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Michel Cluizel 99% 85% Ganaches Box

Today’s review marks some firsts for me. Michel Cluizel, a famous french chocolate maker and chocolatier, was one of the first great chocolates I ever had the pleasure of tasting as I began my journey as a candy enthusiast. Along with that, I experienced many tasting firsts with his work: first “dark” milk chocolate, first single origin chocolate, and my first taste of a 99% chocolate.

I first had 99% truffle back in 2007 at the New York City Chocolate show. It was such a new things for me back them, and it was one of things I was most excited about discovering that day. I only had it once more after that, before discovering this beautiful tasting box of course, and that was when Michel Cluizel had a small chocolate shop in the back of ABC Carpets in New York.

Now, I was lucky enough to find a box of the 99% and the 85% truffles in a recent trip into Philadelphia. The box is gorgeous and slick with a matte black surface and white lettering. It describes itself as “Tasting box 8 ganaches dark chocolate” which is translated from the french written above it. What’s cool about this find is that it has a list on ingredients on the back, so I know exactly what makes these intense chocolate a complete masterpiece. Listed, is cocoa, cane sugar, anhydrous butter, cocoa butter, cream, sorbitol syrup and honey, coloring agents, whole milk powder, ginger, bourbon vanilla pod, spices. Unfortunately, it doesn’t separate the ingredients for the 99% and the 85% pieces. Interesting.


Michel Cluizel 99% 85% Ganaches

Th texture of these is just incredible. I haven’t really experiences a smoother and more rich ganache than these, unless of course you get them a few hours’ fresh. They’re velvety smooth and very thick on the tongue. You do sense the difference from the shell and the creamy interior, but they quickly melt together in the mouth, leaving a very seamless experience.

The flavors are bitter, but the butter and cream really cut it so it’s more enjoyable that you’d first think. I know 99% sounds very daunting! The 99% has acidic fruity notes, while still giving a full chocolatey taste. The 85% is milder with more caramel notes mixed with berries, it’s still a dark chocolate, but it’s a little creamier and sweeter. 

These are terribly luxurious, and even though they are little works of chocolate art, I can’t see myself buying them with any regularity. It has nothing to do with the quality of the product, which is superb, but more because of availability of funds and finding the product again.
Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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