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See's Pecan Pie Truffle

Today is the second day of See’s Thanksgiving Truffle collection. I have another part of their “Seasonal Pie Truffles” collection: the Pecan Pie truffle. I was partiuclarly interested in this truffle because, in regard to pies, my family is 100% all about pumpkin. We love it and have no desire to have any other pie with our Thanksgiving spread. I can only think of two times in my life where I have had pecan pie. Once was while I was over at a friend’s house after Thanksgiving, and the other was brought by a different friend when my family did a potluck Thanksgiving one year. So my experiences with this beloved and classic pie is extremely limited. Which brings me to my review today, since it’s Pecan Pie!

The truffle is gorgeous. It’s a mountain of pristine, white chocolate crowned with a pecan half. It smells sweet and has an extremely rich, nutty flavor of the roasted pecans. The flavor is absolutely amazing, I daresay it trumps a real pecan pie (from what I remember!). The texture is smooth, as the pecan is blended so finely into the butter cream center that no pieces are left to get stuck in your teeth. The flavor stars off sweet and buttery of the white chocolate coating, then it gradually melts away to the flavor of the center which is fully of the flavors of rich brown sugar, molasses and pecans. The pecans certainly take center stage as the main flavor, as they sound, and it makes for an intensely nutty, rich, and flavor truffle.

I was impressed with these! They are very flavorful and delicious. I found I love having them paired with coffee or tea, in true dessert style. This truffle is one of the few in the “Seasonal Pie Collection” that you can buy separately in its own box. I can easily see these as a thoughtful hostess gift for Thanksgiving or for a treat for yourself if you don’t have the time or energy to make a pie yourself. Yum!

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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See's Orange Cranberry Truffle

I am always super excited when limited edition flavors come out for the holiday season. It’s like a treasure hunt for me, to go around to all the different stores trying to find what is new and unique. The idea of items having a “season” is fun to me, especially since we humans used to eat foods in that way. We’d consume what fruit and vegetables were in season, so in a way these candies that come around only once a year reflect those times. Once I am lucky enough to locate them I then take my bounty home to photograph and taste it for the blog. For this year, See’s was kind enough to offer me samples of their special Thanksgiving flavors and saved me a trip to the store. The cranberry orange truffle is one of the two I have ready to review for you.

This truffle is included in a “Seasonal Pie Truffles” collection they offer each year at Thanksgiving. There’s a set of four flavors including Cranberry Orange, Pecan Pie, Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie. The chocolates all sound really appealing, it must be hard to decided which to taste first. The cranberry orange is easy to pick out, it’s round and tall, decorated with lines of drizzled chocolate. It’s made with dark chocolate, so the color is very deep and inviting.

The truffle smells bright and zesty of oranges. You get a little sweetness form the chocolate, but it’s really the orange that steals the show here. The first bite is filled with orange, complimented by cranberry followed by the rich dark chocolate tones with an edge of cherry and cream. Taking a peek at the truffle’s interior, you can see the pale pink filling with actual bits of cranberry in it. No wonder if it’s so flavorful!  The chocolate is fruity too, so it’s bright red notes of cherries and currants compliments the filling beautifully. The orange notes are bright and zesty, as they’re extremely fresh. The cranberries and a fresh tartness to it, and in a way I’m reminded of a creamy cranberry sauce. It’s very flavorful and delicious.

I really liked this truffle, as the flavors were beautifully balanced with the chocolate, not to mention being yummy! It really makes me eager to buy the “Seasonal Pie Collection” and try the Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie flavors it includes. The flavors are just so tempting! Especially since fall flavors are a big favorite of mine. If this truffle is any hint of what the overall collection is like, and knowing See’s I feel safe in assuming that it is, I’m sure it’s a extremely delicious treat which is worthy of replacing the pies it mimics.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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Caffarel Pumpkins I

Happy Halloween everyone! It’s the night made for every candy lover out there! This year will be interesting, as it’s the first year while in my new place. I’m curious to see what our trick or treat turn out is. Have a safe and sugar filled night!


Gummi Pumpkins


M&Ms White Chocolate Candy Corn Bag

When I heard white M&Ms were making a comeback for Halloween this year, I was pretty excited. I became less excited however, when I heard they were “candy corn” flavored and would only be sold in Wal-Mart. Now that I live in Los Angeles, I don’t have a Wal-Mart that’s close enough to justify a drive to find some candy. I’d have to go up to Valencia or down to Orange County to even get close to one. I knew right away I wouldn’t order them online, since they’re always overpriced. I tried to get my boyfriend (who was out visiting PA at the time) and my Mom to both locate a bag for me. Both of those plans fell through. I had all but given hope on acquiring some to review on the blog here when Jeff, a friend of mine from work, dropped a bag on my desk Monday morning. My hero! What a unexpected sweet gesture. A true example of Halloween spirit among adults.

The package is cute, all decked out in yellows and oranges with Red standing in the dead center with a big candy corn suit on. It’s very iconic. I immediately opened the bag and you get the strong scent of sweetness and butter. Its an interesting scent, and it’s not really what I’d call candy corn. It’s a nice aroma nevertheless.

The M&Ms are very attractive. They have the orange, yellow and white colors of normal candy corn. The color mix is very festive, I have to admit. I was surprised when I first picked them up since, they felt greasy. I can’t figure out why, since the ingredients are good, so I don’tr get why they’d feel so slippery on the outside. Part of me wonders if they added flavoring or scent to them and that’s why the outside feels so slick. It’s a mystery….

The flavor is sweet at first, then a flavor of fake butter kicks in pretty strongly. I think the butter flavor is in the shell, because as soon as I dissolve or crunch it away I then get the full flavor of the creamy white chocolate. It;s buttery and sweet with just a hint of chocolate. The flavor does remind me of candy corn, yes, so the flavors here do live up to their expectations. They’re much richer than candy corn though since we have a base of creamy fatty chocolate. It adds some satiety to the candy, which is nice.

These were tasty, I just wish they were not so buttery flavored and were just the plain white chocolate M&Ms like the “Pirate Pearls” were a few years ago. Because of the candy corn flavor here, you miss a lot of fans who love white chocolate but hate candy corn. So it’s a trick or a treat depends on your flavor preferences!


M&Ms White Chocolate Candy Corn

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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Cost Plus Gummi Pumpkins Bag

I love gummi pumpkins! They’re pretty tasty and come October, there’s so many varieties to choose from. I tend to prefer the ones with the granulated sugar coating on them, as I really like that texture. What lured me into these gummis that I found in Cost Plus World market was the fact it’s a mix of black (ish) and orange pumpkins. Something new, horray!

So, from looking at the package, it’s difficult to say who made these gummi pumpkins for Coat Plus World Market, since they’re packaged completely in their branded packaging. I have a inkling they’re the Juju Pumpkins that Zachary Confections makes. Still I’m sure there’s other manufacturers out there out there that I am unaware of.

These pumpkins are attractive to look at. The colors are vibrant and pretty. The back, upon closer inspection, is actually a dark purple. The pieces are well formed and have nice fluting on them like real pumpkins. They’re a nice size too, not too big and not small. I’d say around the size of a large gumdrop.


Cost Plus Gummi Pumpkins

The grape pumpkin tastes like concord grapes. It’s thick and juicy with rich notes of grape and raspberry. I’m reminded of a mixture of concord grape juice and grape cough medicine, but in a good way.

The orange pumpkin is, of course, orange flavored. It’s bright and orangy, and reminds me of the Brach’s orange slices. The flavor is sweet and there’s no hint of tartness at all. Fun and tasty.

I really liked these, and they’re a fun “stand in” until I find the ones with the sugar coating. I prefer the orange ones to the grape flavor, which in a way makes this package hard for me to pick through since I go after all the orange ones first. I’m sure these would look super nice as decorations in a candy bowl or on top of cupcakes!

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again


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