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M&Ms Coconut Bag

Over the summer M&Ms came out with yet another limited edition flavor: Coconut. I was very excited by this news when it was announced during the All Candy Expo last May. It took some waiting, as they were expected to hit shelves in August. I waited to see when my local Wawa would carry them, but no such luck. I finally found them in a clearance pile in Target. There were only two medium-sized bags left, so I grabbed them both since I didn’t know if and when I’d ever see them again.

The package is very cute. Showing Green looking crafty as she lounges on the beach. Yellow watches on as he falls out of a palm tree. I love how whimsical the M&M characters are on some of these packages.


M&Ms Coconut

The M&Ms come in three colors: white, brown, and green. Some have tropical icons on them of flowers, sunshine, palm trees.

I find odd is that they don’t smell of coconut to me. Just sweet.

The center is all chocolate, like a plain M&M. I was sad as I would have loved a coconut center, or at least some flakes in there. The flavor is very coconutty, you recognize immediately when you eat one that it isn’t plain chocolate. It’s a nice coconut flavor that appears once you’ve crunched down on the shell and you get that initial wave of chocolate taste. It’s an authentic coconut flavor, which I’m very happy with. I was skeptical since “flavored” coconut candies tend to taste of suntan oil. This doesn’t, and it’s really nice.

This is a fun limited edition, and I liked it. I still feel there’s room for improvement though. Still, I’d eat these over the regular peanut variety any day.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links M&Ms Website


The Tea Room Chamomile & Honey White Chocolate

I first saw this bar at the 2009 Fancy Food Show that I attended in New York City. I just squealed with delight as I saw this bar, as it’s always been a huge dream of mine to find a bar that paired white chocolate and chamomile tea. I know it probably sounds like an odd and strange request for a chocolate bar. I’m a avid tea lover, and the delicate herbal flavors of chamomile just seemed like a perfect pairing for white chocolate in my mind.

I tasted only a little sample at the show, and the Tea Room fellows told me that the bar would be sold in a gift basket for Wegmans for the holiday season. I was both excited and disappointed by this news, as it meant that I could get my hands on this chocolate since there’s a nice Wegmans in my neck of the woods. I was sad since that meant I’d have to wait at least until Thanksgiving for this.

That is, until a hit a nice stroke of luck and found this bar in a Cost Plus World Market when I was on a vacation in California. I squealed so loudly when I saw this bar it made my boyfriend jump a good foot and wonder what the fuss was about.

The chocolate bar comes wrapped in a light foil which is protected by a standard long box, similar to the ones that Amano uses but not anywhere near as stylish. The bar itself is molded thin, and it snaps easily when I broke off my first piece. The color is a nice creamy yellow color, like good standard white chocolate should look like. There’s no sign that there’s tea in here. No bits of the tea in the chocolate, which pleases me.

What’s interesting about this bar is that there’s a full cup of tea in it. Maybe I should have one of these each night, right? Ha ha.

The texture is very buttery and melts easily on the tongue because of it’s thin molding.

The flavor is mild and sweet. You taste the gentle flavors of the herbal chamomile, slightly grassy and a hint of lemon. Those flavors are beautifully complimented but the richness of the cocoa butter. Overall it’s very refreshing, creamy and buttery. I get a slight burn in my throat from the sweetness, but that’s something I enjoy in white chocolate.

I really enjoyed this bar, and I’d buy it often if I was able to find it. Until then, I just have to hope other companies start making this combination so it’s not so hard for me to find this indulgence.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links The Tea Room Website


Chases Cherry Mash Package

I was out in Kansas recently for a wedding and stumbled across this rare classic candy in a store out there. Yay, I had found a piece of candy history. The Cherry Mash has been made since 1918 and it found mainly in the Midwest. It’s the best selling cherry candy bar in the United States, so it proudly displays the tag line of “America’s Favorite Cherry Flavored Candy Bar”.

The wrapper is eye catching with this limited colors and retro design.

The Cherry mash looks like a giant ball, it’s maybe the size of a raquet ball? It’s little smaller than a tennis ball but much, much bigger than a golf ball. The surface is craggy and lumpy from the chopped peanuts, and the mockolate coating gives a lackluster even coating all around. Split in half, there’s an intensely pink fondant cream with chunks of maraschino cherry in it.


Chases Cherry Mash

It smells mainly of the peanuts with a nice roasted and salty smell. There’s a little whiff of sweetness with hints of cocoa and coconut too, but it’s all about the nuts here.


Chases Cherry Mash Inside

The flavor is odd: the cherry center is terribly artificial, with strong cherry flavors that at one moment taste authentic, then the next very medicinal. The coating doesn’t deliver much taste wise other than sweetness and a mild odd olive oily taste ,and the peanuts give a good roasted kick and peanutty flavor with some salt to balance the cherry center. The center is very thick and moist, with a slippery mouth feel with a slight grain to it. The coating is just crumbly and slightly greasy, not very appealing.

After my first few bites, I come to conclude the center isn’t as bad as it first seemed. I really just tastes of maraschino cherry…with both it’s odd combination of real and fake flavors. Something about this really seems old fashioned, with ingredients that, in the past, maybe have tasted authentic and real, but now it’s just shadows what it once was.

Rating: Not Worth It


Not Worth It

Links Chase’s Cherry Mash Website


Good & Fiery Box Side

When I first heard about Good & Fiery coming to stores, I was pretty excited. I was expecting a candy like Good & Fruity, which was essentially fruit jelly beans, but instead with flavors that you find in spice beans. You know the flavors that I’m referring to: clove, cinnamon, licorice, wintergreen and spearmint/peppermint. It took some time to find these, as I searched for them for quite some time, only to run into them at CVS the other day.

I just love the box. The black background really makes the colors of the fires and jelly beans pop, and it really gets you in the mind set of an intense taste experience.

The pieces look pretty, the colors are bright and they all mix well together. Their shape are like reject Hot Tamales, and there’s lots of variation amongst them. Not a lot of quality control here.


Good & Fiery

The flavor? Well, I’ll be brief. It’s like eating your grandmother’s bowl of potpourri that she’s had in the foyer for the past ten years. They’re dreadful. The cinnamon one is passable, it’s spicy and hot and has a nice kick to it. I’d rather have a Hot Tamale though. Orange just is really sweet at first than has this odd heat to it. Same with the lemon. The apple was only in my mouth a second before I spat it out, as it just tasted so much like perfume my head was telling me it wasn’t edible.

I don’t like giving candies a bad review, because I know it’s such a subjective thing. But these are really, really awful. It makes me sad since they had so much potential too.

If you don’t believe me, check out Cybele’s review at and SugatHi’s more positive thoughts.

Rating: Inedible



Links Hershey’s Good & Plenty Webpage


Jelly Belly Chocolate Dutch Mints

I admit, there’s lots of Jelly Belly’s line of confections that I’ve never had before. I’ve never tried their candy corn, their bridge mix, and until this review their Dutch Mints. I don’t really know what Dutch Mints are per se, as they look like generic mints you see at most restaurants and such. I went into this purchase not really knowing what I was getting into.

The mints are little round balls, which are about the same size. They’re a little smaller than marbles, more like wasabi peas. The mints come in pastel colors of white, pink, green and purple. They’re quite cute.

They’re light in my hand, and as I popped one in my mouth, I realized I wasn’t sure what to expect from these. Well, except some mintiness of course.

The shell is thin and very crispy crunchy. It breaks easily when I bit down. Underneath is a layer of chocolate, then a mint fondant center. The mint part is fresh and not overpowering. It mixes nicely with the chocolate to form a contrast of fresh mintiness and the deep, sweet chocolate.

Considering I’m pretty lukewarm on minty candies, I found these quite lovely. I really liked them. The bag I bought quickly disappeared and I plan on getting more when I see them again.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Jelly Belly Website

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