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Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles Wrapper Roll

Fruit Pate of all kinds have been a confectionery that have been around for hundreds of years. Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles are no exception, as they’ve been around since 1881. They’re Rowntree’s oldest and best selling product, which also like the Fruitella, contains no artificial flavors or colors. I’ve been asked several times if I’ve had these before, and once my boyfriend heard me say that I haven’t, he made sure to being me back some from his trip. Sure enough, I was presented with them upon his return.

I had them in a roll form, so I unwrapped the label and foil package to see these beautiful little fruity gems roll out. The pastilles are small rounded discs covered in granular sugar, and they’re lovely to look at. Too excited to wait any longer and dwell on their beauty, I pooped one in my mouth. The chew on these is so nice: firm like gum, but after chewing a little bit is beings to dissolve into a grainy gumminess in the mouth. Extremely satisfying.


Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles

Yellow (lemon): Light, tart flavor of lemons. It’s punchy, slightly artificial, and there’s a strange bitterness in there. As if I was easting the rind along with the fruit’s pulp. Some of the pieces were sweeter than the others.

Green (lime): Very bright and citrusy, with the bathroom cleaner like taste. I also found it sweeter and juicier than most lime flavored candies I’ve had.

Orange (orange): Mild with a light sweetness and even lighter flavor. My thoughts turn to the taste of orange flower oil. It was barely noticeable, but it did have an authentic orange essence to it with a light zest.

Purple (black currant): On man, this one is good! Very juicy to start with a good sweetness. The flavor wasn’t terribly strong, but it did give nice woodsy notes, hints of berries, and a touch of wine. I wish I had gotten more than one of these in my roll.

Red (strawberry): Immediately flavorful with a floral, jammy taste. It has a nice sweetness and strong strawberry taste. It reads as a “wild” strawberry flavor to me, as it’s unlike any other strawberry candy I’ve had. It’s very “red”.

I really enjoyed these and am happy to have had the opportunity to try them. They’re a great, more inexpensive substitute for more gourmet fruit pate candies. I’d be buying them regularly if they were easier to find. *sigh*

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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