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Melville's Maple Sugar Spoons

I first heard of Melville Candy Company’s spoons back when Cybele reviewed their two honey spoons some time ago. I really liked the idea of a hard candy spoon that could be eaten as is or stirred into a hot drink. Especially since I love drinking hot coffee and tea, even in hot weather, so a item like this to change the flavors up a little really piqued my interest.

I found these Maple Sugar spoons on sale in Marshall’s. They were pretty cheap so I decided on trying this flavor first out of the large selection that Melville offers with their flavoring spoons. I saw an opportunity and I took it.

I have to say that these look beautiful, especially in their packaging. The colors all work beautifully together. Taken out of the package the spoons are a nice toasty brown color and are so elegant sitting on their wooden handles.

This is where is all goes downhill.

I took a peek at the ingredients list to see maple listed at the very end, with “maple flavoring” more towards the top. I was extremely confused by this, especially since the website totes “made with real maple sugar”. Ah, semantics.

Tasting one lollipop, I immediately get the flavors of sugar and fake Sunday morning pancake syrup, a la Aunt Jemima. I couldn’t finish it since I am not a fan of the fake stuff and was so looking forward to real maple syrup.

I also tried stirring one into a cup of hot tea, but the very fake flavor overrode the delicate flavor of my tea and I couldn’t bring myself to drink a mug of watery tasting pancake syrup.

I’m sure that the other flavored spoons that Melville makes are as stellar as my candy peers make them out to be. But these Maple Sugar variety just were so disappointing to me. I’ll be sure to start off simple and try the honey ones next time.

Rating: Not Worth It


Not Worth It

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