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Cadbury Twirl Wrapper

When I saw this bar, I immediately assumed it was the UK version of the Twix. It comes in a package with two fingers, starts with the letter “T” see where I’m headed, right? Having made such quick assumptions about the bar led to much surprise once I opened the Twirl bar to finally taste it. I was totally unfounded with my guess, as Twirl is a totally different kind of bar.

What I did surmise correctly was the style of the Twirl, as it is like a Twix: two separate slender “fingers” make up this bar. The only description on the wrapper reads: “the Intense chocolate hit”.

I picked up a finger to smell it, and I couldn’t help but feel like I was sniffing a cigar. It smells very milky and tangy and it reminds me of cheese. The tops of the fingers have texture on them that’s bumpy and uneven. I can’t help but wonder: “What’s under there”? There’s no cookie in the ingredients list…..

I eagerly took my first bite and I almost immediately had to stop. The texture is very light and crumbly and crumbs fell all over into my lap. I used more delicate force the second try so I didn’t make a mess.

The inside is just like a Flake bar: little ribbons of chocolate packed together in a tube. The difference is that the Twirl takes things a step further and enrobes the bar in chocolate so you get double the amount of chocolate. The flavor is so intensely of the dry milk powder. It’s really creamy, tangy and has an almost “stinky” taste to it, again, like a blue cheese. Then there a sweetness that envelopes the flavors and washes it all away. I don’t really taste “chocolate” at all, just sugar and cream.

Interesting, but not chocolatey enough for me.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

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