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Annabelle's RockyRoad

Annabelle’s Candy Company is a candy maker that I am very fond of. The reason for this is they are a classic candy company, once that has been around since 1950 located in the San Francisco bay area. They make a few classic candy bars, like Look!, Abba Zabba, U-No, and my favorite: Big Hunk. Just to name a few! One of their many candy bars is the Rocky Road bar, which we have here. It’s a hard bar to miss in it’s bright vibrant red package and large lettering.

Rocky Road is described as “Milk Chocolate Coasted Marshmallow with Cashews”, so very much like the Rocky Road ice cream we all know and love. It’s a long rectangular bar, and doesn’t feel heavy at all. It clocks in only at 1.82 oz. The bar smells sweet and of cocoa. With that I felt the need to look at the ingredients, and yes, this chocolate it real. No mockolate here, yay!

So the construction of the Rocky Road is a big marshmallow coated in chocolate with the top sprinkled with little pieces of cashews. The flavor is very delicate. The sweet marshmallow taste nicely of vanilla and is light and airy. The chocolate sticks nicely to the marshmallow, and it has a mild chocolate flavor that compliments it nicely. You don’t taste or feel the texture of the cashews, just you can see the pieces when you look at a bitten section of the bar. The overall flavor is a nice representation of the Rocky Road flavor.

I liked this bar, but it’s not something I’d specifically crave. Marshmallow isn’t my favorite of fillings, I usually go for nougat, caramel or fudge. Still, it’s a tasty, well put together candy bar, and if you’re a big marshmallow/rocky road fan, this bar is a must try.

Rating:  Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Annabelle’s Candy Company Website


Annabelle's Abba-Zabba Sour Apple

As many of you might be aware of by now, I have a real soft spot in my candy loving heart for classic/retro candies. You know, the ones that often have that dated, garish packaging and are only found in limited and difficult to find areas and stores around the United States. I cannot place my finger on all the reasons why I love these candies so much, but one reason is that I am really drawn to the history of them. Another reason is I’m very curious to taste something that has survived the test of time.

Annabelle’s Candy Company is what I’d consider one of these classic/retro candy manufacturers. Located in Northern California, they’ve an impressive history and have been around making sweets since the 1950s. They have a solid lineup of sweet treats and I admit they they make some of my favorites.

Living on the East Coast makes it hard for me to find Annabelle’s candy in stores, but when I do I am certain to stock up. I was excited to find this Abba-Zaba Sour Apple in a remote gas station and snatched it up as if my life depended on it. Especially since it was alone on a shelf, not even sitting in a box. It needed a home. 

I’ve had regular Abba-Zabas before, which are basically a sweet taffy with a peanut butter center, and I liked them despite being a plainer sibling to my favorite the Big Hunk. This was a sour apple version though, and I wasn’t sure what to expect from it. The idea of the flavored taffy with the peanut butter sounded interesting.


Annabelle's Abba-Zabba Sour Apple: Inside

First thing I was surprised to find the taffy a bright, bright green. I expected sour apple flavor, yes, but sour apple color? No, so this was a surprise. It smelled salty and lightly of peanut butter. The texture of the taffy is hard and it’s crunchy in the parts on the ends that are thin enough to dry out. Once warmed in the mouth and worked with the teeth, it softens and has a lovely chew.

The flavor is spot on with a standard sour apple flavor. It’s not as powerful as the Jolly Rancher thankfully, but it has it’s moments of sour and sweet both mixing together wonderfully and playfully transitioning between the two. Even thought I’m not much of a sour person, this had a mildness to it where I didn’t feel it crossed the line.
In fact, I’d call it tart as opposed to sour as it felt more natural like the sweet sourness that real apples have. The peanut butter is what you’d expect: creamy, sweet-salty and nutty. I was reminded of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at certain moments.

So yes, Abba-Zaba Sour Apple is a quite tasty and very satisfying dense and chewy taffy. Though I had a hard time biting off chunks to chew, it was still entertaining to eat.  It especially made things interesting when trying to type my tasting notes during consumption; one hand recording the data and the other busy supplying my sugar addiction for the day.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

Annabelle’s Candy Co. Website

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