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Despite the fact that “candy season” is now over with the departure of Easter, there’s still new and yummy stuff to be found. The new Twix coconut is an excellent example. This limited edition candy is a fresh new take on a Twix bar and has that new, spring-like vibe to it. I was sent a sample from Twix for this bar, which is lucky for me since I haven’t been able to find it out and about yet.

This Twix immediately stands out from the other varieties out now, which are regular Twix and Twix Peanut Butter (no word on if Java or the very old Cookies n Cream will ever make a return). This coconut Twix has a pretty white wrapper giving it a fresh and tropical feel. The red lettering and green palms on it are a nice color balance and give it a nice splash of color.

Opening up the package, the bars smell like a normal Twix to me. The aroma of the sweet chocolate with a hint of the buttery caramel. There’s a slight hint of starch I pick up on, which must be the cookie part. 

I break off a piece and immediately the caramel is fresh and chewy. It strings away even as I pull the broken sections further apart. I bite the caramel to disconnect the pieces and was surprised to find I got the flavor of the coconut along with the caramel. It’s a taste of coconut oil, which is fresh and flavorful. Sadly, no actual flakes of coconut in here, which would have really made my day. The texture of the Twix is awesome, as your teeth sink into the fresh caramel first then hit the crunchy cookie bottom. The coconut flavor blends nicely in, but it gets a little lost for moments in the caramel and cookie, but it’s certainly the most powerful flavor in the bar and it’s the one that lingers on your palate afterward.

This Twix bar is tasty for sure, and a must for any coconut lover. I am seeing more and more coconut flavored stuff on the market these days, which I find exciting. I look forward to when they take it to the level of Almond Joy or Mounds, by adding real coconut in there. Regardless, if you’re looking for a neat twist on an original Twix I’d recommend this as it’s flavor, tasty and fun.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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Vosges Blood Orange Caramel Bar

Just when you thought all the Vosges reviews were done right? Nope! I’ve been saving the best for last. Vosges has come out with so many bars over the year it’s really hard to keep track of them. But, I am able to recognize the new kid on the block, and this is how I found the Blood Orange Caramel bar. The pretty photography and packaging design stood out to me right away, and I was immediately excited to try it.

The bar is described with having hibiscus flowers, blood orange caramel, Campari, and 70% dark chocolate. An interesting and pleasing combination of flavors. The chocolate is a nice rich brown color with a glossy sheen. It snaps easily, as the bar is pretty thin for most “filled” chocolate bars. The caramel is flowing and smooth, and not very thick.

The orange flavor is immediately preset in the caramel. It’s got wonderfully juicy fresh citrus notes that aren’t too bitter. Then the floral flavors of the hibiscus come through with a hint of butter and salt underneath, which blends in with the blood orange flavors and it makes this taste extreme exotic and luxurious. The chocolate holds it together with its subtle sweetness and intense chocolatey flavors. The 70% mixes with it perfectly as it lets the caramel carry all the bar’s sweetness.

This bar is amazing. It’s different enough with the exotic flavor of the orange and hibiscus to make it taste like something new, but it’s delivered in a format we all know and love. If you’re ok with having to pay a little extra for Vosges chocolate bars, this is a great one to try. 

Rating: Hoard



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Mars Bar (USA)

Mars is a candy bar with a very confusing history. If you want to read the full story, I recommend you check out Wikipedia’s article on the Mars bar, but for here I’ll give you are more succinct version. Mars bar was originally a UK candy bar, which is essentially their version of our Milky Way: creamy nougat with a stripe of caramel covered in chocolate. There has been countless varieties and variations over the years, so it’s a little tricky to keep track of them.

So imagine my surprise when I see this Mars bar sitting in the checkout shelf in a Wal-Mart. The package is not the traditional UK style with the black background and the bright red lettering, so I realize this must be some version for the USA. I notice almonds decorating the packaging, which is an immediate tip off that this isn’t the traditional bar. Excited to try it, I nab one off the shelf and take it home with me.

Once the bar is out of the wrapper, it looks like any traditional candy bar: rectangular with a pretty chocolate enrobing pattern on top. It smells sweet and inviting.

I take a bite.

My first impression on the bar is the fresh crunchy almonds. They’re whole too, as far as I can tell. They’re the main flavor and texture of this bar, kinda like how the peanuts are for a Snickers bar. The caramel is not there at all, I hardly notice it and it doesn’t leave a trail at all when I bite into it. The nougat is sweet and fluffy, but doesn’t add much flavor. The milk chocolate is nice and sweet, and balances out the almonds.

Overall? It didn’t wow me in any way. The nuts were the nicest part, so if you’re into nutty candy bars or an almond lover. I suggest checking it out.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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Armadillo Droppings Box

These were a fun find during a layover at the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport in Texas. My plane was slightly delayed so I had some time to walk around the terminal and peruse the different shops and foods they had to offer. The candy stores had an impressive amount of stuff, and even though there were a few things that I haven’t had before, I settled on these Texas Armadillo Droppings. Why? Well, I didn’t know when I’d be back in the area for one, and these looked like something I probably wouldn’t find again. Plus, the armadillo is so cute!

So what are armadillo droppings? Well, in candy terminology they’re really “dark pralines”.  They’re a candy made up of butter, milk, sugar and pecans. Very simple and easy to make, and very, very tasty.

The box opens to reveal a bunch of these droppings, all individually wrapped in plastic and ready to be eaten alone or shared with with friends.


Armadillo Droppings

The color of the pralines is a rich, a deep rusty caramel color. You can see the bits of pecans dotting it throughout. The aroma is mild, smells of sweet butter.

The texture is very smooth and creamy, not sticky at all! The flavor is extremely buttery and sweet, with lovely burnt sugar notes and wonderful nutty flavors from the pecans. The pecans are fresh and meaty and deliver an amazing flavor. It’s this great combo of sweet buttery and rich and meaty from the pecans. Wow, just wow. In fact, I can tell these very fresh and it’s lovely.

So if you’re ever in Texas, I’d recommend you pick up some of these Armadillo Droppings. Funny name, cute armadillo and great taste.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again


Wolfgang Chocolate Bars

These chocolate bars were a surprise gift from my boyfriend. He knows all too well my love of sweets, and presented these to me one day after work. Apparently one of his co-workers was selling them as a fundraiser, and since he knew these would be blog fodder for me, he bought me some. What a sweetheart, right?

Wolfgang is a candy company over in York, PA which, unlike many other small candy companies, have been bought out by the larger corporations. It started out as a family business and has stayed that way for almost a century now. Pretty impressive.

Well, all I can say is: on with the tasting!

Milk Chocolate Roasted Almonds: The bar is about a 1/3 inch thick, which is a good thickness in my mind. It smells very sweet, salty and nutty, almost like peanuts because of all the saltiness I detect. I can see hints of the almonds pieces in the back of the bar. The flavor is very sweet and nutty at first. The chocolate is sweet, and a little milky. The almonds deliver a wonderful fresh crunch and a great nutty flavor. It’s yummy, but after one piece I felt like that was enough, as it was very sweet.

Milk Chocolate Caramel: The caramel pieces are thinner and taller than the others. I snapped one off and I saw the caramel start to ooze out of the cavity. Try to think of it as a more watery Caramello. The caramel is extremely buttery and sweet, and combined with the milk chocolate it’s almost too much. something about it tastes metallic, and almost rummy. It’s strange.

Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter: The peanut butter tastes center stage as the flavor here, and as I take my first bite I can’t help but notice that I can hardly taste the chocolate at all. The peanut butter has a nice strong nutty flavor to it, which is balanced with a nice sweet/salty aspect to it. The texture is creamy and a little dry, but it melts beautifully on my tongue and it feels lovely. Peanut butter lovers would adore this one I think.

White Chocolate Peanut Butter: This is real white chocolate, and oddly, I can taste more of this white chocolate with the peanut butter than I could the milk chocolate. Very strange. The peanut butter here is much milder in flavor that the milk chocolate version, but it’s still the same in all other regards. The white chocolate delivers a nice creamy sweet flavors that balances out the nutty flavors and it makes for a very nice balanced taste. I really liked this one.

Dark Chocolate Peppermint: I could immediately smell the peppermint as I opened the wrapper. It’s the same shape and size as the caramel bar, yet I got no oozing when I took a piece off.  The peppermint is fresh, and intense, and the sweet dark chocolate really cuts the strength of the peppermint. It’s like an Andes mint, except bigger and in a bar form.

These were pretty tasty! Not all of them appealed to me, but I ate more of them than not. Worth a try if you find someone selling them.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

Links Wolfgang Website

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