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Nips Butter Rum Box

Nips are a candy I always see around, but never ate unless I was surrounded by adults. They read as a “grandma” candy to me, something I’d find in a candy bowl when I was surrounded by the elderly. The only other place I ever had them was in 4th grade English class, where my teacher would give them out as prizes for answering questions correctly. In fact, I still think of her whenever I see them, and I find myself wondering how she’s doing and if she’s remember me. Such memories!

I decided to give these a try since I haven’t had them in years. I wanted to refresh my memory and my taste buds. Tracking them down proved a bit of a challenge, partly because not every store carries them, but also they seem to be stocked on the top most shelf in the candy aisles. This proves troublesome for someone as short as I.

Nips are a simple and modest candy. They’re round, about the size of a quarter, and are very solid to the touch. I almost though them to be a hard candy, but then I remembered that they have an intense caramel taste. So essentially, they’re a wad of dense caramel with added flavors. Some, like the Dulce De Leche flavor in this review, have a filled center. Others, like the Butter Rum, have the flavors worked into the caramel.

Butter Rum: It’s been a long time since I had anything butter rum flavored. These are sweet, creamy, and very rummy. As in I get this burn in the back of my throat that I can only contribute to alcohol. It’s very nice, even though it’s not my thing. I’m reminded of the butter rum Lifesavers and of the fake extract you find in the supermarket. It’s artificial, yet very flavorful and pleasant.


Nips Dulce De Leche Box

Dulce De Leche: These have a light yellow colored dreamy center surrounded by the caramel. The flavor is immediately creamy with nice caramel and toasty flavors. I’m reminded of butterscotch a bit, but this has a slight yogurt tang and much creamier. Simple and tasty.

I really like these, and was really pleased with how long they lased in my mouth. I was able to suck on one for a good fifteen minutes, which is impressive for me as I prefer to chew my candy. The drops are fun to eat too as they move around in your mouth with your tongue like a little hockey puck. It’s very entertaining. I’m pleased to say these lived p to my memories and I’ll be picking up a few more boxed since I felt like a kid being able to enjoy them again.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Nips Website


Harry & David Black Licorice Stix Package

I was surprised to see these delightful tubes of licorice on Cybele’s Flickr photostream a few months ago. Mainly because I have very specific ideas in my heard about what sort of candy you find at a Harry & David store. Her photos of their Black Licorice Stix proved me to be quite mistaken in my line of thinking.

When I think of Harry & David stores, specifically in regard to candy, images of pretzels covered in sub-par chocolate and round balls of colored mockolate with dried fruit interiors come to mind. Things that are far better to look at than to eat. I was excited by the idea of being able to try some new kinds of licorice from them, so I bought some when I had the opportunity.


Harry & David Black Licorice Stix

These are tubes of black licorice with a creme filling to give the most succinct description possible. The sticks are thin, maybe a 1/4 inch diameter across and are soft and pliable in hand. I can easily tie them into knots and other shapes, and the possibilities would be endless if they were longer. 

The filling is very sweet and has a great vanilla flavor to it. It tastes like a good frosting, and feels like one too once it hits your tongue: smooth and a little grainy. The licorice is nice and balanced in flavor; not too strong and not too mild. It carries strong notes of licorice and molasses and lends itself well with the strong sweetness of the creme center.

It’s so easy to eat these. I find myself not paying attention and then noticing that I’ve devoured a good third of the bag without realizing it. Yeah, they’re that good. The only thing keeping me from buying more is not having a Harry & David store nearby. Maybe that’s a good thing, though. 

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Harry & David Website


Twizzler's Sourz Package

Let me come clean right now and say I’ve never been a fan of Twizzlers. I’ve always found them bland and rubbery and won’t eat them even under extreme candy duress. I’d imagine a red rubber spatula to be tastier than Twizzlers, so they’re a candy I simply will not go near. At least the standard strawberry ones, as I haven’t had the other kinds and therefore will be sure to torture myself with tasting them at some point.

Normally I explain how I found and why I bought a specific candy to review. Here I won’t do either as I can’t recall where I purchased these or why. I just found them sitting in my candy stash, and figured I’d photograph and eat them since there were there. Simple as that.

This little packet of Twizzler Sourz hold little colored Twizzler nubbins that are sanded with a sour sugar so they’re tart and zesty. The package is a nice single serve size, I had it as a dessert with my lunch.


Twizzler's Sourz

Green/Apple: Tastes very strongly of fake apple. Yet, it also comes across as a little authentic because there’s lots of notes of apple juice in here. A perplexing flavor paradox.

Blue: Blue Raspberry: Juicy, perfumey, floral and fake. The floral flavors in there are very strange, but I till find myself enjoying it. Which is odd, since I’m not big on the blue raspberry flavor in general.

Red: Strawberry/Cherry: Both flavors are a red color, so how do I tell them apart? Oh, I don’t unless I eat them? I see. That’s annoying. The cherry one is medicinal and bitter, but very juicy. The strawberry ones tastes lighter and sweeter, and more “red”.

All the colors have a nice tartness to them. The texture is soft so it’s has a nice chew to it, not as sticky as regular Twizzlers are. I’d give regular Twizzler’s an Inedible rating, so I feel these little buggers are a step above. I didn’t enjoy eating them really, but I didn’t spit them out right away and they were fun to take photos of.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

Links Twizzler’s Webpage


Pamir Teeth Package

Did I just type what I thought I did? Teeth gummis? Now how odd is that? I know gummis come in all shapes, sizes and flavors. I’ve seen everything from fruits, drops, fish, animals and even brains. But teeth? I really wonder who these try to appeal to; children and perhaps maybe a dentist or two? I don’t quite understand this shape for a candy. Especially since I don’t think these are ordinary teeth. On no, because look at the image on the package. These teeth obviously sit on the counter next to your toothbrush and toothpaste. I can’t bring myself to call these dentures, but it’s clear that’s what they’re intended these to be. Chewing grandpa’s chompers does not sound delicious to me. *shudder*

I acquired these as a part of a candy trade from Bulgaria. Which makes the teeth shape feel even stranger to me, as it feels like perhaps there’s a bit of culture I’m missing here to make sense out of all of it. No matter, as long as it tastes good, I’ll eat it. 

They smell very bright of strawberry jam with a hint of bubblegum. Each gummi has six teeth and they’re really creepy. The texture is very springy and chewy and therefore it’s hard to sever a pieces with my teeth. The gummis also take a good amount of time to dissolve in my mouth, which is an ideal gummi texture in my mind. The flavor is lightly sweet and nondescript. If I had to pin it on something, I’d say it’s strawberry as I get “red” flavors from it.

Now, I am missing one thing. After eating a few I noticed the package said that these are “jelly filled with fruit flavor”. Jelly? There’s jelly in here? I didn’t detect any texture difference in my mouth, so I did what any curious individual would do and bit one in half to see the cross section. Nope, I see no jelly. I bit another section of the gummi in half, wondering if I missed this magical jelly reservoir, but no, there’s no jelly there either. Interesting.

As odd as these were, I did enjoy them. The flavor was nice, even though it wasn’t remarkable, and I feel a little misled by the package with it’s jelly filled claim. Still, I enjoy these more than the standard gummi bear out there, so I can’t say that these aren’t something you should give a try if given the chance. Maybe you can share them with your dentist on your next visit.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

Links Pamir Website


Theobroma Chocolat Bars II

I love discovering chocolate I’ve never seen before, so I was very excited to notice these strangely shaped bars in an almost hidden box in the shelf of a grocery store I rarely visit. Sounds like a perfect setup for finding a mysterious chocolate, doesn’t it? It’s a company from Toronto called Theobroma Chocolat (In case you didn’t know the scientific name of chocolate is theobroma cacao, so you can see where they got their name from) and they produce a high-quality organic chocolate. There were four varieties at the store for my to choose from: plain 72% dark, 60% pineapple, 60% banana and 60% coconut. I stood for a good five minutes weighing my options, and finally decided on two: the 72% and the pineapple.

The bars are long and thin and remind me of sticks. Which is a funny thought to me, sticks of chocolate. The 35g bar is long, thin, tall, and trapezoidal in shape. It’s reminiscent of a Toblerone, but these are more squat and there’s no point at the top. Each bar is nicely separated into six sections. The snap is hard with a very clean break. I do see an air bubble or two, but it’s nothing terribly noteworthy.

72% Dark: The chocolate smells acidic with notes of green coffee, juniper berries, red berries, pepper and cedar. The flavor is immediately dry, and I taste coffee, cocoa, cedar and earth. Then sweeter notes of cream appear before the chocolate turns extremely dry again with very acidic and tannic notes akin to citrus, red berries, cherries and raspberries. This chocolate tastes very wild, untamed and earthy. You get a real sense of the terrain in it, and I like that. 

60% Pineapple: This bar smells the same as the 72%. Very tannic, tart, green coffee, cedar, and earth. On the bottom of the bar you can see the bumps from the pineapple chunks, and I see them in the break when I take my first bite. The pineapple are little freeze dried pieces and you taste them right away. They’re sweet, punchy, and full of fruity flavors like passion fruit, peach and apple with that twang of pine. The chocolate itself doesn’t taste different from the plain 72%. It’s dry, and tart with berry and coffee flavors. The texture is a little different as the freeze dried pieces add a subtle crunch amongst the smooth, thick chocolate.

I liked the flavor of this chocolate and I also really like the format. For some reason this elongated bar takes longer for me to eat, which means I’m eating it slower and enjoying it more. Which is important to me when I find good chocolate, as sometimes it’s all too tempting to just gobble it up all at once.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Theobroma Chocolat Website

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