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See's Candies Chocomate Mint Holiday Lollipop

One thing I love about See’s Candies and what I very much look forward to with the passing seasons is their releases of limited edition flavors of their popular lollypops. They have root beer in the summers, pumpkin in the fall, and this past Easter they had orange cream which I sadly missed out on. Next year! I was super excited to find some of their new Christmas Mint lollypops in my box of samples which included the Victoria Toffee that I reviewed the other day. These lollypops were a surprise because they have a limited edition Cinnamon flavor they release this time of year, and I had no idea they planned to do another. So without further delay, the Christmas Mint Lollypop!

The lollypops are beautiful. The have a bright pine green metallic wrapper, with white and red lettering. The pops are all a nice, uniform size with a rectangular shape. Removing the green wrapper to my surprise, the lollypop is white. For some reason I imagine it green or brown, as my mind concluded that it possibly be mixed with chocolate. But, no. They’re a beautiful white, much like Christmas snow.

It smells sweet and not at all minty. I’m more reminded of vanilla and white chocolate.

My first lick produces at first a sweet flavor, then the growing familiar and delightful taste of mint. It’s mind and sweet, and not at all overpowering like most gum and toothpaste is. Instead this is subtle, elegant, minty flavor that has a slight peppermint sharpness to it. It’s extremely enjoyable and I much rather have this as an after meal dessert.

I really loved this lollypop. Not only is it beautiful but its flavor is amazing. Not too minty and not too sweet, just a harmonious middle ground. I also have to give props to See’s for using the word “Christmas” in this candy’s name, as many prefer to use the more PC “Holiday”. There’s nothing wrong with calling something “Christmas” and I’m glad See’s did so. It’s a great lollypop and I can easily see these as a tasty stocking stuffer.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links See’s Candies Website



Palmer's Kiddie Chow

I was contacted some time ago by Palmer’s Candies in regard to reviewing some of their products. I was a little worried at first, because the previous experience I’ve had with Palmer’s chocolate is the “mockolate” candies you see sold in large bags at the holidays. They come in adorable packaging and the flavor isn’t very chocolatey at all, it just tastes very sweet. I decided to give Palmer’s Candies a chance, since one look at their website and you see they do lots of other confections besides the stuff you see during the holidays. I was excited to give their other offerings a try, so here we go!

Kiddie Chow:Like the “Muddy Buddies” Chex cereal recipe. Crispy square cereal with chocolate and powdered sugar. The flavor is crispy and sweet. You don’t’ get any flavor from the cereal, but you do get a hint of chocolate and a nice, refreshing sweetness from the powdered sugar. The cereal is perfectly crispy and gives a great texture. The sweetness isn’t too overpowering as one might think. the chocolate flavor isn’t as intense as I’m used to, but that is a difference in the recipe I’m sure. There aren’t messy either, the powdered sugar sticks to the pieces really well.


Palmer's Peanut Butter Crispy Yums

Peanut Butter Crispy Yums: Little mounded treats with a coating of chocolate and peanut butter stripes. They’re very soft, and the chocolate sticks to my fingers when I handle them. they smell sweet and peanutbuttery. The peanut butter inside is smooth and creamy ,with bits of crispiness to it, as if it has a crumbled up Butterfinger n it. It’s a delightful texture contrast. The peanut butter is salty/sweet and has a nice roasted peanut flavor. I don’t taste any of the chocolate, which, makes me wonder if it’s really mockolate. But since there’s not ingredients label I can only surmise. Still, they’re tasty and can see peanut butter fans enjoys these a lot.


Palmer's Caramel Swirl Pretzels

Caramel Swirl Pretzels: Pretty looking with white chocolate base covering the pretzel with caramel stripes. They smell tangy and sweet like yogurt raisins. They taste tart, of the yogurt coating on the pretzels. They’re sweet and tangy. I don’t get too much of a caramel flavor in there. Its a nice sweet/salty combination, and therefore it’s a satisfying snack. The pretzel is fresh and crunchy and really is a great texture element.

Palmer's Peanut Butter Pretzel Swirls

Peanut Butter Swirl Pretzels: The smells sweet, no scent of chocolate or peanut butter. They’re pretty to look at, dipped in chocolate and drizzled with a line peanut butter. The pretzel crunches nicely so it’s good and fresh. The flavor is a nice mix of sweet and salty. I taste the starch and salt of the pretzel, and the sweetness of the chocolate coating. It doesn’t really taste much like peanut butter to be honest. It jut comes across as a sweet coating on a pretzel, which, is tasty, but not as the description really lends one to believe.


Palmer's Peppermint Skippers

Peppermint Skippers: They’re little domes of chocolate with a peppermint center. They look like little mountains, actually. Pretty cute. They smell sweet and of peppermint oil. The peppermint interior is a think, sticky fondant. It’s very dense and grainy and extremely tasty. The chocolate exterior compliments it perfectly with a nice sweetness that depends the peppermint flavor. These taste like a richer, more intense York Peppermint Pattie.

I admit I was a little hesitant about these free samples at first. I knew I’d be sent something I’d appreciate, but these exceeded my expectations. It’s good to know that my old opinions were challenged. My boyfriend was a big fan of the Peanut Butter Crispy Yums, as were the friends I shared these with. Personally my favorite were the Peppermint Skippers, as I really loved the creamy center of those. Which, may I remind you readers, peppermint is a very hard sell for me. Overall I was impressed with this sampling and I look forward to trying the Twin Bing that Palmer’s also sent me. That review coming soon!

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Palmer Candy Website



Godiva Mint Chocolate Chip Truffle Box

Next flavor out of Godiva’s Ice Cream Parlor series is the Mint Chocolate Chip flavor. This I think was an obvious but wise choice on Godiva’s part. Or, at least that’s my first instinct as mint chocolate chip ice cream has always been a favorite of mine. Although, according to this page, it’s not even in the top 15!

Regardless, mint and chocolate have always gone well together, so it seems fitting they’re made into an ice cream themed candy. The packaging for these truffles is different from the flavor mix I reviewed earlier. Those came in a bag, and these mint chocolate chip truffles came in a tightly packed container that’s similar to the plastic drink cup you use when you get a cold drink at Starbucks. Where the bag had tons of empty space in it, this cup version is just the opposite. All the truffles are tightly packed in so there’s no room for them to shift around.


Godiva Mint Chocolate Chip Truffle

Has a dark chocolate shell, and you immediately smell the mint in it. It’s very pungent.

I take my first bite and I’m immediately reminded of a very strong Andes mint. The chocolate doesn’t deliver much taste, just a sweetness to round out the mint flavor. The mint is fresh and it leaves you feeling like you’ve just brushed you teeth, as it’s quite strong. The chocolate is soft and the mint center is extremely creamy. So it’s a nice flavor and one truffle is just enough since it’s quite potent.

These were tasty and are great if you’re a big fan of mint. I think I prefer it in ice cream more, but that’s just my personal preference.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

LinksGodiva Website



Vosges Peppermint Candy Cane Bar

peppermint candy cane, 62% dark chocolate

the chocolate is very dark with a subtle sheen to it. you can easily see the bits of candy cane spattered on the back of this bar, as well as mixed inside. it smells overwhelmingly of peppermint.

The flavor is immediately this marriage of sweet, rich chocolate and the powerful refreshing flavor of pepermint and the crisness of the candy cane bits. This bar is very rich and intense, and I wanted a glass of water once I was done wit hit.

In regard to the many other peppermint chocolates I’ve had this holiday season, this one was by far the most sophisticated. It has all the elements beautifully in texture and flavor balance.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Vosges Chocolate Website

Vosges Peppermint Candy Cane Bar

Vosges is a gourmet chocolate company located in New York City. I first discovered them a few years ago when the company had their unique chocolate bars in store fronts in the city. I was into trying strange flavored chocolates back then too so I latched onto the company chocolates right away. Nowadays, I’m happy to say they’ve expanded the availability of their products and you can find them in most Whole Foods stores. That’s where I found this bar to review.

I believe this bar is a Limited Edition flavor for the holidays, but with all the other Christmas candies this year there’s just not enough room to fit them all in. So I hope you don’t mind some of these candies are a bit belated for the season.

One of the most popular flavors for the holiday season is peppermint, no two ways about it. So it’s fitting that Vosges makes a peppermint bar to go with their normal line of chocolate, even by comparison this flavor is way more mundane.

The bar has a nice subtle sheen to it. You can see the bits of smashed candy cane in the back of the chocolate bar, and inside it as well when you break off a piece. The bar smells overwhelmingly of peppermint, which is to be expected since it’s such a potent flavor.

The chocolate is rich, mild and sweet and really provides a beautiful base for the candy cane bits. The chocolate is a 62%, so it’s neither too dark nor too sweet, which is a nice balance to go with the peppermint. The candy cane bits are exactly as you’d expect them: crunchy, sweet, and pepperminty. There’s no surprised in this bar, just a feeling of luxury as this is the most quality peppermint chocolate bar I’ve ever had.

Such quality doesn’t come cheap. These bars run anywhere from $5-$7, so it’s pretty pricey compares to your more affordable peppermint bars out there. You can really taste the quality difference here, so it’s your call how much you love this type of holiday treat each year.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Vosges Website


Hershey Kisses Mint Truffle Bag

The Mint Truffle Kisses have been a holiday release for a few years now, but I have neglected to try them before this. There’s a few reasons for this: first, I really loved the Candy Cane Kisses that they originally released, but since in recent year they haven’t been made with real chocolate I haven’t been buying them. The second reason is that I felt the peppermint ones were good, so I was wary of how the Mint ones tastes as mint and chocolate can really be a so-so thing for me. My doubts aside, I felt it was time to finally give them a go.

The box is this minty, sea-foam green color displaying the Kisses in a row. Inside, the Kisses come in a dark green wrapper with silver snowflakes on them. They’re very festive and cute. They smell intensely of sweet mint, and it’s a nice aroma. I’m excited to try them.


Hersheys Kisses Mint Truffle

The center of the Kiss is a bright green creme. It’s so pretty!

First off, these Kisses are not milk chocolate like most varieties. They’re dark chocolate again, and I feel this is a really good choice to pair with this minty interior. The flavor tarts off with a mild sweet, minty flavor that gradually grows more intense as the Kiss melts in your mouth. About halfway in you get the rich sweetness of the chocolate and the two make a very wonderful flavor combination. It’s like an Andes Mint on steroids. The chocolate flavor quickly dissipates once the Kiss is swallowed, but the mint taste lingers and leaves a wonderful warm feeling in your mouth. This is nice!

So color me surprised! I really, really liked these! They will replace the Candy Cane Kisses for my holiday candy fix, and the minty flavor is totally spot on. I really recommend these if you’re a mint/peppermint fan.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Hershey’s Website

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