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M&Ms Coconut Bag

Over the summer M&Ms came out with yet another limited edition flavor: Coconut. I was very excited by this news when it was announced during the All Candy Expo last May. It took some waiting, as they were expected to hit shelves in August. I waited to see when my local Wawa would carry them, but no such luck. I finally found them in a clearance pile in Target. There were only two medium-sized bags left, so I grabbed them both since I didn’t know if and when I’d ever see them again.

The package is very cute. Showing Green looking crafty as she lounges on the beach. Yellow watches on as he falls out of a palm tree. I love how whimsical the M&M characters are on some of these packages.


M&Ms Coconut

The M&Ms come in three colors: white, brown, and green. Some have tropical icons on them of flowers, sunshine, palm trees.

I find odd is that they don’t smell of coconut to me. Just sweet.

The center is all chocolate, like a plain M&M. I was sad as I would have loved a coconut center, or at least some flakes in there. The flavor is very coconutty, you recognize immediately when you eat one that it isn’t plain chocolate. It’s a nice coconut flavor that appears once you’ve crunched down on the shell and you get that initial wave of chocolate taste. It’s an authentic coconut flavor, which I’m very happy with. I was skeptical since “flavored” coconut candies tend to taste of suntan oil. This doesn’t, and it’s really nice.

This is a fun limited edition, and I liked it. I still feel there’s room for improvement though. Still, I’d eat these over the regular peanut variety any day.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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