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Gimballs Sour Bunnies

In the the colorful Easter candy smorgasbord that I found in Wal-Mart where I bought the Gimbals jelly beans I reviewed earlier, I came across these beauties. There were a package in each color group, and I spent a good 15 minutes examining all the different flavors. The green package help sour apple and pear; the pink strawberry, cherry and watermelon; blue was blueberry and blue raspberry; orange was orange, tangerine and peach…I don’t remember exactly. Looking back on this I should have written them down.

As you can see, I chose the yellow bag with Lemon Meringue, and Pineapple and Buttered Popcorn flavors. It was the first two flavors that sold me on this assortment.

The bag smelled wonderfully fragrant of fresh lemons when I opened it. So appealing. I liked the originality of these sours. The shapes is so cute with the bunnies hunched over on all fours. The form is nice with bright colors and a nice coating of granulated sugar. Despite the fact there’s three flavors, I had a hard time telling them apart. One is much lighter in color and more opaque, and the rest all look the same. So I picked up a bunny to taste and let the flavor surprise me.


Gimballs Sour Bunnies

The texture is very thick and chewy. It’s a little hard to eat since it sticks to your teeth right away. It takes a bit of chewing and or sucking to get the candy to finally dissolve, so it’s very satisfying.

Pineapple: Wonderfully juicy and zesty and authentically pineapple. I get the sweet, fruity tropical flavors along with the zest of the pine. I felt like I was drinking the syrup out of a canned pineapples. the sourness is a perfect balance that is loyal to the real thing. So good.

Lemon Lime: Very tart and zesty, with the sweetness of lemon and that very bitter bite of lime. Authentic and wonderfully flavorful. The sourness does a good job of staying around for a majority of the candy’s lifespan in the mouth, only towards the end does pure sweetness show through.

Lemon Meringue: this is the whitish opaque one I discovered by process of elimination. It’s very much all lemon, with no bitterness to it at all, just fresh, sweet, zesty and very juicy. Lovely.

I really enjoyed these. My only beef with them is that the flavors assortments aren’t completely to my liking. There’s at least 1/3 of the package that I’m not interested in eating. That being said, if they were all magically sold together in one big mix, I’d be all over it.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links  Gimbals Website


Coconut Long Boys

I love retro and classic candy. I was a really big history nerd back in High School, so of course any sort of candy that has a long standing tradition or story behind it would make my little heart go pitter-patter. Sadly, most of these types of candies are very hard to find. Some are only carried by the most out of the way stores, while others can only be found in certain regions of the country. Still, that doesn’t keep me from scheming of hunting them all down and trying them.

Atkinson’s Coconut Long Boys are one of those classic candies I’ve always heard about but never actually saw for sale. It was only when I was in downtown Burbank did I finally locate them. It was a well stocked candy shop where they had these tucked into a bulk bin. Trying to hide my extreme delight from the cashier, I didn’t want to scare her, I bought a handful to try once I got home.

So what is a Coconut Long Boy? Well, they’re caramels that are shaped into long cylinders. They come wrapped in brightly colored wax paper that reminds me of ketchup and mustard. These Coconut Long Boys have family too, as there’s chocolate and junior varieties available too. I sadly didn’t find these at said store, they must have been separated at birth.

The Long Boys look like any typical light colored caramel. The texture is pleasant: thankfully they’re not sticky in the mouth, even thought it did stick to the wrapper a little. They’re chewy similar to Sugar Babies where chew is long, firm and grainy. You can taste and feel the flakes of the coconut too, which is a nice touch. It’s a nice sweet coconut flavor, not artificial at all and it’s not overly sweet. As for the caramel flavor, it’s certainly creamy but it doesn’t have the burnt sugar or cream notes I’m used to. It’s all overshadowed by the coconut.

That being said, they’re really tasty. I enjoyed them a lot and I understand much better why these have stayed on the candy scene for so long.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

Links Atkinson’s Long Boys Webpage


Fruitella Package

I was so excited that I was given these as one of my UK candy finds. With my love for the US’s Starburst and Japan’s HiChew, I can safely assume that the UK equivalent would be something right up my alley. Fruitella seem to be a bit of a classic UK candy, found in most stores and even sold individually in bulk bins. I know that, unlike Starburst and HiChew, they use all natural ingredients and flavors, which I find attractive in a candy.

The pieces are a little smaller and a little thicker than a Starburst chew, yet they approximately the same: square in shape, wrapped in colorful wax paper and come in a long roll.

First, I have to report that I only tasted a few of the flavors because in this pack of four big rolls I assumed that all were the same assorted mix of every flavor. I was mistaken. I only realized this after it was too late to get the ones I shared with my boyfriend. He did say they were very tasty though.

But out of the flavors I did try, I did enjoy very much.

Strawberry: The color is a light pastel pink, since it’s all natural. Te flavor is very milky, creamy, and berry-like. It’s odd because I also taste notes of banana and medicine in there too. It’s an odd, starchy sweetness followed by a bitterness that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. It was good, but strange.

Orange: Nowhere near as intense as the Starburst orange flavor. The taste is mild with an authentic juiciness and nice zest to it.  It still gets my saliva going, which I love.

Lemon: The color is a light, pastel yellow. The flavor is extremely authentic of fresh lemons: zesty, tart, bright and citrusy. It left an awesome fresh flavor in my mouth and I couldn’t get enough of these.

Black currant: A favorite flavor over in the UK that I wish we’d see more of in the States. It’s very accurate with the flavor as it immediately reads as “currant”. It starts out tasting like grape, then turns more berry with a zesty, pine-like flavors as you begin to chew. It’s extremely juicy, getting my mouth worked up more than the orange flavor. It’s really nice as the flavor is mild, yet delivers the great sweet and fruity flavors of the currants. Yum.

I hope to get my hands on more so I can try the peach, raspberry and pear flavors I missed. Next time!

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again



Red & Blacks Gummis

These Red & Blacks were a complete surprise as I’d never seen nor heard of these before. From what I understand, Marks and Spencer is a big grocery store in the UK, and the highest quality grocer, and they make their own line of products. So they have lots of candy offerings, and this is a bag of fruit candy that I hear is quite popular. I’m tickled to know that I was clueless to them before, as I love finding new things. Especially tasty ones.

One thing to mention is that these have no artificial flavorings and colorings.

The candy itself is very fragrant and smells very fruity of black currants, raspberries, blackberries and grapes. They have gelatin in the them according to the ingredients list, so they’re technically gummis. The Red & Blacks come in two colors: a dark purple and a nice raspberry red. The shapes are of raspberries that are oval with many organized raised bumps and a black currant which is round, thick and a small hatch marks to indicate the top of the berry.

The texture is awesome as it’s thick and almost more like a fruit snack fruit chew than it is a gummi. They’re much thicker, starchier and firmer. It still carries a good chew and doesn’t dissolve very quickly in the mouth. The flavor is very fruity with a light perfumed hit. The raspberry flavor is strongly fresh and juicy and it does taste mainly of raspberries with a strong sweetness and a touch of floral flavor. It’s very juicy, intense and realistic.

The black currant has a thicker texture, the chew is denser and much firmer. The flavor is incredible! It’s immediately juicy and fruity with strong grape and blackberry flavors supplement with that light hit of rose. It has a subtle twang of pine that real black currants have and the overall effect is very woodsy.

The Red & Blacks are so fun to eat and the flavor is so tempting that you want to suck on these, but you are just compelled to chew them. A hit in my book.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again


Skittles Chocolate Mix Package

I can’t help but feel I’m beating a dead horse with this review. I did a taste test for them a bit ago during my time at and it wasn’t favorable. Granted, Skittles are not a go-to candy of mine at all, but this still didn’t prepare me for the nastiness that is contained in the chocolate mix.

Where do I begin with these? I will do my best not to rant, but I feel like I have to stress a few things about these. Firstly, why would such a successful fruity candy like Skittles try and make something chocolatey? And it’s not even real chocolate, it’s a removed, fake chocolate one. That doesn’t even sound appealing to me. Secondly, they’re not pretty to look at. Where’s the rainbow we all love to taste? Candy should do it’s best to be attractive if it can be helped, and these sadly don’t cut it. I could go on, but I won’t.

So these are neither tasty nor appealing to the eyes. But considering my last taste of these was months ago, have my taste buds changed? Only one way to find out.


Skittles Chocolate Mix

Vanilla: This has a buttery bourbon vanilla taste. My thoughts turn to yellow cake mix.

Chocolate Pudding: Immediately very sweet and empty tasting, like bad cocoa. It’s bland, nasty and artificial. Not even remotely chocolatey.

Chocolate Caramel: This one tastes flat and very chemically. This doesn’t even get to the level of a tootsie roll it’s so fake and removed.

S’mores: Has more of a sweet graham marshmallow vanilla flavor

Brownie Batter: Something about this does read as brownie. It’s starchy and reminds me of the powder in a boxed mix. Fake, fake, fake.

So, the best flavor in this chocolate mix is the vanilla. That makes sense right? I can’t stress enough how much these are to be avoided.

Oh, and I don’t even like that Pinata Man in the commercials. He’s creepy.

Rating: Inedible



Skittles Webpage

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