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Sally Williams Fine Nougat Mini Boxes

Nougat is a confection that has an interesting place in the candy world. It has many forms and varieties: the fluffy center in a Snickers bar, the dense chewy almost taffy like slab in Big Hunk or as a light block studded with nuts from one of many European countries. Nougat is typically composed of of sugar, honey, egg whites, and roasted nuts with the end result dangerously delicious. It is one of my favorite types of candy out there.

Sally Williams Fine Honey Nougat was an extremely lucky discovery at the Fancy Food Show and I immediately liked them. They’re based in South Africa were their recipe was perfected and is now shipped all over they world. Over at Sally Williams they’re very picky about what ingredients they use to make their nougat; they use no gelatin or preservatives and claim it contains no cholesterol. Not only that, but the nougat has also won several awards which is always impressive and reassuring.


Sally Williams Fine Nougat

Almond: These are beautiful to look at: white and pristine with bits of full sized almond halves peeking out. It smells light and sweet with that nice “starchy marshmallow” essence that nougat has. The texture is lovely: light and soft with a little chew. The almonds deliver a great crunch and their flavor is sweet, nutty, and mellow. The nougat is delicate with detectable notes of honey, vanilla, and sugar. It’s beautifully balanced and when you get an almond in your bite…, it’s great.

Milk Chocolate Covered: The chocolate is a little lackluster, but I bet that’s more due to the heat damage during shipping since the pieces of the ones I tried at the show were beautifully pristine. The chocolate adds a richness to the nougat and it feels much more substantial. I lose the delicate light notes of the honey because of the chocolate, but the taste is just as delicious in its own way with the sweeter, chocolatey flavors.

It’s amazing to me how such a simple looking confection like nougat can deliver such a powerful and pleasurable eating experience. I really wish I knew where to find these in stores around where I am. I already finished all of it and I know I am going to be craving them again soon.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Sally Williams Fine Foods Website


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