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Cadbury Wispa Wrapper

Wispa is one of those candy bars that have a huge following. Part of the reason (aside from it being tasty, of course) is that they’ve been discontinued by Cadbury back in the 1990s, depriving fans of the bar who’ve eaten it since it’s introduction in 1983. This obviously causes lots of pining from fans. We all want what we can’t have. Since 2003 Cadbury has done many limited releases to bring back Wispa, but it wasn’t until 2007-2008 where Wispa has made a full comeback in the United Kingdom.

So what exactly is Wispa, especially to make such a fuss? Simply put, it’s an aerated milk chocolate bar.

I was expecting this to be like an Nestle Aero bar, but it’s not at all. Which is a good thing, since I’ve never really enjoyed Aero bars at all. SOmetime about the bubble and the format of that bar just robs it of flavor for me. I don’t like eating a chocolate bar and not taste much. It defeats the purpose.

Wisp is different. The shape is differentt, as it’s a thick rectangular block, like a candy bar, instead of a chocolate bar shape that an Aero is. When bitten into, Aero’s are light, crispy and messy. Wispa isn’t. The air bubbles are much smaller, so there’s none of that awkward crumbling. Instead the chocolate feels lighter, creamier, thicker… I understand what bubbles in chocolate should taste like. It’s really smooth and fudgy on the tongue. As for the flavor, it’s standard Cadbury diary milk. sweet, chocolatey, with that dry milk tang.

I like it a lot, and I can see why so many lamented it’s disappearance on candy shelves. Heck, I’m sad I can’t find it relatively easily in the US!

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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Cadbury Fudge Packet

Cadbury Fudge was a completely new discovery for me. I’d never heard of it before and I couldn’t help but wonder why, as all of Cadbury’s offerings are pretty widely known. Is it just a bar that is rare? Something unworthy of mention? Or is it the other way around and it’s so good no one wants to share it outside the UK? These and a dozen other questions whizzed through my head as I looked at their cute, bright orange and purple wrappers. 

The Fudge is really pretty self explanatory, described as “fudge covered in milk chocolate”. They’re small in size, only about four to five inches long and are round and tubular in shape.

It only smells sweet, and I dove right in as I knew this one would all be about the taste. The bite is soft, a little crumbly and a little grainy. The texture is just like fudge but a little dried. It softens up and it gets soft, chewy and sticky in the mouth. It’s very thick and satisfying.

The flavor is very, very, sweet and I get more flavors of caramel and cream and burnt sugar than actual chocolate. I’m not surprised, since the basis of fudge is cream and sugar, so it’s a accurate representation in that regard. I was particularly impressed by the caramel notes it had.

Still, Fudge is not for the faint of heart and it’s just really, really sweet. I liked it, just be forewarned.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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Cadbury Creme Egg Wrapper

I was a very late bloomer in terms of my appreciation of the Cadbury Creme Eggs (or CCE’s in shorthand). My first memories of them was the ads I recall as a child of the 1980’s, featuring a white bunny that clucks like a hen, surrounded by impostor bunnies that made noises of different animals. I recall my Mom wrinkling her nose at these adds, stating that she “hated” those things, as they were too sweet. I paid little attention to her comments, like most children do with their parents. It wasn’t until college where I actually got my first taste of a CCE, and from then on, I was forever changed.

There’s many types of CCE’s on the market. There’s the original, caramel, fudge (or was it truffle?), mini, mini caramel, and most recently orange (which I reviewed for CandyAddict last year). I’ve tried them all and liked them, but I keep returning to the original as my favorite. If I had to give one second place, I’d go for the orange.


Cadbury Creme Egg Closed

The concept of the CCE is simple. It’s a hollow milk chocolate egg with a creamy fondant center that’s white with a yellow spot in it, so it looks like an egg yolk. The egg is a good size (though it’s been shrinking over the years) and the packaging changes every year it seems. The photo above is the new update of the design for 2008.

Unwrapped, the egg is beautiful and feels heavy in your hand. You can see the seam whee the two halves come together to seal the fondant interior. The chocolate sides have a design of a eight pointed star on each side and lines that circle them.

The egg smells lightly of cocoa and cream.


Cadbury Creme Egg Open

The chocolate is thick and has that wonderful European flavor to it. Sweet, milky, a little tart, and a good chocolate flavor. Now I can see why my mom complained that this style of chocolate is too sweet, but I like it just fine. The center’s overall texture should be thick and flowing, like egg white can be. But the one I got here to sample was more dried out and grainy, which I found odd.  The flavor is extremely sweet with hints of vanilla. The texture in the mouth is smooth with a little grain to it, and it feels cool on the tongue. It can be a little sticky, and it feel like eating frosting fresh from the bowl.


Cadbury Creme Egg Open v2

I bought a few more in search of that creamy, flowing center. I think I got it here.

What can I say, I love these things. I tend to get a small stash to last myself a little while each Easter. They’re the kind of candy I can only have so often, as if I eat too many close together I feel I need to pass out in a sugar coma. Yes, they’re that sweet and that addicting. Isn’t that a sign of a good candy? It is in my book.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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Cadbury Double Decker Wrapper

At long last! The Cadbury Double Decker bar! I’ve been wanting to try one of these ever since I read a review of them over at Chocablog. My excitement heightened when I had the bar in hand and read the description on the side: “milk chocolate with smooth, chewy nougatine and crisp crunchy cereal filling”. CANDY SWOON! I couldn’t tear it open fast enough.

Firstly, this bar is nothing to sniff at. It certainly lives up to its name, as it’s hefty and tall at 60g.

Unlike the Triple Decker I had from Australia, the Double Decker is not a “solid"bar. Instead it’s enrobed, hiding all sort of deliciousness underneath.

So what is under all that chocolate? The bottom half is like a Nestle Crunch bar and the top is fluffy and soft like the inside of a 3 Musketeers. smells sweet, milky of dried milk powder. The flavor is sweet, with a nice chocolaty taste from the coating, a sweet caramel flavor from the nougatine, and the malty carby flavor of the cereal. I also get some light coffee notes in here too.

Aside from the amazing flavor, the Double Decker is really all about the texture. It has a play of soft and crunchy, smooth and grainy…. a true master of contrast. It’s quite the mouthful too. It’s got a very substantial, hefty chew. It’s very satisfying and filling because of this.

Love, love this bar. It’s everything I was expecting it to be and more. Only downside is because of it’s heft, I have to limit myself with these. Or else become a Double Decker myself!

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again



Cadbury Bourneville Deeply Dark Wrapper

Cadbury, like Hershey’s and Mars here in the US, jumped onto the dark chocolate bandwagon and have been producing their own line of special bars. I don’t recall how long the Bourneville line has been around, but I do remember seeing reviews of them around the blogosphere when they first hit shelves. I am immediately skeptical of these mainstream dark chocolates, as I do not feel like they are a true representation of what dark chocolate is. Usually milk is added, as is too much sugar, since these dark chocolates are meant to appeal to the mainstream tastes of the public.

The chocolate is very dark in color with smooth undertones and a subtle, blue sheen to it.

The break is very hard, clean and showing only a couple of air bubbles. The label says it’s 60% cocoa solids, although it’s not a true dark as there’s milk fat in there (to replace some of the cocoa butter I’m assuming, since de-fatted cocoa is also listed). The chocolate smells very rich with notes of red berries, raisins, coffee, and caramel.

My first bite was accompanied with a great, full “clock” sound showing a nice temper to the bar. It’s immediately rich and slippery on the tongue and I love that texture! The flavor is beautifully mild with lots of cream, caramel, subtle coffee and cocoa flavors. At the very end I get a bit of red fruits, but it’s really just a hint and no way is it acidic or tart because of it. Color me impressed Cadbury.

A very “mainstream” dark chocolate, and a delicious one at that. I’d by this over Dove or Hershey’s Special Dark any day. Can I please get this in the US?

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Cadbury Website

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