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DAS Lollipops

DAS Foods, makers of the DAS Caramelini that I reviewed last year, have recently unveiled a line of new all natural gourmet lollipops. There’s been a big buzz about them, especially since they were one of the main product spotlights of the All Candy Expo which took place in Chicago two weeks ago.

The lollipops have a cute tag line of “What’s your Flava?” and come in four unique flavors. One of which, the Man Bait flavor, has bacon in it. This isn’t my first time having a bacon lollipop, so I was interested to see how it compared to my previous experiences.

Each lollipop is small and delicate, about the size of a quarter and remind me of the pops I see at various candy bowls in doctor, dentist and bank offices. The wrappers are colorful with bold lettering and modern-looking black and white illustrations of the ingredients involved.

Man Bait: maple bacon: It looks like a very light, almost completely opaque, brown color with flecks of the red brown bits of bacon. So yes, there is real bacon in this. The flavor is first of the authentic flavor of the maple base: sweet and toasted. Then, a smokiness from the bacon shows through. It’s meaty, salty, and has that nice honey-ham flavor to it. It reminds me more of jerky than bacon, but its wonderful sweet/salty flavor is addicting.

Naughty Ginger: lemon & ginger: Also delicate in color it’s a light yellow brown color that’s opaque until held to a light. The flavor is softly sweet, with a hint of ginger. But don’t let it fool you, as the ginger flavor grows and gets quite spicy and powerful. The lemon sits right under the ginger taste, with a sharp tartness that compliments the ginger nicely. The whole lollipop is spicy and gives your mouth a good warm burn. It’s not for those who aren’t into eating ginger straight because of its intensity.

Caramel Me Happy: salty caramel: Opaque and a pretty dark brown color. The flavor is of sweet, toasted milky flavors, a little burnt sugar, and at the finish a good light kick of salt. The flavors are nicely balanced with neither one overpowering the other, and the saltiness is nicely mild so it doesn’t overpower the sweetness. I also gets notes of gingerbread at moments. It’s a really simple concept, yet complex flavors.

Fab-O-Pom: orange & pomegranate: This one is especially beautiful! It’s light pink in color, like grapefruit juice. You can see pomegranate seeds, dotting all over inside the candy. The flavor is immediately fresh and juicy. It tastes lightly of orange at first, almost like orange flower essence because it’s a very light and floral flavor. The pomegranate is hard to identify exactly, but it adds a distinct tartness to the lollipop which is very nice. It’s so similar to a refreshing fruit lemonade. Out of them all this one is my favorite.

A nice line of lollipops, especially for those who crave something unique. I bought a couple of the Man Bait and Caramel Me Happy for a gift a couple of months back when they were first released, and the recipients were totally smitten with them. 

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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Skittles Crazy Cores Package

I admit, I get a little skiddish when Skittles comes out with a new limited edition flavor. I say this because the last two that came out, the Chocolate Mix and the Carnival Mix, were really hit or miss. The Chocolate Mix, and if you’re a long-time reader would know as I reviewed them last year, was beyond horrid. The Carnival Mix was so awesome, so much so that I would have reviewed them too if I hadn’t eaten my well stocked stash like a starving wolf. So when I first heard whispers of Crazy Cores as a press release and then finally saw them in stores, well, you can imagine my hesitation. In the name of blogging (I do that a lot, don’t I? Well, it’s my job!) I decided to give them a shot. I wanted to make sure of Skittles dropped another gross candy bomb on us, I wanted to be able to warn you all about it.

The Crazy Cores’ package it bright orange, and it almost looks like the tropical flavor bag to me. There’s a new design on the front with the rainbow swirl on top, and this is what ticked me off as something different. The rainbow is really attractive actually (that sounds so strange to say in a way, doesn’t it?) as it’s beautifully colorful as it bursts out of the letter “I”. So eye catching.

There’s five new flavors in this mix, and I’ll work is boy going down the rainbow colors:


Skittles Crazy Cores

Cherry Lemonade (red shell, yellow interior): The flavor is immediately a mix of both. The cherry is bitter and the lighter of the two flavors. The lemonade tastes fake and acidic. Something about the flavor is very metallic, and it it makes my throat tickle. I needed a glass of water after this one.

Melon Berry (pink): This one immediately tasted of that fake watermelon Jolly Rancher flavor. The berry comes in as this odd floral sweetness that has a strange moldy flavor to it. Mmm, mold.

Mango Peach (yellow): Flavor is floral, juicy and peachy. There’s a strange tartness in there that I’m guessing is the mango. It’s got a nice, sweet/tart balance going on and it reminds me of a perfectly ripe grapefruit at moments.

Strawberry/Watermelon (green): Another berry melon flavor? Thankfully it tastes different, like the regular strawberry Skittle but sweeter and with more perfume-like flavors from the melon. It still reads predominately as strawberry. So I guess that’s ok.

Blue Raspberry/Lemon (blue): Oooo! I like this one! The lemon is more like lemonade, but it’s not as metallic and fake as the Cherry Lemonade. I think it’s like that because the blue raspberry flavor weakens it. The bue raspberry actually is really good here, as it’s not overly fake and has more authentic juicy berry flavors.

So my fears are alleviated. This isn’t another flavor disaster/bomb/crash in my mouth like the Chocolate Mix. Yet, this doesn’t make the world turn to gold and make angles sing like the Carnival Mix. Crazy Cores come somewhere in between. I’d recommend them to hardcore Skittles fans, but if they don’t do much for you to begin with, then I wouldn’t bother. The original mix still stands as the best of the bunch.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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