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Heksehyl Package

Heksehyl is another licorice I found out about from Cybele over at CandyBlog. Isn’t it wonderful how even we candy bloggers can learn about new things from each other? I often turn to her website for licorice recommendations, because I’m really a novice. I just know that I like the stuff.

The Heksehyl was an extremely lucky find in a random gourmet shop in the Caesar’s Pier during a recent trip to Atlantic City. I immediately recognized it and grabbed a bag and tore it open once I was outside the store. I was that excited to find them, as interesting licorice is not an easy thing to come across in my area.


Heksehyl Pieces

They look like little tubes, with a brown creamy center. Surrounding that is a layer of black licorice and then a dusting of granular sugar to finish it off. The pieces are a good size and can be one or two bites depending on what you felt like.

The flavor is more of the molasses center than the licorice. It’s sweet, woodsy and rich, complimented by the herbal anise-like flavors of the licorice. The sugar coating gives it a bit of a gritty texture, but it’s a very pleasant one. The overall flavor isn’t so bold that it’s overpowering, so it’s easy to down quite a few before realizing it.

This big bag was gone within a week. I wish I could find it near me so I could buy more.

Rating: Hoard




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