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Annabelle's Rocky Road

I may not have expressed this at all recently, but I have a big soft spot for retro/classic candy and the companies that produce them. One of my favorites is Annabelle’s candy Company, and sadly their products are so hard for me to find here on the East Coast. Luckily, one of my best friends recently went to San Francisco and thoughtfully brought me back a new favorite of hers: Rocky Road.

I can’t recall the first time I had a Rocky Road bar, but I did remember liking them very much. I was tickled with the opportunity to try one again and get to write about it.

The Rocky Road comes in normal milk chocolate (in a red wrapper), Dark Chocolate (gold wrapper) and Mint (green wrapper). They also came out with Supreme Bars and Double Dipped Bits, both of which I reviewed for a few years ago. I have not had the mint, but the other two are

The bar is long and rectangular and very light to hold. The top looks like, well, a rocky road. One of those many cobblestone streets in Soho that I’d never want to drive my car on. The aroma is light with an overpowering scent of rich chocolate.

The first bite is soft and fluffy, as the marshmallow center is very fresh. The chocolate coating does not flake off at all, and stays perfectly attached o the marshmallow. The marshmallow is sweet with a hint of vanilla, and the chocolate has a lovely rich flavor and mild sweetness. The cashews you don’t taste much at all, and provides a subtle crunchy texture.

This bar is lovely, and I can see the appeal of it. It’s a filling, tasty, simple candy bar that doesn’t make your tummy feel heavy or gross afterward (which, I hear some complain other candy bars do). I do enjoy the Rocky Road, but if given the choice over some of Annabelle’s other selections like the Look! or Big Hunk bar, there’s no contest for me.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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