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Hello Kitty Lollipop I

Now is this a cool novely candy idea or what? I normally don’t fall for candy gimmicks, as I’m a purist. I want candy to eat and that’s about it. However when I saw this Hello Kitty Glow Lollipop, I couldn’t help but notice how interesting of an idea it was. Unlike other novelty candies I’ve seen, the toy leftover is, well, useful. And it’s Hello Kitty. 

The lollipop comes in a carton pink tube about the size of lipstick, with the Hello Kitty decal on top which glows when you press a button on the handle. The Hello Kitty head makes for a very comfortable grasping point when you hold the lollipop. The design is nice as it indicates you can suck on it a little and put it back in the case and continue eating it later if you felt like it. I’m not sure what purpose the light is supposed to serve, other than amuse or annoy someones. It’s sadly not very bright on Hello Kitty’s face. 


Hello Kitty Lollipop II

The flavor says strawberry to me right away. The tube format really reminds me of a push pop, except a little bigger and without the freaky neon colors. The strawberry flavor is unique, I haven’t taste one like this before. It’s very berry-like, sweet, and has nice floral notes. What’s different is I taste a little melon and grapefruit in there, yet it doesn’t stand out on it’s own, but contributes and mixes with the floral notes and it comes out as strawberry. Interesting.

Very unique, tasty, and unexpectedly complex for a lollipop. Plus I get to keep the light up container. It might serve as a good light for my purse in a pinch.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again


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