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DAS caramelini Chai Latte Caramels Package

I first saw these on the shelf at Di Bruno Bros. in Philadelphia. After perusing the flavors for a good few minutes, as the prince warranted only one purchase, I decided to picky up the Chai Latte flavor. I love caramels and I haven’t had that flavor in this medium before. My other options included a classic caramel, a variation with honey, a variation with chocolate, etc. so the spicy chai just called to me. I’m all for trying new things!

I’ve been aware of the DAS Caramelini for some time now, as they appeared on the candy blogosphere scene a few months ago. Cybele over at CandyBlog and Rosa at ZOMG Candy! both gave them good reviews. I made a mental note to myself to get some if I ever saw them.

I was immediately pleased with these once I opened them as they smell warm and sweet of cinnamon and cloves. It does impart a chai essence. I was worried that the spice in these wouldn’t be strong enough, and I was glad to smell I was wrong.


DAS caramelini Chai Latte Caramels

The flavor is very well rounded, and I’m actually reminded more of gingerbread than chai. It has a wonderful hit of cinnamon, a subtle bite of cloves and a warmth of ginger. Add all that to the creamy sweetness of the caramel base. So to be frank, it’s really rich and complex. The chew is nice as the edges are soft and it’s more firm toward the center. It gave a good chew, but it wasn’t as chewy as I’d like, since I found it dissolved too quickly in my mouth. Still, extremely tasty. I like eating candy that tastes of gingerbread!

I was able to sample the other flavors of the DAS Caramelini line at the Fancy Food Show this past June. They were all impressive like the chai variety I try here, and I was just floored by the Candied Ginger & Pistachio flavor. I can’t wait to get my hands on some more of those.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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