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Might Eat Again

If I was desperate.


VanSlooten Sun & Fun Fruitgums Can

Everyone has their preferences with candy, and that’s the beauty of it all. I have preferences just like everyone else, but I also enjoy trying everything because I’m a big foodie like that. One candy that’s always in my stash are gummis. Both my boyfriend and I are big fans of gummi candies, so we’re always looking for new kinds and well as keeping the classic favorites around. When I saw these VanSlooten Sun & Fun gummis, I was interested since I’ve never seen anything like these before.

The come in a convenient tube with a removable top. The package design is simple, yet eye-catching. The photos of the gummis are pretty spot on in representing the candies on the inside, so it’s not a sad surprise when you do go about opening the package. The top was a little hard to remove at first, but once I practiced it a few times I had it down. The package smells fruity and sweet, but not of any particular fruit.


VanSlooten Sun & Fun Fruitgums

Green: Hard to lay my finger on this place. It isn’t lime or watermelon, but it has juicy fruity notes and a pleasant flavor. My best guess is it’s apple.

Beige/Brown (Cola): Sweet with spicy notes to it, like a good cola should. It reminds me more of Pepsi than Coke, as the spice flavor is more predominant.

Red: Sweet and floral, and surprisingly mild. Not really sure what this one is supposed to be. I get soapy notes every so often. Whatever it is I’m not quite sold on it.

Orange: Orange, but more like an orange cola flavor. It has some strange spicy/bitter notes to it that remind me of some orange candies I taste around Halloween.

Green/Maroon: This one is sweet and tasty. Has notes of “red” and berries. I think it’s trying to be strawberry or cherry, but the taste is so nondescript that I cannot place my finger on it.

These proved to be interesting all right. The flavors seemed kinda benign and muddled, but that didn’t stop me from eating them after the tasting. I shared them with my friends, like I do all my candies, and they liked these too. One especially with smitten with their dense, chewy texture. When I really sit down and think about it, I finally touched on what these remind me of: wine gums. Regardless, if you’re a gummi fan, these are a fun variety to try!

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again



Sour Punch Bits Strawberry Watermelon Box

I’ve heard about these Sour Punch Bits, a new type of sour candy that’s a spinoff of Sour Punch Straws. I found a box of them in a candy store called Rocket Fizz in old town Pasadena. Unlike Sour Punch Straws that come in a clear cellophane package, these new Bits come in a movie theater sized box. I’m not the biggest fan of Sour Punch Straws, but seeing these new variety I couldn’t help but want to give them a shot. 

The box these Bits come in is very attractive. The box’s design isn’t too busy, it has a bright yellow background with their signature logo and Punch faces puckering. It also has colorful illustrations of strawberries and watermelon on it, so it’s vibrant and delicious looking.

Opening the box, you find a small plastic bag that takes up about half of the box inside. It’s tightly sealed and keeps the candies fresh and safe. Opening the package, I get a whiff of the candies: they smell like cardboard. Ooooh yeah.


Sour Punch Bits Strawberry Watermelon

The candies are thick little tubes, striped with color and sanded with sour sugar. They clump easily and feel slightly squishy to the touch.

The flavor is tart and fruity, but I wouldn’t call them sour. The sour sugar coating has a sour edge to it, and you really don’t taste it until the end of the candy’s flavor. Speaking of the candies flavor, it’s very…plastic, more so than the original Sour Punch straws. It starts out sweet, then the berry flavor kicks it. It’s…also just sweet. The watermelon shows up giving it a lighter fake “watermelon” taste we know so well. The flavor ends with “red” flavor akin to Twizzlers, then dissipates.

I would eat the normal Sour Punch Straws over these any day. I shared the rest of my package with friends, and they all really liked them, so what do I know. Since buying these I also seen a lemon and tangerine flavor, which, I am interested in trying despite not liking this flavor. It just goes to show that certain candies will speak to some and not others.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

Links Sour Punch Website


Mott's Fruit Snacks

The last variety of fruit snacks I have to review are from Mott’s. The first thing that come to mind when I think of Mott’s is their apple juice and sauces. So it’s interesting that they’re like Hawaiian Punch in the sense they’re trying to expand their product base with fruit snacks.

Right away the Mott’s fruit snacks come across as “healthier” and more “wholesome” than the Hawaiian Punch variety. It probably has something to do with their base drink product being fire engine red in color. Still it means I’m also going to expect more realistic flavors from them.

Banana Strawberry: Light yellow in color, the flavor is mild and somewhat starchy, which I feel it supposed to be the banana. I do taste some light strawberry notes, but they’re an afterthought I think in order to get some banana flavors in there.

Grape: Surprisingly hard to tell apart from the mixed berry flavor. This one also tastes just sweet a first, then you get some light concord grape flavors.

Apple: The taste is very mild. It almost just taste lightly sweet. I suppose there’s some light apple juice notes here, but it’s so hard to say.

Strawberry: Ah, this one actually has something to it! This has a nice sweet, jammy strawberry flavor which is pretty good.

Mixed Berry: This one also has some nice distinct flavors. You get some sweetness, followed by some light flowery flavors which reminds me of blueberries.

Pineapple: I was excited about this one since I love pineapple. Alas, it’s similar to the others: mildly sweet with no real specific flavor to it.

I was kinda disappointed with these. They really didn’t have much flavor to deliver, and isn’t that the whole point of a fruit snack? To taste yummy and fruity? If you like your sweets milder than most these are for you, but personally I like something more intense. 

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

Links Mott’s Fruit Snacks Webpage



Hershey's Drops Milk Chocolate

I had heard about these new “Drops” that Hershey’s was coming out with. Hershey’s seems to really like experimenting with methods on how to make their chocolate more accessible. From their line of minis, to the little bags of Kisses I saw in the checkout line in the grocery store. The front of this package reads: “No candy shell - No mess” which makes me suspect they’re trying to compete with M&Ms. What happened to the whole “melts in your mouth, not in your hands”? Maybe they abandoned that marketing tagline a long time ago and expect no one to remember it.

As with most Hershey products, first thing I do it look at the ingredient list on the back. Hershey’s has been cutting a lot of corners recently with their chocolate products, so I wanted to know what I was getting into. The ingredients are almost wholesome, to my surprise. No tropical oils are to be seen, which are the wost offender. Thankfully there’s coco butter listed but so is “PGPR” , so really it’s a step ahead of mockolate. It does use confectioner’s glaze instead of a shell, so vegans beware.

The drops are wide and flat-ish, like a button or a bean. They’re in between the size of a nickel and a quarter in diameter. They are shiny and have the word “Hershey’s” printed on the top. So overall, they’re very pretty to look at. Not quite as colorful and fun as M&Ms, but way more appealing that trying to eat Kisses or the baking morsels.

The flavor is exactly of Hershey’s chocolate. Starts of very sweet, with a creamy texture to it. With the sweetness there’s chocolatey notes to it which are very mild. There’s really no milk flavor here, just sweetness. There’s also that classic throat burn when you swallow.

These were a nice step in a new direction for Hershey’s, but it’s not exciting enough for me to keep buying them. As a candy taster my preferences in chocolate have gotten more sophisticated so I don’t find myself craving Hershey’s often. Also, the bag these come in make it hard to eat a little at a time, since you want to keep working at it. Portion control Sera, portion control.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

Links Hershey’s Drops Webpage



KitKat Cheese

The last of my recent Kit Kat finds is this Parmesan Cheese Kit Kat. Yeah, you heard me, Parmesan cheese. Why they decided this was a flavor to incorporate into a Kit Kat, I’m not sure. But, it’s new, it’s interesting, and it’s unique. So of course I’m going to try it. Otherwise my taste buds are going to forever regret not ever giving it a shot, no matter how bad it potentially may be.

These, unlike the other Kit Kats, came is a box with individual Kit Kat “fingers’ as opposed to the big “grab bag” the other were. They each come individually wrapped and have a pretty orange and yellow color scheme on the little wrappers. I get the feeling even the makers of this flavor realize it’s more unique, and packaged it to reflect that. Are they suggesting you’d only want to each one finger of these as opposed to the normal two? I think I am thinking too hard about this…

The naked Kit Kat is pristine white in color. It smells exactly like Parmesan cheese actually. It’s cheesy, tart and slightly odious with a sharp note to it. I was surprised by this, cause I was secretly hoping that this would be more like cheesecake. I guess I am mistaken.

The flavor is sweet and first. It’s creamy with a hint of coconut. The the flavor grows and you get those sharp cheesy notes that say “Parmesan cheese” to me. Think of it as Parmesan mixed with Ricotta cheese; creamy and cheesy. You just have to add the sugar in to complete the flavor. I take a few more bites and the flavor kinda grows on me, once you know what to expect. The tart/sweet works surprisingly well and makes for a very tasty Kit Kat.

Sometimes strange can also be tasty. This is a good example of such. If you’re a fan of Parmesan cheese, this is worth a try. It’s a fun curiosity to indulge in.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

Links Japanese Kit Kat Website


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