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Barton's Chocotini Squares II

I was surprised by these chocolates, as I had never encountered them on my own. I was handed this sampling by my boyfriend, who is ever so thoughtfully on the look out for new things to try. He found these Barton’s Chocotini Squares in his local Giant, and it amazes me how just a few miles away he finds candy that I don’t ever see in my neck of the woods. It makes me wish I understood candy distribution better.

I find the idea of a Chocotini interesting. On one hand, if I was given a martini that’s chocolate flavored, I wouldn’t be the slightest bit interested. But, put the martini inside a chocolate bar, and now we’re talking business! I’ve had a few of the bottles that have liquors inside them, like the infamous Anton Berg filled bottles that are given away as gifts at most holiday parties. I had mixed opinions on them, to be perfectly honest. What interested me about these Chocotini squares is that they didn’t seem to be straight up liqueurs inside. Instead, they’re most like girly fruit flavored mixed drinks. I can totally get behind that.


Barton's Chocotini Squares I

Mojito: Heavenly dark Chocolate infused with essence of Mint: The chocolate is nice dark color and smells of an Andes mint with a fresh mint/peppermint aroma. The square breaks easily and shows a lightly green fluffy center. The mint is very punchy with nice fresh notes and a clean mouth feel, complimented nicely with the dark chocolate which has nice notes of red berries, cream and coffee. There’s a bit of a “burn” to this in the end and aftertaste, which is nice effect.

Black Raspberry: Heavenly dark chocolate 60 percent Cacao infused with essence of Raspberry: Lighter in color than the Mojito and smells faintly of raspberry with notes of flowers and perfume. The break is harder and the center is grainy feeling. The flavor is lacking, as I get a sweetness from the chocolate and this bitter artificial berry flavor that isn’t strong, yet does nothing to hide the bland chocolate.

Pomegranate: Luscious milk chocolate infused with essence of pomegranate:  A nice creamy brown color and smells sweet with a hint of cherry. The center is purple and creamy looking. The flavor is terribly sweet, with the milk chocolate and the filling both making for a real explosion in the mouth. The center’s taste is fruity of blackberries and cherries. None of it is tart, and I do associate tartness with pomegranates. The effect of the texture, which is terribly creamy and smooth, and the light flavors reminds me of black cherry ice cream.

Strawberry Lemonade: Luscious Milk Chocolate infused with essence of Strawberry and Lemon: Smells tartly of lemon and I’m reminded of those dry lemonade mixes that you buy in plastic tubs. The center is creamy like all the others and is a jarring bright carton pink color. The flavor is first the creamy milk chocolate, followed by a red berry and strawberries taste that’s married to the tart, bitter, metallic lemonade flavor which makes your throat burn. It’s very zesty and acidic, and it does mimic lemonade well, just as a combination with chocolate I’m not sure I’m a fan.

These were a fun experiment of flavors, but I’m not totally sold on them. I got no real buzz from any alcohol, and the pieces didn’t have any ingredients list so I can’t officially say if there’s any in these or not. Regardless, they were pleasant, but nothing I’d specifically return to. Maybe if I drank more martinis I’d appreciate them, but I’m not that kind of gal.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

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