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Black Jack, Clove and Beemans Gum

I’ve mentioned before I’m not mush of a gum expert. But, I do consider myself pretty well informed in regard to classic candies. I found this assortment of reto gum during a stop in my local Wegmans. I’ve heard of them before for a few reasons, the first being is that I know they are quite sought after. Second, Black Jack is famous for being a licorice flavored gum, and my Dad has mentioned it to me before as something I might enjoy. They’re made by Cadbury Adams in limited quantities nowadays.

Each rectangular packed sports it’s beautifully classic design with bold fonts and colors. Each packet contains five sticks of gum, each with that foil/wax paper folded over it to keep it fresh and separate from the other pieces.

Black Jack: Light gray in color. The flavor isn’t as intense as I hoped. It’s lightly sweet with nice licorice and anise flavors that are very authentic and herbal. There’s also slight note of molasses in there. Sadly, the flavor dissipates quickly once you start chewing and I felt the need to spit my piece out after ten minutes or so. 

Clove: Is white in color and you can smell it’s spicy, woodsy aroma it right away. The flavor is surprisingly delicate. It has good woodsy notes with that spicy kick of clove and rounded out with a taste of cinnamon.  As with the Black Jack, the flavor didn’t have any staying power.

Beemans: White in color as well. It immediately tastes of root and birch beer, complimented with strong wintergreen notes rounded out with a spicy kick. This flavor also is a flash in the pan as it was gone within five minutes of chewing.

As much as I wanted to enjoy these bits of candy history. They really didn’t do anything for me. The flavor wasn’t intense enough, or lasted long enough for my liking.

Rating: Not Worth It


Not Worth It

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