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Divine Coffee Milk Chocolate

I am going to start this review by saying that I am already a big fan of Divine Chocolate. Since I am buying candy so often for the blog, I don’t get to buy it and enjoy it as often as I’d like since I am busy trying new things. I was in my local Whole Foods the other day and I saw this new Coffee Milk Chocolate bar that just yelled at me from the shelf. I knew I had to try it for the blog. I was especially excited about this bar, much like the Strawberry White Chocolate bar that Divine also makes, since coffee and chocolate is such a natural pair. I’m really surprised that I don’t see it around more often.

The wrapper is really pretty. The background of a rich brown adorned with designs of black on gold decorate the front and edges. “Divine” is written in embossed curly gold letters across the front with the tagline of “Heavenly Chocolate with a Heart”. The “Fair Trade Certified” logo is proudly displayed on the upper left. What’s not to love?

The chocolate has a beautiful medium brown color and a subtle sheen. It smells rich and creamy with an intense coffee scent. You can tell that this flavor will be powerful. I also get some notes of cream in there as well, which makes me look even more toward my first bite. The chocolate is section off nicely into squares that are four across and six deep. It makes for a perfect sized piece of chocolate in my humble opinion. Each comes in about about 1/2 inch long, 1/3 wide and 1/4 deep. I break of fa piece to find that this also has a really nice, clean snap to it. I haven’t tasted this chocolate yet and I’m already in love!

I take my first bite and I’m in heaven. Why? I feel no coffee grounds mixed in here. Some coffee chocolates I’ve had decided that adding coffee grinds to the chocolate was the “best” way to add some flavor. Flavor, perhaps, but having a sandy-textured chocolate as as result it hardly worth it. The flavor is immediately smooth and you get notes of cream, caramel and chocolate. The chocolate flavor escalates as the coffee flavor also starts to show up. The two blend together, neither one overtaking the other, but working together to give the most intense and flavorful mocha combination I’ve ever tasted. It’s so heavenly and delicious. The texture is also silky smooth and thick on our tongue so it feels incredible luxurious.

All I can say is, I love this chocolate. It’s really amazing. It has great texture, it has amazing flavor and it’s fair trade certified. If you’re a coffee chocolate lover, you must try this chocolate bar.

Rating: Hoard




Links Divine Chocolate Website


Pocky Winter Coffee

I was pleasantly surprised when I found this box of Winter Coffee Pocky during my last rip to Little Tokyo. The “winter” varieties of Pocky are my favorites, with the extra layering of chocolate and the dusting of cocoa powder on top. For the past few years Pocky has been releasing just a normal, everyday chocolate flavor during the winter. It is awesome, let me tell you. So I was quite surprised when I saw that this past winter they decided to change things up a bit and come out wit ha new flavor: Winter Coffee.

The package has less of a “wintry” feel to it than the other Winter Pocky, which used cool blue tones and white on the package. This one is green, a nice forest green. Perhaps they are trying to evoke the jungle where the coffee beans come from.

Opening the packet I get a rich aroma that I can only say is the wonderful mix of chocolate and coffee. I taste my first Pocky stuck, and immediately I get the slight bitter cocoa powder dusting. The the rich chocolate comes forward, sweet and rich, but full of wonderful earthy coffee notes. The biscuit serves as a palette cleanser, not really carrying a flavor of it’s own, but allows the chocolate to shine and to provide a nice crunch. All I can say is, this is beyond delicious and terribly addicting. 

Both my fiance and I really loved this Pocky. It’s so familiar, yet just that hint of a different makes it even yummier. I found I really craved this Pocky with my morning coffee. Considering how importing these candies from Japan takes time and a means a more limited supply, I would really recommend trying this Winter Coffee flavor if you happen to see it.

Rating: Hoard



Links Pocky Website (Japanese)



Ritter Sport Espresso

I was shopping in Cost Plus World market in November specifically looking for this Ritter Sport Espresso bar. I’m a big fan of Ritter Sport’s offerings, so I was very disappointed when Cost Plus didn’t have it anywhere in the store. Thankfully I found it on a second visit closer to Christmas, where I was doing some last minute shopping. I immediately snatched up three bars, as I anticipated that they were going to be really good. Finally I had my long awaited new Ritter Sport Espresso bar!

The packaging is classic, with the standard square shape that Ritter Sport is known for. The wrapper is a deep brown color, reminiscent of coffee, with a snowflake pattern all over it. It’s accented with a illustration of nice cup of espresso.

I opened the bar with the special “snap and open” method I’ve only seen on Ritter Sport bars. The chocloate smells rich and toasty with notes of caramel and smooth, roasted coffee. It’s an amazing aroma. I easily snap off a piece from the first, four-sectioned row.

The flavor starts out sweet and creamy with the chocolate. Beautiful notes of chocolate and cream, which are both smooth and very deep. The espresso flavor kicks in about halfway, introducing very intense flavors of smooth, roasted, earthy coffee flavors. The mixture of the two is incredibly heavenly.

This bar is amazing. The flavors blend so beautifully with each other while also remaining distinguishable. The texture of the bar is silky smooth to boot. I cannot wait to have this with a cup of coffee, as I imagine it’d be the perfect pairing. This bar is a must for any coffee and chocolate lover. You won’t be disappointed.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Ritter Sport Website



The Tea Room Midnight Mocha

I found this Tea Room Midnight Mocha along with the Pina Colada bar the other day in Cost Plus World Market. I’ll say again, I love that store! It’s a candy adventure every time I go in there. I was impressed to see that this is the first chocolate bar by the tea room to not have tea, but instead coffee, in it. Regardless, I was really excited to see a new flavor to try from them.

This bar is described to have 72% dark chocolate, yum! The wrapper is just gorgeous. It has rich tones of purple accented by bright pinks. Opening the bar it smells, deep, and earthy with a nice chocolate and coffee aroma.

The flavor is not acidic at all, which is a pleasant surprise. The flavpr starts off sweet and mild, with an excellent hint of chocolate. then the coffee flavor blooms with nice earthy tones kissed with cherries. It’s a wonderful mix. The texture is smooth and silky, thankfully not gritty as some coffee chocolates are. The flavor blends beautifully and is a wonderful pairing. I was worried the mixture of dark chocolate and coffee would be too acidic. The flavor comes of rich and delicious, with excellent notes of both the coffee and the chocolate.

Coffee and chocolate are a winning combination no matter how you cut it, and this bar is a beautiful example of how a coffee chocolate bar should be. The flavor isn’t acidic, the texture is silky (not gritty like some bars are) and the overall all balance of flavors is heavenly. One again The Tea Room hits another home run.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links The Tea Room Website



See's Coffee Walnut Caramel

The newest limited edition flavor from See’s Candies has just been released in stores this past Friday, the 16th! I would have gotten this post out sooner if I had been home to receive my free samples of the new flavor: Coffee Walnut Caramel. I had gone out of town for a long weekend and thankfully the chocolates were waiting for me upon my return! These are not available by phone or online ordering, so if you have a See’s Candy Store nearby, you’re in luck!

These chocolate sound like a tasty mouthful, don’t they?. Coffee, walnuts and caramel? That’s a lot of stuff right there! I opened up my sample box and was greeted by rows of lovely, square, chocolates with beautiful rippled tops from the milk chocolate enrobing. Picking one up, it’s much heavier than I expected, and much taller too. Usually these sort of chocolates are about 1/2 inch tall of so, these are more like 3/4 of an inch. Impressive to say the least. The smell is sweet, creamy and very inviting.

Picking up a piece in my had, the chocolates are well formed. I take a bite and find that the texture is dense, like a thick and chewy fresh fudge. The caramel isn’t watery or flowing but more solid, again, like fresh fudge.

The caramel is wonderful thick and chewy, and not the least bit sticky. it has nice toasted sugar notes with a well rounded buttery taste. the coffee flavor is seamlessly blended in, and you get a good roasted, nutty, coffee taste mixing in with the buttery sweetness.

The walnuts are large chunks sprinkled in the caramel. they are extremely fresh with a nice, meaty chewy to them. They have that buttery, nutty, slightly tannic flavor and it’s awesome. The milk chocolate coating proves a flavor that binds all the elements while adding a nice sweetness to it.

A really awesome and flavorful chocolate bonbon here. These are going to be really popular when I share them with friends.

CONTEST: Ok, I have a gift certificate from See’s to give away! It’s for one pound of these chocolate, and can be used in their stores or by phone at (800-895-7337). So how do you enter? Please comment on this post by Friday at noon, EST and share your favorite See’s flavor if you have one. I’ll choose a winner randomly from those who enter. Best of luck!

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links See’s Candies Website

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