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Atkinsons' Peanut Butter Bars

I’ve known of Atkinson’s Candy Company for some time now, as they’re the makes if the infamous Chick-o-Stick. I was surprised to see these in my local Wal-Mart, as I consider the Atkinson’s candy a bit of a regional/retro candy, and therefore pretty difficult to locate. I acted on my luck and brought a packet home to the candy labs for further evaluation. I’d never heard of the Peanut Butter bars before, and I was giddy about my new discovery. 

The package holds two long sticks, each white with brown stripes on them. They look like a hard candy, as they appear dense and glossy. Picking one up, the sticks are heavier than they look and they smell lightly of salty peanut butter.

The inside is white like the exterior, but it’s marbled with light brown stripes of peanut butter. The bite is hard and crunchy at first, but softens up pretty quickly as you start chewing. It’s an interesting texture combination, with the harder outside bits shattering and turning tacky, then chewy as you work it with your teeth. It’s a very satisfying mouth experience.

The flavor is full of fresh peanut butter that’s not too strong or too light. Like all god peanut butter, it has good salty notes and a hit of sweetness. I felt pretty satisfied after I finished the sticks, and wish I had gotten more. I hadn’t had anything quite like these before.

I appreciate that these are pretty sturdy and wont melt in extremely hot temperatures, which sadly is not a concern for me right now as it’s so cold out.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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