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Sour Punch Bits: Tangerine Lemonade

I cannot see Sour Punch products and not think of one of my college roommates, who was the one who really introduced me to the Sour Punch candies. It’s amazing to me how many things, people and experiences you can associate with a certain candy. Since I really am a sucker for citrus flavors, this box of Tangerine Lemonade Sour Punch Bit really called to me. The box is a decent size, colorful and appealing. I really love the expressions of their Sour Punch characters on the front puckering up.

My readers may remember that I reviewed another Sour Punch Bits flavor last year, Strawberry Watermelon. These bits are way more colorful with their orange and yellow stripes. They are brightly colored and covered with a sour sugar. These exude a more “sour” presence than the other flavor did. They remind me of those colored erasers you see in Staples and Office Max.

The texture of these is soft but similar to plastic. The flavor is nice and way more up my alley than the Strawberry Watermelon. The tangerine flavor is spot on as it’s like orange, but way more zesty and tart. The lemonade accents it nicely with a lemon zip that keeps the flavor contrast from fading at all. This flavor has way more “punch” to me because the actual fruit flavors are zesty, so when the sour sugar wears off there is still sourness to the candy. I couldn’t help but pop one another another into my mouth to continue that sour flavor. It’s really addicting!

These are one of my favorite Sour Punch candies to date. I really like the shapes of them as opposed to the straws and belts. They’re just more pop-able and more intense since they’re individual pieces. This also makes them easy to share too, in my experience. So if you’re a fan of Sour Punch or any sour candies, I feel these are worth checking out. 

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Sour Punch Website


Mike & Ike Fruit Twists

Once in awhile you find a candy that branches outside of itself. Hershey’s Kisses is a good example, as there have been multiple types of Hershey Kisses candies besides classic Kisses. It’s a candy that evolved into something different. Another good example is Lifesavers, which was originally hard candies then branched into gummis. That is what today’s review is about. I found these Mike & Ike Fruit Twists and saw that this brand too was trying to transform into something else. This time, it’s from jelly beans to licorice twists.

I found two different flavors, the green package is Blue Raspberry with Strawberry Fruit Flavored Twist”. The orange package is “Green Apple with Watermelon Fruit Flavored Filled Twist”. The packages are long and thin, like the ones you see for NERDS Ropes. I am really curious as to what these look like.

Opening the Green Apple package first, they really do look like a jumbo licorice twist with a colorful filling. The Green Apple is a apple green color (fancy that) and the filling is a peach color. It smells sweet with no real indication of what the flavor might be like. The Blue Raspberry is a deep cerulean blue color wit a bright color pink filling. This one does have an aroma and it smells like sweet berries with a hint of sour.

Green Apple/Watermelon: The flavor starts off sweet and perfumy and delightfully of melon. Seems like the flavor of the filling comes through first! The watermelon flavor is really nice. It’s sweet and really does have authentic hints of watermelon and honeydew. The green apple chew exterior is very chewy, much like a licorice twist would. The flavor is indeed sour apple with notes of peach, pear and pineapple. You do get a little taste of sour in there, but overall the flavor is very muted compared to the cream filling.

Blue Raspberry/Strawberry: Unlike the other flavor, this one you really taste the Blue Raspberry twist and the filling right away. The strawberry filling is sweet and has good notes of berries and jam. I taste a sourness in the middle of strawberry flavor, which I always find odd since strawberries aren’t supposed to be sour. The blue raspberry has very nice juicy flavors of berries, but oddly isn’t sour at all. Together the two flavors work well and makes for a flavorful and interesting chew.

These twists were certainly interesting, but they’re really not my thing. I enjoyed the novelty of having the flavors of one candy in the form of another, but for me the appreciation doesn’t go beyond that. In the future when I want Mike & Ike flavor,s I’ll go for the original candy and not the twists. However, if you’re a big fan of licorice twists, I recommend you give these a try. They might not excite me much, but I did find them more flavorful than say, Twizzlers. That alone earns them some merit in my book.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

Links Mike and Ike Webpage



Air Heads Xtremes Watermelon

I can’t remember what enticed me to buy this package of Airhead Xtremes Sweetly Sour Watermelon belts. It could have been the “Xtreme” on the front, as it made my brain go “Huh, that one one candy I could say it starts with the letter X”. Yes I think things like that. Or it could have been the colors and the watermelon flavors, as watermelon is one of my favorite “sour” flavors. Which confuses me, even though watermelons aren’t sour at all. Still, this package was bought and found it’s way into my home. I admit it did stay awhile in my candy stash before I got to reviewing it. I am so happy I did though!

First a few notes on the packaging. I really love how they kept to the pink/red and green of watermelons. It makes the whole candy seem very cohesive. The plastic tray does a great job of keeping the belts laying flat and nicely stacked. I was actually surprised how many there were in here. I wish I had counted them all now, but I just recall tasting them over a period of a week and being surprised that I hadn’t finished them off sooner.

The belts are pretty! The’re striped red and green with a heavy sanding of granulated sugar on them. They’re soft and pliable and easy to bite.

The flavor does start out sweet! This is a nice change of pace as usually sour comes first. The granulated sugar “sweet” coating is, well, sweet. It doesn’t taste of watermelon. Once that melts away, then you get to the “sour” watermelon part. The flavor is indeed sour, but not overly so,  and has that fun, but artificial flavoring of watermelon. Its not like a Jolly Rancher, it’s much nicer. It’s juicy and has nice fruity and floral flavors that read as “watermelon”. Super yummy!

I enjoyed these way more than I thought I would.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Airhead’s Website



Zerosh Pink Grapefruit

These package of ZeroSH gummies that I found in Mitsuwa Market interested me in many ways. First was the name, because when I see “Zero” on things it makes me think of diet food. “Zero calories” and “Zero carbs” and the like comes to mind. Which, I realize sounds strange coming from someone whose favorite candy bar is the Zero bar. Second, was the very intense bright pink images on the package. It screamed pink grapefruit to me all the way down the aisle. These things together made me wonder things like “Are these zero calorie gummies?” and “Are these gummies made with artificial sweeteners?”. The only way to answer these questions, besides becoming fluent in Japanese, is to taste them.

The package makes them look similar to the Haribo gummi rings. Instead the shape is much different, more like a hollowed out oval. They have a dense coating of granular sanding sugar on the outside and they’re a nice shade of pink.

The flavor is very nice. It’s very authentic to pink grapefruit; bright, zesty and sweet. The granulated sugar coating gives it an extyra tartness which enchaes the flavor of the grapefruit. The coating also gives it a nice crunch and the gummi texture is on the tougher, chewier side. Overall I really liked it. Dense, chewy and authentically flavorful.

So as far as the “Zero” goes I really am no further along in figuring out. The candy didn’t taste like it was zero calorie or if it was made with artificial sugars. I guess the best way to conclude it is English words are cool to use, whether or not the meaning has any connection to the item it is selling.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again



Box of Boogers Box

I admit that one of the many marketing ploys that are used to sell some candies is the “gross” factor. This is why I’ve seen Flix’ Box of Boogers around for a bit now and I’ve never bought them before now. The tagline on the box that reads “Tangy Gummy Boogies that look & feel real!” doesn’t really make me want to buy, much less eat it. But, in the spirit of Halloween, I felt I owed it to my readers to at leave give these a go.

I feel that this is a very unique Halloween candy, since it plays on the “trick” part of “trick or treat”. You start with the idea of eating boogers, which children often do, and volia, a Halloween candy with a “gross” factor. The packaging is very catchy, with an ooze green and purple color scheme. Combined with a grotesque character of “chef Ghoulicious” and images of the candy. It’s enticing in the “I want this cause it will gross Mom out” sort of way.

The candies do indeed look like boogers. And what I mean by that is they’re lumpy and green. Granted I haven’t seen boogers like this in some time. People with snot this green should really see a doctor in regard to an infection of some sort. I’m sure that’s a bonus for those who would enjoy this candy. It certainly adds to the gross out factor. The back of the box describes the flavors, which I am grateful for, since I haven’t eaten boogers myself since I was 4 years old or so, and I’ve quite forgotten their “flavor”.

To start the texture of these gummis are very chewy. They’re much more dense that I was expecting. They’re somewhere in between Gummi Bears and Starburst.


Box of Boogers

Snottermelon: This flavor starts off sweet and floral, and the flavor grows the longer you chew. It’s not terribly tart, but more flavorful and accurate than the watermelon flavor you find in jolly ranchers. I admit I liked it.

Sour Green Boogy: I admit, I tried this boogie and it tasted just like the Snottermelon, except the flavor was more intense. Sweetness mixed with a floral taste with a hint of artificial flavor. Regardless, it still tasted good. Now I am confused, since I’ve eaten many green boogers out of this bag, and neither of them really git this flavor title. So strange.

Lemon Loogy: This one was immediately tart and flavorful. It reminds me of a lemon drop or one of those lemon lollipops you get in banks. It has a nice lemon flavor with a hint of bitterness. Tasty and surprising.

I was surprised by these, as I really kinda liked them. Especially the lemon ones. I shared them around the office with my co-workers, as the question of “Hey want to have some of my Boogers?” never gets old. The brave few who tried them liked them as well. So, count this point toward to “you never know until you try it” theory. Pretty tasty and pretty good for Halloween!

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Flix Candy Website

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