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Meiji Marble Open

To sum up Meiji Marble in a concise way is to call them the Japanese M&Ms. They’re little chocolate pastilles covered with a colorful candy shell. I usually see them sold in single tubes, which I think is a nice packaging idea. I’ve also seen them sold in little boxes, often in different flavors. Marble has a cute little set of mascots, as do most Japanese candies, and a little cartoon pup is what I spot most. I wonder if he has a name.

Popping open the tube the Marble pieces pour out with a nice full sound. All the colors are matte and desaturated. The come in pink, yellow, powder blue, olive green orange and red. Individually they are pretty, but together the feel like a poorly chosen rainbow, as the colors feel mismatched.


Meiji Marble Pieces

The chocolate is sweet and milky, but the overall sense I get is of fake hot cocoa. There’s not depth to the flavor, and all I get is a tease of chocolate wanna-be tastes, then a big throat burn from the sweetness. 

The flavors of the Marbles are inconsistent. Some of them taste bland, others of chocolate, and some taste oddly of coffee. The textures were all over the charts too. Many felt greasy while others were perfectly smooth and rich feeling on my tongue. This certainly made for an interesting eating experience, I never quite knew what I was going to get.

These are no replacement for M&Ms, especially since Marble end up being more expensive because of the import costs. Still, if I can find them in the rarer flavors, such a the fruit varieties, I’ll fork over for them. But if we’re talking the regular chocolate kind, I’ll keep to the better and more domestic choice.

Rating: Will Eat Again

Will Eat Again

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