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Twizzler's Sourz Package

Let me come clean right now and say I’ve never been a fan of Twizzlers. I’ve always found them bland and rubbery and won’t eat them even under extreme candy duress. I’d imagine a red rubber spatula to be tastier than Twizzlers, so they’re a candy I simply will not go near. At least the standard strawberry ones, as I haven’t had the other kinds and therefore will be sure to torture myself with tasting them at some point.

Normally I explain how I found and why I bought a specific candy to review. Here I won’t do either as I can’t recall where I purchased these or why. I just found them sitting in my candy stash, and figured I’d photograph and eat them since there were there. Simple as that.

This little packet of Twizzler Sourz hold little colored Twizzler nubbins that are sanded with a sour sugar so they’re tart and zesty. The package is a nice single serve size, I had it as a dessert with my lunch.


Twizzler's Sourz

Green/Apple: Tastes very strongly of fake apple. Yet, it also comes across as a little authentic because there’s lots of notes of apple juice in here. A perplexing flavor paradox.

Blue: Blue Raspberry: Juicy, perfumey, floral and fake. The floral flavors in there are very strange, but I till find myself enjoying it. Which is odd, since I’m not big on the blue raspberry flavor in general.

Red: Strawberry/Cherry: Both flavors are a red color, so how do I tell them apart? Oh, I don’t unless I eat them? I see. That’s annoying. The cherry one is medicinal and bitter, but very juicy. The strawberry ones tastes lighter and sweeter, and more “red”.

All the colors have a nice tartness to them. The texture is soft so it’s has a nice chew to it, not as sticky as regular Twizzlers are. I’d give regular Twizzler’s an Inedible rating, so I feel these little buggers are a step above. I didn’t enjoy eating them really, but I didn’t spit them out right away and they were fun to take photos of.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

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