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Starbar Wrapper

Out of all the treats from England, the Starbar was the only one I specifically requested. I’d heard tales of how utterly delicious this bar is from other candy blogs on the web, so I’ve been secretly waiting for the day I might stumble across one in a random import New York City deli. Alas, I’ve had little luck with my passive search, so I decided to take the opportunity to ask my boyfriend to please, please search one down for me. Obviously he did not disappoint!

The description of the the Starbar is: “Shot through with peanuts and caramel”. I’m not sure quite what that means but it sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

Out of the wrapper, the bar looks like a giant Twix finger. It’s rounded at the top with flats sides. It smells very malty, milky, sweet, and of mainstream UK chocolate (sweet with a tart, creamy notes).

My first bite is so very thick, soft and chewy. Oh wow. It’s marvelous.

Here’s the breakdown of the construction: the center is a giant log of thick, chewy caramel with bits of peanuts in it. Then the whole this is enrobed in chocolate. Simple and very tasty.

The flavor is similar to peanut brittle. It’s sweet, lots of burnt sugar flavors, peanutty, lightly salt, cocoa and strong dry milk flavors. The milky flavors are very tangy and they’re complimented with notes of malt and vanilla in the aftertaste.

The peanuts are lightly crispy and there aren’t too many in the bar. They’re a good size too, about 1/4 of a full nut. Thankfully they don’t stick to my teeth.

I was so sad once I finished my Starbar, as it was every bit as tasty as I was described. It really lived up to its reputation. I want more, and I hope a return trip to England isn’t the only way to get another.

Rating: Hoard




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