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Eat More Package

This candy bar is one that always made me chuckle when I heard of it. Really, does one need the suggestion to eat more? Pul-eeze. I am already plenty talented in that department. A sweet friend of mine sent one to me from Canada, since that’s Eat-More’s preferred habitat.

There is little known about Eat-More’s origins. Only a little blurb on the website tells us that it’s now owned by Hershey, and that they acquired it from Nestle who bought it from Lowney. This candy bar has certainly been around the block.

The Eat-More is described as “Dark Toffee Peanut Chew”, which depending on where you are in the world can mean different things. I decided to not speculate too much ad just open the wrapper and find out for myself right away.

Firstly, Eat-More is a big, long bar. You smells the sweetness and the peanuts right away. It’s slightly sticky to handle, but it’s looks like a giant slab of darkened caramel generously studded with peanuts. I had expected it to be enrobed in chocolate from the description, but that’s not the case. The chocolate must be mixed into the toffee base, which would explain its dark color.

The flavor is pleasing. It’s main flavor is the roasted peanuts, complimented by the toffee which is sweet with subtle notes of cream and burnt sugar. The chew is soft and a tad crumbly, which I was surprised by. Thankfully though it’s not so thick that I feel my molars are in danger.

Halfway though the bar I felt quite full. I guess this is where the “Eat-More” part comes in. Do I admit defeat or continue to finish? I opted for the former, and I couldn’t help but wonder how the other half will do waiting to be eaten. It’s pretty study, so I’m sure it’ll be ok.

I still can’t help but hear in my head: “Eat more? Well, don’t mind if I do….”

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Eat More Webpage


Brach's Spice Drops Package

I love spice beans, so I was curious to give those purposely looked over spice gumdrops of my youth a try. The Brach’s variety are lovely, coming in six different colors/flavors, but no mention as to what exactly those flavors are! The drops themselves are beautiful. They have a great tall dome shape with a even coating of granulated sugar. The quality control on these must be really tight, since I didn’t get a single “deformed” one in the whole bag, most impressive!  The texture is fantastic too, a good chew that isn’t too hard or soft. It’s a little sticky, but not overly so. Literally the ideal gumdrop. The granular sugar coating is also terribly fine, it feels and melt just right on your tongue. I believe I’m falling in love!

White: A light fresh wintergreen. Lovely all around.

Green: A bright zesty peppermint! My mouth felt immediately clean.

Red: I can’t place this one. I was expecting cinnamon, but it doesn’t taste hot or spice at all. It just tastes….red.

Orange: Orange. Surprised? I was! I wasn’t expecting a fruity flavor. It’s a good juicy flavor, reminds me of the orange slices Brach’s makes.

Yellow: Spicy, more like a cinnamon/allspice combination. A little hot, but has a good woodsy herbal essence to it.

Purple: It took a few moments of chewing before the flavor came out> It’s clove, but not a “spicy” clove. Instead it’s very creamy and sweet. A pleasant and tasty surprise.

I looked up these flavors on the website afterward to find this out:

“Brach’s(R) Spice Drops are jelly candies in six different flavors and colors sanded in sugar for an enhanced flavor experience. The flavor varieties include; Orange, lemon, cherry, mint, grape and licorice. Make Spice Drops an everyday personal treat, share them in your favorite candy dish or surprise and delight in baking and decorating.”

I find it interesting how the lemon and grape flavors tasting more like spice than fruit to me. Maybe they were tainted by the other spicy flavors in the package? Who knows. Regardless if I was able to correctly identify the flavors, there were really tasty and I am definitely going to finish this bag.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

Links Brach’s Spice Drops Website



Orbit Mist

I have to admit that I don’t experiment as much with gum that I feel I should. It’s one of my candy Achilles’ Heels, as so to speak. I’ve never been a big gum chewer, but I have found myself reaching for it more often as of late. I don’t necessarily chew it for the pure enjoyment of it, but rather as a distraction when I’m battling a craving or I just need to have something to move around in my mouth. There’s a few people out there who’d argue that gum is not even candy, as the lines of the definition are often blurred. I don’t eat gum or seek it out like I would a good candy bar, true, but I do chew it because it tastes good. Which is really whole point when you get to the core of it, right? 

There’s a few concrete things I feel make up a good pack of gum. Firstly, it needs to taste good and have a strong flavor. Secondly, it needs to have that flavor that lasts a long time. A stick that will peter out in 5-30 minutes is not good enough for me. Because of this, I have been working my way through all the different varieties in the store trying the find the one that will work for me. I do realize that my requirements are little in the grand scheme of things as gums now tote many cool advantages like more unique flavors, teeth and gum protection, and vitamins. Still, I had only a handful of varieties I’d return to, and I’ve gotten bored with my choices.

Then I noticed Orbit Mist.

This is the newest members of the Orbits line. What’s different with this variety is the addition of “micro-bursts (tm)” that are described on the front of the packages. I read that as fancy terms for extra pockets of flavor and deliciousness. But that’s just me. The flavors range from the classic Peppermint Spray to the fruity favorite of Watermelon Spring, and finally to the new kid on the block: Mango Surf.


Orbit Mist Open

The package design is very attractive. The blue color is cool and refreshing feeling, which is enhanced by a slightly metallic sheen. The packages open to reveal a the sticks wrapped in colorful paper, all lines up in neat little rows. I feel oddly stylish opening these packets to take out a piece to chew.

The texture with all of these is pretty standard and a big draw for me. the gum doesn’t start soft like most brands do. Instead, these are a little hard, almost like a Chiclet but without the candy shell, and they gradually get softer as you chew on them.

Peppermint Spray: A cool, light blue color with intense specks of cerulean. The flavor is immediately a burst of sweet peppermint in my mouth. Usually I dislike it when flavors are too punchy in gum, but this works beautifully as the flavor doesn’t hit you all at once right away. Instead it slowly stays in your mouth and seeps onto your taste buds as you chew. I chewed a piece of this for a good to hours and was still getting flavor from it. I’m impressed to say the least.

Watermelon Mist: The stick is lightly green with pretty flecks of pink in it. The flavor is very melon, thankfully not horribly fake like all the variations on the Jolly Rancher watermelon flavor out there. This is much smoother, sweeter and more mellow. I taste hints of cantaloupe, watermelon and honeydew with a dash of peach in there.

Mango Surf: Pale yellow colored with red spots. Immediately it tastes tropical and ever so juicy. Strong notes of mango, peach and passion fruit flood my mouth. It’s sweet, but like a real mango has a tart edge to it that makes the gum so much more dramatic to taste. As hesitant I am around mango flavored candy, this one totally won me over.

These new flavors leave me wanting to be a more avid gum chewer. The flavors are interesting and tasty, but the staying power they have in my mouth is just incredible and what really wins me over. I haven’t gotten a stick of gum to stay so fresh in my mouth for so long, so I can’t but recommend you try them based on that trait alone.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Orbit Webpage


Sour Punch Straws: Zappin' Apple Package

I like it when candy catches my attention, as it’s made to stand out with it’s brightly colored packaging, fun shapes and delicious flavors. Sour Punch Straws have fallen under my radar again in the past few days, as I’ve been seeing them in the news and on a few commercials on TV. My new roommate called me in from the other room to come watch as one played during one of her favorite shows. I find it interesting how people latch onto my candy obsession so quickly. Regardless, all this buzz about “new and improved” flavors of this classic candy certainly made me curious and eager to get some to try.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on some of the new Zappin’ Apple flavor of Sour Punch. I’ve eaten this flavor before, even though I’ve only officially reviewed the Strawberry flavor for The Candy Enthusiast, and have enjoyed it. If you recall from my other Sour Punch article, I ate them with my college roommate, which is probably the last time since I had the apple variety. Trust me, it’s not as far away as you might think.

I like how even though the flavor has been tweaked, the packaging has not. I like being able to enjoy the same graphic design as always, it’s a very iconic style to me and I’d hate it if it was altered in any way.

The straws come neatly packaged and protected in their tray, and they smell wonderfully fruity, floral and tart. There’s a slight, but appealing artificial edge to it. They look beautiful with a nice bright green color with the sanded sugar coating.


Sour Punch Straws: Zappin' Apple

The texture is wonderful. The straws feel thick and chewy without tiring out my jaw. There’s good resistance to my chewing and they have good staying power in my mouth, as they don’t dissolve right away or get sticky.

The sour has a good punch (ha ha) to it from the sugary coating. It’s strong, yet, it comes across authentically, like a tart granny smith apple. The flavor is much more fruity and juicy than the aroma suggests. I was afraid I’d be getting the standard Jolly Rancher apple flavor, but thankfully I don’t. I really enjoy the tart/sweet and intense/mild flavor play here.

As soon as I finished my package, I found this cute video featuring a tween using a Sour Punch straw as, well, a straw. I’m a little baffled that I didn’t think of that myself.

Even though I don’t have some of the “before” Sour Punch straws to compare, I have to say that I really like where the new Zappin’ Apple flavor is headed (as in straight into my mouth to be eaten!). Usually when a company plays with flavors and formulas, the end result is sub par (I’m looking at you Hershey’s products and Runts!) but I am happy to say these new version is better than the original.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Sour Punch Straws Website


Cadbury Fudge Packet

Cadbury Fudge was a completely new discovery for me. I’d never heard of it before and I couldn’t help but wonder why, as all of Cadbury’s offerings are pretty widely known. Is it just a bar that is rare? Something unworthy of mention? Or is it the other way around and it’s so good no one wants to share it outside the UK? These and a dozen other questions whizzed through my head as I looked at their cute, bright orange and purple wrappers. 

The Fudge is really pretty self explanatory, described as “fudge covered in milk chocolate”. They’re small in size, only about four to five inches long and are round and tubular in shape.

It only smells sweet, and I dove right in as I knew this one would all be about the taste. The bite is soft, a little crumbly and a little grainy. The texture is just like fudge but a little dried. It softens up and it gets soft, chewy and sticky in the mouth. It’s very thick and satisfying.

The flavor is very, very, sweet and I get more flavors of caramel and cream and burnt sugar than actual chocolate. I’m not surprised, since the basis of fudge is cream and sugar, so it’s a accurate representation in that regard. I was particularly impressed by the caramel notes it had.

Still, Fudge is not for the faint of heart and it’s just really, really sweet. I liked it, just be forewarned.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Cadbury Website


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