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Nips Butter Rum Box

Nips are a candy I always see around, but never ate unless I was surrounded by adults. They read as a “grandma” candy to me, something I’d find in a candy bowl when I was surrounded by the elderly. The only other place I ever had them was in 4th grade English class, where my teacher would give them out as prizes for answering questions correctly. In fact, I still think of her whenever I see them, and I find myself wondering how she’s doing and if she’s remember me. Such memories!

I decided to give these a try since I haven’t had them in years. I wanted to refresh my memory and my taste buds. Tracking them down proved a bit of a challenge, partly because not every store carries them, but also they seem to be stocked on the top most shelf in the candy aisles. This proves troublesome for someone as short as I.

Nips are a simple and modest candy. They’re round, about the size of a quarter, and are very solid to the touch. I almost though them to be a hard candy, but then I remembered that they have an intense caramel taste. So essentially, they’re a wad of dense caramel with added flavors. Some, like the Dulce De Leche flavor in this review, have a filled center. Others, like the Butter Rum, have the flavors worked into the caramel.

Butter Rum: It’s been a long time since I had anything butter rum flavored. These are sweet, creamy, and very rummy. As in I get this burn in the back of my throat that I can only contribute to alcohol. It’s very nice, even though it’s not my thing. I’m reminded of the butter rum Lifesavers and of the fake extract you find in the supermarket. It’s artificial, yet very flavorful and pleasant.


Nips Dulce De Leche Box

Dulce De Leche: These have a light yellow colored dreamy center surrounded by the caramel. The flavor is immediately creamy with nice caramel and toasty flavors. I’m reminded of butterscotch a bit, but this has a slight yogurt tang and much creamier. Simple and tasty.

I really like these, and was really pleased with how long they lased in my mouth. I was able to suck on one for a good fifteen minutes, which is impressive for me as I prefer to chew my candy. The drops are fun to eat too as they move around in your mouth with your tongue like a little hockey puck. It’s very entertaining. I’m pleased to say these lived p to my memories and I’ll be picking up a few more boxed since I felt like a kid being able to enjoy them again.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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