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Wonka Puckerooms Bag

I really feel Mr. Willy Wonka put his thinking cap on for this one. Sour Gummi Mushrooms, how cool is that? I really like this zany and creative twist on sour gummi candies. It feels like a breath of fresh air amongst the other offerings out there (sorry to hate on all you that are shaped like fruit slices, I’m sorry). I was really excited to find these and even more excited to photograph and taste them. So creative, so unique.

The package is colorful and bright and pleasing to look at. The flavors and shapes are displayed on the front, so I immediately know what I should be expecting as flavors in the candy. I can’t lay my finger on it, but something about this pulls me in and begs me to try them.

The Puckerooms are delightful to look at. They’re colorful and the shapes cover a few different iconic varieties of mushrooms.

Each Puckeroom has a dusting of granular sugar on them, which I expect the sourness to come from. The texture is nice and soft with a good give to it, like a proper gummi should. 


Wonka Puckerooms

Grape: Starts off with wonderful flavor of concord grapes. Sweet, slightly tart and very juicy.

Cherry: Very flavorful with a deep, rich, cherry “red” flavor. Thankfully it’s not medicinal at all, just very tart.

Lemon/Orange: My favorite of the bunch. It begins with the tartness of the lemon and a bit of zest. Then it’s rounded off with a nice full sweetness of orange. Oh yum!

I like these a lot. They’re so cute and original and of course, tasty! I finished the bag I had off very quickly and those who I did share them with were all tickled by how cute they were. Hats off to you Willy Wonka.

Cybele also tried them, go check out her thoughts.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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