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Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles Wrapper Roll

Fruit Pate of all kinds have been a confectionery that have been around for hundreds of years. Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles are no exception, as they’ve been around since 1881. They’re Rowntree’s oldest and best selling product, which also like the Fruitella, contains no artificial flavors or colors. I’ve been asked several times if I’ve had these before, and once my boyfriend heard me say that I haven’t, he made sure to being me back some from his trip. Sure enough, I was presented with them upon his return.

I had them in a roll form, so I unwrapped the label and foil package to see these beautiful little fruity gems roll out. The pastilles are small rounded discs covered in granular sugar, and they’re lovely to look at. Too excited to wait any longer and dwell on their beauty, I pooped one in my mouth. The chew on these is so nice: firm like gum, but after chewing a little bit is beings to dissolve into a grainy gumminess in the mouth. Extremely satisfying.


Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles

Yellow (lemon): Light, tart flavor of lemons. It’s punchy, slightly artificial, and there’s a strange bitterness in there. As if I was easting the rind along with the fruit’s pulp. Some of the pieces were sweeter than the others.

Green (lime): Very bright and citrusy, with the bathroom cleaner like taste. I also found it sweeter and juicier than most lime flavored candies I’ve had.

Orange (orange): Mild with a light sweetness and even lighter flavor. My thoughts turn to the taste of orange flower oil. It was barely noticeable, but it did have an authentic orange essence to it with a light zest.

Purple (black currant): On man, this one is good! Very juicy to start with a good sweetness. The flavor wasn’t terribly strong, but it did give nice woodsy notes, hints of berries, and a touch of wine. I wish I had gotten more than one of these in my roll.

Red (strawberry): Immediately flavorful with a floral, jammy taste. It has a nice sweetness and strong strawberry taste. It reads as a “wild” strawberry flavor to me, as it’s unlike any other strawberry candy I’ve had. It’s very “red”.

I really enjoyed these and am happy to have had the opportunity to try them. They’re a great, more inexpensive substitute for more gourmet fruit pate candies. I’d be buying them regularly if they were easier to find. *sigh*

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Rowntree Website



Jelly Belly Coldstone Creamery Mix Package

Jelly Belly has been trying to push the envelope with flavors and products it seems in the past few years. Back when I was at the All Candy Expo in 2007 they unveiled their BeanBoozled beans: essentially a Russian roulette with good and gross flavors. This year they announced a line of flavors inspired by Cold Stone Creamery’s ice cream. I’m not quite sure on the connection between the two, especially since I’ve never been to Cold Stone Creamery (silly lactose intolerance). I am certainly intrigued by the idea of ice cream and jelly beans.


Jelly Belly Coldstone Creamery Mix

Chocolate Devotion: (Chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips, brownie and fudge): So bland. It has a faint cocoa flavor, yet lacks that “chocolatey” punch you hope for and expect. It doesn’t taste artificial, just weak.

Our Strawberry Blonde: (strawberry ice cream, graham cracker pie crust, strawberries, caramel, whipped topping): This one is odd. It’s strawberry, but also has strong flavors of banana too. It’s sweet, tart and very concentrated in terms of flavor. My favorite of the bunch.

Apple Pie A La Cold Stone: (french vanilla ice cream, cinnamon, graham cracker pie crust, apple pie filling and caramel): Immediately you taste the cinnamon and apples. There’s a note of the caramel there too, but it’s faint. It reminds me of store-bought apple strudel muffins. Or cinnamon coffee cake.

Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip: (mint ice cream, choc chips brownie and fudge): This has a nice medium mint flavor, but the chocolate part tastes awful and ruins the whole Jelly Bean. It’s horribly fake tasting, like Tootsie roll’s bad, ugly cousin. It also leaves an odd aftertaste in the mouth afterward.

Birthday Cake Remix: (cake batter™ ice cream, rainbow sprinkles, brownie and fudge): Very artificial vanilla flavor, right at the start. It’s overpowering and it burns my throat.

One thing does confuses me about these beans is their “mixability”. Most of all the other flavors in the Jelly Belly brand are meat to be eaten together in certain recipe combinations to make new flavors. I don’t see that happening with these. This isn’t a problem for me, as I like to eat my Jelly Beans one by one. I can’t help but wonder though…

Even eating these flavors solo, they aren’t enticing enough for me to recommend them.

Rating: Not Worth It


Not Worth It

Jelly Belly Website


Chuckles Jelly Rings Package

I love Chuckles! Not only is the name so lighthearted and cute, but they’re awfully tasty. I first had them a few years ago when I stumbled across one of the single serve packets. What drew me to them immediately was the promise of the licorice jelly. One bite and I was sold. A new Chuckles lover was born!

So imagine my surprise when I saw this bag of Chuckle’s jelly rings. I’ve never seen them packaged like this before, much less in a different shape. My curiosity was immediately piqued. As was my craving for ample licorice rings. I eagerly brought them home with me.

Opening the bag, I was surprised. Firstly, I didn’t get any orange rings and only one licorice one. Oh, sadness! And goodness, these things are big! A good inch across at least and 1/3 inch tall. The colors are intense and feel heavy in my palm. Taking my first bite, the texture is extremely thick and chewy for a jelly. It’s really satisfying.


Chuckles Jelly Rings

Green: Lime; with a flavor that walks a fine line between fresh, zesty, and floor cleaner.

Yellow: Lemon; bright, fresh and zesty with a nice sweet edge. Very nice.

Red: Cherry; with overpowering floral notes to it, it tastes more flowery than fruity. Somewhat medicinal.

Purple/black: Licorice; oh yum! Has a great deep licorice flavor with a great sweetness.

If I want Chuckles jellies again, I’ll go for the single serve package. It’s the same flavors, easier to find and I know how many licorice pieces I’ll be getting.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again



Ghost Dots Box

A ghost candy? Seriously, what could be spookier? The idea of little glowing Dots with ghostie faces was just too much to ignore. I swooped up a (giant) bag in Target and eagerly lugged it home.

I should have kept them sealed in their boxes. Opening them up was a huge disappointment.

The Dots are faceless and a seriously lacking in the glowing department. I was also a bit nervous because they smelled strange. This odd, somewhat plastic-y fruity aroma. I decided to let the flavors “shine” for me (haha, get it?) but instead I just got the normal Dots flavors. I guess they think this is new and novel because they all look the same. Which flavor will this ghost be? Ooooo, it’s a mystery! After figuring out what was going on, I didn’t feel any need to finish them.

Although, before I totally gave up on these. I wanted to give them one more chance:


Ghost Dots

They needed faces, so I took a sharpie marker to them. That made up for the disappointment….a little.

These are good to hand out for Halloween if you don’t mid your front lawn getting decorated toilet paper later in the evening.

Rating: Not Worth It


Not Worth It

Dots Webpage


Joyva's Jell Ring

“Chocolate Covered”, “The Original” chirps the words on the package. How can anyone challenge, much less say no, to that? I’m inexperienced to the whole jelly ring candy world, and these are no exception. I’d always see these, or variations on them, with the other Jewish and Kosher Parve candy and sort of feel intimidated for reasons I can’t explain. Curiosity finally got to me and decided it was time to give them a try.

The ingredients list is promising. These rings are using real chocolate, so that’s a plus. There’s also agar-agar as well as raspberry flavoring listed, so at least now I know what to expect when I taste these. The package contains three rings all about the size of an Oreo cookie. They do smell chocolatey, but there’s also a very strange artificial raspberry scent to them too. The tops are lightly rippled from the enrobing and are very cute to look at.

First bite was nice except for the flavor. Kinda gross. Lets start with the texture then, shall we? Well, the jelly is firm but not chewy. The chocolate clings to it well as I didn’t get any flaking. The chew has a little give to it but it’s otherwise soft and quite pleasant. Ok, now for the bad part. The flavor is overwhelming of the gross, perfumey, fake raspberry flavor. Only in the aftertaste does it become the slightest bit authentic. I’m sad to say I hardly taste the chocolate.

It’s an “ew ew ew ew *swallow* oh, that wasn’t so bad…” sort of eating experience until your brain remembers the bad part and you’re left feeling disgusted. I didn’t finish the other two rings. Haha.

Rating: Inedible



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