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Albanese 12 Flavor Gummi Bears III

Hello, I’m Sera. Welcome to my candy blog.

In case you haven’t guessed, I’m head-over-heels in love with confectionaries. It all started with my unusually large sweet-tooth, paired with an adventurous palate, and a need to document it all.

If you ever have any suggestions, ideas (or both!) I’m always open to them. You can reach me at: sera (at)

NOTE: Please, please, please do not take any of the photos on this site. I spent a lot of time and energy taking the photos myself and I wish for them to remain original to the blog. Thank you.

My goal as The Candy Enthusiast is to try everything once so you don’t have to. I think that’s pretty sweet, don’t you?


Happy Birthday!

The Candy Enthusiast is 4 years old today! I can’t believe it, my how time flies!


Happy Fourth of July 2011 everyone! Here’s some candy “red, white and blue”!

Mike and Ike REDS


Switzers Chewy Cherry Twists


Tubi Tire Tread Red


Hershey's Kisses: Vanilla Yogurt I


Hershey's Kisses Lemon White Chocolate I


M&Ms Premiums: Chocolate Almond


Good Night I


Coconut Kisses II



GooGoo Clusters

I decided this morsel of candy news was more sweet than a picture today. The GooGoo Cluster, the famed first combination candy bar in the US, is going through a re-formulation and update. You can read the full article here! It’s interesting to me how a “classic” candy like this is getting an update. Many people seek it out for the nostalgia factor, which I think some fear will disappear with the changes. Other classic candies, like Snickers, has gone through changes over the year is still a beloved favorite. I am familiar with the “old” formula (which is pictured above) and I hope to find some of these new GooGoo clusters and give them a try.


Mast Brothers Chocolate Bars

I wanted to share this really cool article from that shows how the Mast Brothers, a pair of chocolatiers in Brooklyn, NY make their chocolate. So why not head on over and check out this video. It’s a fun watch!

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