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Cookie Dough Bites Box

I’ve seen these Cookie Dough Bites around for some time now, yet I’ve never picked them up to try them. I guess part of it was that I consider cookies not candy, so why would cookie dough be candy? Even if it’s chocolate covered? I wasn’t sure exactly were the lines was drawn for me, so I was ok with just letting them sit there on the shelf as I passed them by. It wasn’t until I was offered some samples that I felt bad for not giving them a try sooner, I mean, they sound really good! So I decided it was time I finally gave them a review.

I have to admit, I felt especially foolish for not trying them when my boyfriend saw the boxes of my samples and exclaimed “Oh! Those things are delicious!” My bad. My bad.

So what are cookie dough bites? The box comes with a tightly sealed plastic bag full of chocolate morsels that look like fat Raisinets. Each pieces varies in size, but they’re very similar to wasabi peas or hazelnuts. The surface is glossy and you can see little puckers in spots where the chocolate coating didn’t completely cover. They smell buttery and sweet, and it doesn’t remind me of chocolate or of cookies.

The texture is just like the rolls of frozen cookie dough you can buy at the store. Well, once you’ve defrosted it anyways. It’s soft and dense, with a nice grain from the brown sugar in it and a nice slickness from the butter.


Cookie Dough Bites Pieces

The flavor? Well, you guess it. It tastes of chocolate chip cookie dough. All those nice flavors of the dough that’s filled with butter, brown sugar, milk all blend in together and just makes you feel like you took a scoop right out of the bowl. The chocolate doesn’t get to shine much though, I had a hard time tasting it against the intensity of the dough filling.Don’t get me wrong, it’s still extremely tasty ad there’s points when you get a big nugget of these and the chocolate/dough ratio is just perfect and it’s a party in my mouth.

So if you’re always big on cookies or cookie dough, I highly suggest you check these out. As much as I love the flavor, I don’t know if the flavors are intense enough to coax me away from my standard chocolate bar. Regardless, these are awesome and if I’m ever in the mood for some childhood nostalgia, I’m buying these right away.

Rating: Might Eat Again

Might Eat Again

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