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Hichew Gold Apple

I love it when I step into an Asian market after a long hiatus and find lots of new and exciting things to try. This specific trip I found three new varieties of HiChew, one of my favorite Japanese candies ever, as you are all aware of by now. The first of these new HiChew is Gold Apple, which I am guessing is Engrish for “Golden Delicious”. Yet, the image on the wrapper shows red apples, so overall it’s very confusing.

The HiChew opens to reveal the chews all lined up in a perfectly organized row. The pieces smell like apple cider; fresh, juicy and full of that rounded apple flavor with an edge of tartness. The chews are a pretty light yellow in color, with a slightly darker center.

The flavor is light, appley and it’s very authentic. It reminds me of a Golden Delicious apple with subtle sweet flavors as opposed to granny smith which are powerful and tart. It’s extremely tasty and along with the great chew the pieces give, with all the extra saliva action, it really tastes like you’re eating fruit…just better because it’s candy. Ha ha.

These are awesome and if you’re not really big on apple flavors in candy like I am (I blame you Jolly Rancher!) then I encourage you to give these a go. They’ll change your mind.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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