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LOOK A La Mode Tea Chocolate Box

This box of Look! chocolates from Japan are another treat that my sister was so kind to send me while she was away on study abroad. I’ve seen Look! a few times before, as a few Asian Markets near me sometimes carry it. I find the name amusing since it comes across as a piece of amusing Engrish, so I can’t help but chuckle whenever I see it. It’s never really interested me enough to buy it, but I do recall admiring their packaging design, as the illustrations of the desserts on the front are always gorgeous. This particular Look! box is the fruit tea collection, with four varieties of chocolates. I do admit it looks tasty.

The Look! chocolates come in a flat box, and it’s deceiving as it looks like it could be a solid bar inside. Instead there’s a cute tray that you pull out to find twelve chocolates, with three of each flavor. The mylar wrapper on top is a flavor code, letting you know exactly how the flavors are arranged so there’s no surprised once you pop them into your mouth.

Oh! I do want to mention that the chocolate are arranged so cleverly! Each are set in rows to spell “Look” as the chocolates have molded letter on top of them. You only notice this once you remove all the packaging. So cute! All the L’s are one flavor, each of the O’s are another, as is the K. You get the idea. I did my best not to get the O’s mixed up, but that’s when I noticed that the O’s are also different from one another too. One has double rings. Again, such thought behind this.

Apple Tea: It smells very fruity and herbal, like tea leaves. A strong ceylon comes to mind. The flavor is fruity and slightly tannic from the tea. There’s a well of fruit jelly at the top and it delivers a very intense flavor punch on the tongue. It’s sweet, tart, and crisp like a red delicious apple. The chocolate adds a sweetness like sugar and milk added to tea.

Orange Tea: This one smells like ceylon tea, just like the apple flavor. I’m immediately get a nice orange flavor that’s fresh and jammy on my first bite. It’s very intense,sweet, tart and juicy. The orange overrides the flavor of the tea and it’s nice effect combined with the chocolate.

Peach Tea: Devoid of aroma. The flavor is delicate and like a fresh peach jam. Again, more fruity than tea, but you do get a nice planty flavor under the juicy, perfumey flavors of the peach.

Raspberry Tea: This smells fruity of nondescript berries. The flavor is so intense of a juicy, fresh raspberry jam. It’s impressive. The flavor has many shades of the real raspberries: sweet, tart, hints of seeds (yet there are none!) and notes of blackberry. The tea flavor is present, but not overpowering.

I enjoyed these. They’re a nice blend of tea and fruit flavors with chocolate, and a unique treat when a standard chocolate bar isn’t going to satisfy your craving for something a little different. 

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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