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Bavarian Chocolate Bears

I got these Chocolate bears in a candy swap with a Bavarian friend on Flickr. They were a surprise to say the least, as I didn’t specifically request them. I know little of the confectionery found in Bavaria, so I figured a swap might give me a good idea of what I might find on candy shelves there.

I sadly can’t tell you much about the candy. The writing on the package is all a type of Bavarian German, which is something I don’t read or understand. Thankfully, a picture is worth a thousand words. So all I really need to see is a brown colored bear, and I feel safe in assuming I’m eating some sort of chocolate.

The package holds three of these chocolate bears, and they look exactly like the illustrations on the box. They’re even the same size! It’s rare that a package so accurately depicts the product inside. The bears are a nice brown color, and beautifully molded with cute nubbins for arms and legs, a smiling snout and a cute bow tie.

The flavor is…lacking to say the least. It’s only taste is of sweetness. I get no chocolate, no cream, no caramel, nothing. The texture is extremely slick and unnaturally greasy. I felt like I had a coating on my tongue long after I had swallowed the candy bear. I have a suspicion that this is mockolate, but there’s really no way of telling for sure considering my lack of language skills.

I’m happy to have tried these, but they’re nothing I’m interested in eating ever again.

Rating: Not Worth It


Not Worth It


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