of that it’s very tasty. It’s hard to top popping them into you mouth.

These were tastier than what I was expecting, and I really enjoyed them. I can see these looking really cute in a candy dish or as cupcake toppings. If your into sour gummi candies, I recommend giving these a shot.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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Wonka Spooky Nerds

I was excited to find Spooky Nerds on one of my Halloween candy hunts. It’s a movie theater sized box, one side white “Punch” flavored and the other orange “Orange”. The box is decorated with adorable images of the Nerds creatures sporting bat wings, witch hats, vampire capes and ghost costumes. So cute!

Orange Spooky Nerds are flavorful and immediately remind me of orange soda, but with a slight tang to it. It’s zesty and sweet at the same time, which is a nice combination. They crunch wonderfully and are a blast to chew. Punch Spooky Nerds start off tart, and blossom into a fruity symphony that brings to mind Hawaiian Punch drinks. I get notes of oranges, pineapples, and passion fruits. When eaten together I get a flavor similar to a tropical sherbert. It’s fantastically fruit and feels like fun. 

I wish these Nerds came in smaller and/or trick or treat sized boxes, as it would be much easier to eat and share them that way. The movie sized box seems like overkill to me, and if it wasn’t for sharing with friends, I would not have been able to finish the box.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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Wonka Exceptionals Box

These are another part of the free Easter samples I received from Wonka, the Exceptionals Eggs. These eggs are based off of two of their regular chocolate bars which are sold all year ‘round. The first is the Scrumdiddlyumptios bar, and the other is the Chocolate Waterfall. These eggs are individually wrapped and then packaged in a box to keep them safe from bumping around too much. The box is festive, but the colors are much more muted than I would have expected. Especially since these bars are normally dressed in bright purple wrappers that have an iridescent and almost hologram like sheen to it. 

Time to open once up and see what we have here. These are sold chocolate half eggs, no filling or decor, just a hunk of chocolate. The pieces are large, as they’re bigger than a traditional chicken egg. I’d say they are about two inches long and weight in at .9 OZ. Each egg has the word “Wonka” carved into the surface with swirled designs.


Wonka Exceptionals Wrapper

Scrumdiddlyumptios Egg: Smells sweet and not much of chocolate the chocolate tastes sweet and creamy but you immediately taste the peanuts and the toffee bits in it. the pieces are small and they’re very crispy. Because of this you get a nice salty/sweet play here and it’s very tasty.

Chocolate Waterfall Egg: This egg is beautiful to look at once it’s unwrapped. It’s a milk chocolate base with white chocolate ripples in it. As for the aroma, it just smells sweet. The flavor is this wonderful mix of the milk and white chocolate. Thankfully the white chocolate’s flavor doesn’t get lost in the milk chocolate. You can distinctly taste its buttery, milky, sweet flavor. Very tasty, I’m a fan!

These were tasty and the chocolate is presented here in a more friendly, single serve manner. These would be a great addition to any Easter basket, as the size is big enough to be fun but not small enough so you feel jipped by the Easter Bunny.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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Wonka Double Yummy Gummies Package

I received these as free samples from Wonka as a tasting of what fun things they’re offering for the Easter season. Out of the items they sent me, these stood out to me most right away. A long elongated package held these pretty gummies that sit in a protective tray and are individually wrapped. The package is brightly colored with giant lettering and a description at the bottom that reads: “From Wonka’s Edible garden”. I have to say these look really fun!

The Double Yummy Gummies come in three characters/flavors: a strawberry bunny, an orange duck, and a lemon lamb. I finally understand the “Double” part in the name, because I now see these are the kind of gummies that are dual layered. They have a squishy foam on the bottom and a colored gummi layer on top. Much like the “Wingers” gummies that Wonka has out right now as a year round item.


Wonka Double Yummy Gummies

Lemon Lamb:
tried this first cause I get really excited about lemon flavors, Smells like chemically lemon frosting, fresh and sweet with some strange artificial notes to it. The gummi is very thick, sticky and chewy, a nice chewing texture. The flavor starts off very tartly of lemon with those odd artificial notes to it. Then the second layer adds this creamy sweetness to it that mellow out the lemon flavor nicely. It leaves a funny aftertaste in my mouth. This reminds me of how those fake lemon hand pies taste.

Orange Ducks: Smells like a creamsicle. The flavor has a wonderful orange flavor to it that’s both sweet and tart with nice juicy flavors to it. the extra layer adds a creamy not to it, and adds some extra sweetness to it. It’s very reminiscent of the original orange gummi bears.

Strawberry Bunny:
This one smells very familiar, and it took me a few minutes to figure it out. the aroma is exactly like a berry flavored fragrant red licorice. The flavor of this one my favorite of the three. It’s very “red” tasting, with the flavor of strawberries and raspberries, with a sour edge to it. Odd, but tasty.

These were really cute and original for a new Easter candy. I’m a big fan of the size and character shapes, and even tho the flavors were a little odd, I still enjoyed them. I plan on picking up more when I see them in stores.

Rating: Will Eat Again

Will Eat Again

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Wonka SweetTarts Hearts Box

Onto the last pocket-sized box Valentine’s Day candy! After the last two boxes of the Sweethearts, I was a little apprehensive to give another “message” candy a try. I then say these Wonka SweetTarts hearts and figured what the heck. The package is still very much Wonka styled but has a hint of Valentine’s Day on it. It has a nice spot to write your “To” and “From” on the box. I wonder if anyone uses it?

The candies inside are about the diameter of a penny and made of that same compressed dextrose as normal SweetTarts. they come in five colors: red, purple, orange, green and blue.

First off, these candies are such an improvement over the Necco Sweethearts. None were broken, the candy has a nice sheen to them, and the part that’s most striking to me is that the messages are imprinted into the candy as opposed to printed on like the Sweethearts. They say the typical cute things like “XOXO”, “Cutie”, “Kiss Me”, “Love U” and “Maybe”.

Wonka SweetTarts

Red is sour and fruity like cherry. It’s extremely tart and bitter.

Orange is bright and zesty with a wonderful juicy orange flavor.

Blue is very sour with a strong floral flavor that kinda tastes like berries.

Green is tart with a strange apple/melon taste to it.

Purple is a medicinal sour grape.

These are just like normal SweetTarts, so this is a cute candy alternative to the Sweethearts if you’re a big fan of SweetTarts and the style of flirty Valentine’s Day candy.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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