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Galler Cat Tongues Tops

One thing I was always interested in was this idea of Belgium chocolate and the stereotype that it’s especially “fancy” or “gourmet”. The misconception is that Belgium chocolate is a style of making chocolate as opposed to the fact that the country is naturally filled with talented chocolatiers (which, is true, but you get what I mean). There’s many chocolates that come with this Belgium-styled claim; Godiva, CafeTasse, Leonidas come right to mind. Galler is another one, and it wasn’t until I stumbled across these tins of “Cat Tongues” in Marshalls, one of their signature offerings, did I get a chance to finally try them.

I had no idea what a “Cat Tongue” was, but the interesting tin and the fact I hadn’t had any Galler before was reason enough for me to make the purchase. I bought a tin of each flavor: dark, milk, white. I saved the milk one as a gift and took the dark and the white for official blog tastings.

The The packaging is nice, as I was greeted with a long chain of individually wrapped Cat Tongues on the inside. All nicely folded up one another so nothing got squished. The illustration of the very European-styled Cat (I’m reminded of the art by Albert Uderzo in the Asterix comics and Peyo’s work on the Smurfs.) 


Galler Cat Tongues

Unwrapping a piece, you can see each are molded into the face of the Cat giving us the raspberry, as so to speak. The chocolate looks flawless and the praline center is barely visible though the white chocolate shell.

These did not have as much flavor as I hoped. Just picking up a piece to eat, the chocolate feels overly sweet and greasy. The praline center has a good hazelnut flavor but it’s not as strong as Nutella. The dark chocolate Cat Tongue had a nice snap to it and a nice dark gloss. The mild dark chocolate did mask some of the praline’s sweetness, but it was still on the bland side. The white chocolate was creamier and milkier, and had a more pronounced hazelnut flavor as there wasn’t much chocolate for the praline to compete with (or should I say sugar?). Both of them just didn’t do it for me and didn’t deliver an indulgent chocolate experience I was hoping for.

These didn’t really do it for me, but I did share them with friends and family with positive results. My Mom especially liked taking the white and dark ones and placing them back to back to nibble on with coffee. She was also gifted the milk chocolate ones (which means I didn’t get to taste them) and said they were quite enjoyable. I look forward to trying Galler’s other products, namely those adorable colored chocolate bars I see sometimes.

Rating: Not Worth It


Not Worth It

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