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Droste Bittersweet Pastilles Package

Upon discovering Droste pastilles for the first time and really liking them, I obviously began to seek out the other varieties they had to offer. I think after trying as many as I could get my hands on, the bittersweet pastilles have stood out as my favorite. The white chocolate ones would come in second.

If I had to decide on what type of chocolate is my favorite, I’d have to say bittersweet. It’s a nice middle ground that isn’t clearly defined by the chocolate community, so it’s really up to the manufacturer to decode what makes their specific chocolate bittersweet (or semisweet as some like to call it). It is usually a chocolate that may or may not contain milk solids and the cocoa percentage ranges from 50% to 70%. This specific Droste variety has milk solids and doesn’t exactly list the percentage on the wrapper, which has become sort of a standard thing nowadays.


Droste Bittersweet Pastilles

I really love the packaging on these. The cardboard tube contains a heavy duty plastic packet that holds the roll of the rounded chocolate discs. It’s easy to open it up, take a few, and twist it back up to save the rest for later. I like having that ability to store part of the chocolate away safely, which I think is a design flaw for the big bars of chocolate.

The pastilles are a beautiful deep brown with a bright sheen to them. They were a delight to photograph. 

They chocolate tastes very coconutty to me right away. I could smell it in the aroma, and in the mouth it’s an overwhelming characteristic of the chocolate. One the coconut eases off, you notices the very deep roasted notes of cocoa, coffee and caramel; delivering an intense chocolately hit. It reminds me of a first sip of a really good hot chocolate. It also really reminds me of eating a handful of bittersweet chocolate chips, minus the volume in the mouth (but who wants to admit to actually doing that?).

The mouth feel is very smooth and rich, and it feels wonderful on the palate. It’s thick and buttery, without overdoing it.

Out of all the Droste flavors and varieties. I return to this one the most. I think that speaks for itself.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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